The DYPU Ambi is a residential campus fully equipped with all the modern infrastructure and amenities to enable students to realize their full potential. It has created an excellent learning environment for students and faculty alike. From spacious accommodations inclusive of all modern amenities with an enviable hill view to a one-of-a-kind Sports Café, the campus offers everything, including a modern and fully landscaped built environment, well-designed and high-tech academic spaces, smart libraries, studios, labs, workshops, conference halls, and amphitheaters. This has fostered a holistic culture that is intellectually stimulating and conducive to physical fitness.

Learning Spaces

The university is a place for lifelong learning, enabled with classrooms, computer labs, workshops, and a seminar hall to impart knowledge and skills. The campus has provided dedicated and quiet spaces that encourage learning. These spaces have been specifically designed to create an environment conducive to grasping ideas and knowledge.

Sport Facilities

The university believes in the overall development of the body, mind, and soul. Sports and physical activities are an integral part of the daily routine for every student on campus.


The spacious dining hall serves students and staff with quality and healthy food.