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Creativity takes courage~ Henri Matisse.

The DYPatil University's School of Fine Arts (DYPUSoFA) is one of a kind learning platform for everyone who craves for the creative way of life through art.Amidst the scenic landscape of Ambi, Talegaon, DYPUSFAis one of the most perfect place where the field of art meets with an innovative learning process in collaboration with the most elite faculties.

The term ‘Fine Arts’encompasses an enormous range of fields related to art such as History, Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, Sculpture, Visual Art, and many more, and hence is truly multidisciplinary. An artist - having a powerful and sensitive personality- is a reflection of the society and represents a strong strata of sociology.

An artist is so influential creator and therefore needs a deep understanding of various cross disciplines that help him to assimilate the desired form of art as a whole to represent the society in the future.

DYPUSoFAis engaged in creating the future artists through the programs that are designed to explore facets and challenges with a passion for inventiveness, intelligence, and effectiveness.

At the campus, a student-centric learning culture provides opportunities for learning and practicing. Educational programs at the campus are designed to understand ‘how’ things work and ‘find’ practical solutions with the use of scientific processes, application of theories, and design. Students are made ready to play a role and perform functions as an architect who observes, identify, create, evaluate, and design.


DYPUSoFA aims to be one of the leading schools known for its learning environment, way of studies, and to contribute towards the transformation of human life, understanding contemporary design culture, and to protect the environment through various programs, research studies, and collaboration with professionals and stakeholders.


  • Provide quality and value-based education that transform the students through the academic rigor and vibrant culture.
  • Fostering sensitivity and appreciation in the curriculum that focuses on the built environment, learning physical and visual designs, focusing on building social inclusiveness, and dealing with the climate and environmental challenges.
  • Offering a diverse and cross-disciplinary approach in fields of Art Appreciation, Art Collection, Aesthetics, Design, Humanitiesand many more.
  • Focus on the relationship between History, Culture, sociology, corporate presence, Exploring the future of practices in the world of Art.
  • Expand external partnerships, through collaboration with Professional organizations for the knowledge, exchange of ideas, and joint projects.
  • Engaging adjacent discipline through innovation, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Incorporate the importance of community service thus contributing towards social responsibility.


School of Fine Arts offers a graduate program, namely B. F. A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts). The school has woven academic rigor with hands-on industry experiences through in-house and professional lectures, seminars, colloquiums, workshops, site visits, and study tours. Students are encouraged to push the envelope of conventional thinking, stretch their imagination to realize and own their full creative potential.

B. F. A.

Four Year Programme

Eight Semester

Choice Based Credit System

Meet The Academic Leaders

Ar. Omkar Samudra

Ar. Omkar Samudra holds a Masters Degree in Planning from Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, and Bachelors Degree in Architecture from MIT, Aurangabad. He has more than two decades of experience working on National and International Architectural and Urban Planning Projects in the Middle East and South East Asian region. During these years he has worked on world class Urban Planning projects with renowned international organizations. World renowned and Pritzker Award winning Architect, B V Doshi (India), Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (India‐Bhutan), Parsons International (Dubai, UAE), CansultMaunsell, AECOM (Dubai, UAE), Jurong International (Abu Dhabi, UAE), AEDAS (Singapore) and SSA Architects India are a few of the organizations with whom Ar. Omkar was attached with during his career. He has held Managerial and Directorial positions all throughout his professional career.

Ar. Omkar was involved as a Project Manager in the design and execution of the 7th tallest residential tower in India. He was recognized at various occasions as a successful Urban Planner in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan by the Royal Government of Bhutan for his contribution in playing a pivotal role in planning 6 major towns in the Kingdom.

With his extensive professional experience and passion for academics, Ar. Omkar joined D Y Patil University's School of Fine Arts and is an incumbent Principal and has taken up this responsibility of mentoring the students of Arts. He continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of DYPUSoFA and deserves credit for its stellar rise in the Arts and Design fraternity.

Prof. Anuradha Date

With a Degree in Applied art, Prof. Anuradha Date is a commercial artist and an avid painter. She has an Industrial experience of more than fifteen years in the print media (Advertising & Branding) as well as in the field of fine art. Starting her career working with advertising companies and IT companies, she has established herself as a freelance designer and created a good clientele association with her firm – “The Indic Routes”.

Working with the corporate design field, Prof. Anuradha finds her true soul in fine art, craft, and paintings. Along with the commercial work, she has participated in many shows in India as well abroad with her paintings. She has also attended many art residencies which she believes to give her a different perspective on art & life.

She has done her Masters in Indology, Anuradha is soon going to opt for her PhD. She wishes to be a student all her life, learning new things from her colleagues as well as students. “There is so much to explore and absorb, one just needs to have an eye and taste for it” she believes and expects the same from her students.

Prof. Anuradha feels inspired by innovative teaching methods. Experimenting and overcoming the difficulties, making oneself a strong personality are the key points of today’s education, which she strives to generate in the minds of the young students. Working as a professor, with D Y Patil University for couple of years, she thrives for the best in education platform for the future generation.

Ar. Sayli Pawar

With a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and specializing in Interior Design from the University of Pune, Ar. Sayli Pawar has been associated with the World of Design over a decade with extensive experience in Furniture Design, Product Design, Communication Design, Interior Design, and Architecture Design.

Primarily being an Architect, Sayli identifies herself more as an Artist. Since an early age, Sayli has been a keen observant and derives inspiration from day to day life. After successful stints at several design firms and her rich experience in teaching and academics, she joined D Y Patil College of Architecture in 2019 where she has been actively involved in Design studios and has been putting relentless efforts for the overall development of the students for them to step in the professional world.

A self-taught artist and an expert in Design Strategy, Creative Direction, Client Understanding, spotting current trends, she has worked with some leading firms on residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

She has presented her work at esteemed exhibitions like Chitrasanthe (Bangalore), Emote(Chennai), Pune, Ooty, etc.

Her work reflects a natural fusion of nature, emotions, craft, and Indian Culture. She has her design practice and is the Founder of Chaturnaar @ handmade product line.

Scope Of Fine Arts Studies in Coming Years

With the day to day the Psychological scenario of todays fast paced world, advancement of technology and thriving expansion of the creative field across the world, the demands for proficient and skillfulartists kept increasing at a rapid rate. The scope of Fine art studies is quite extensive as there are numerous branches within this domain like Fashion designing, Interior designing, Web-designing, Graphic designing, Product designing, Textile designing, and a lot more. All of this collectively gave rise to a vast work opportunity in any private or public sector after acquiring graduation or a post-graduation degree in Fine Arts from the reputed university. The graduates may also be able to Career and work opportunities abroad and even participate in exhibitions, auctions of creative work across the world. Other than this, students can choose to be an all rounder Fine Artist who is responsible for creating graphics for ads, media and publishing houses, and other enterprises. Graduates can also choose to be a teacher or a professor in various reputed colleges and institutes.

Tech-savvy aspirants, who have a great artistic sense as well as have a tech-savvy approach, can opt for this career option because learning Fine Arts is not just about following theory and practical classes. Building a career in this field requires a lot of precision, hard work, and attention to detail which is not an issue unless the students make the right choices. However, while opting for Fine Arts as a career, it is incredibly crucial for the students to pick up the best design college in Pune like DYPU that can help to provide the best guidance to their students.

Career in Fine Arts and work opportunities

The fine arts industry is quite a unique one, as all the its blend all the facets of humanity and creativity with technology to create a work that plays a vital role in boosting up the total making of the society. Nevertheless, fine art-related works can be quite competitive yet demanding. So pursuing Fine Arts as a career can be a great option for the aspirants who are truly passionate about art. Being an artist is such a creative hub that mostly includes everything we are aware of like clothes, websites, apps, cars, hotels, rooms, and so many other things making it one of the most challenging domains of the industry. Still, it is a rapidly evolving field that can be financially satisfactory too.

The following are some of the highest-paid and the most prevalent design jobs that a student can opt for after acquiring a design course.
  • Illustrator
  • Set Designing
  • Advertising
  • Art collector
  • Art Gallery owner
  • Aesthetician
  • Art critic
  • Why Choose D Y Patil University To Study Design Course in Pune, Ambi?

    Design course at D Y Patil University’s School of Fine Arts in Pune has been devised aiming in rendering the best education to the students to ensure that they can obtain critical & analytical thinking, research, and practice-based learning. The curriculum of the School of Fine Arts in Pune at DYPU mainly targets educating students in real-time methods so that they can be the future Fine artists with the inclination to dodge the real-world challenges by balancing a high level of creativity with technical capability.

    DYPUSoFA also offers the Fine art course at a competitive rate even though different course fees widely vary depending on the program and the number of specialties that are covered throughout the program. Students from any stream are eligible for pursuing a this course. But, they need to have a creative mindset and be passionate about art because developing a career in fine arts is all about creating something original that is aesthetically appealing.

    Experienced Faculty

    The Faculty team of the DYPU School of Fine Arts possesses several years of experience and academic excellence that makes them ideal for guiding the students towards a better future. Each of these faculty members represents world-class institutions and influential proficiency in their field of specialty. They are dedicated to rendering the best learning process through discussions, sharing experiences, and inspiring the students to enhance their creativity. The complete curriculum is planned in such a way that it can help the students to face practical and professional circumstances in the future; also stand firmly and confidently in the market. If you are looking for the best faculty for Fine arts courses in Pune, then you are at the right place – D Y Patil University, Ambi, Pune.

    Why is D Y Patil University considered as the Best University in Pune, Ambi?

    D Y Patil University has paved a definite path for all the art students so that they can stimulate a creative and artistic essence to their work and also be able to keep up with the latest technology. The main motive of DYPU is to impart the most innovative and latest art-related education to the students so that they can lead as a professional in the future. Even though at present, the roles and responsibilities of an artist widely vary depending on the specific realm, the concept is to combine creativity with technology so that it appears visually appealing.

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