National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) endeavours to foster positive societal change, prioritizing education and uplifting the underprivileged, while also championing environmental conservation and sustainability.
NSS volunteers dedicate themselves to ensuring that those in need receive support to improve their quality of life and uphold their dignity. This student-driven program serves as a platform for community service, responding to societal needs as they arise and facilitating meaningful engagement between students and society. Through active participation, volunteers gain valuable communication skills, interact with diverse communities, and acquire both practical and interpersonal proficiencies.
Led by a team of program officers, over 300 volunteers initiate various projects throughout the year. At its core, NSS aims to instil values of patriotism, national unity, camaraderie, social welfare, and communal harmony among its volunteers, fostering a sense of collective responsibility towards building a better society.


“The vision is to build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social uplift of the down-trodden masses of our nation as a movement.”


“The National Service Scheme has been functioning with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” in view of making the youth inspired in service of the people and hence NSS Aims Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education.”


The National Service Scheme (NSS) stands as a testament to our fundamental values of compassion, collaboration, and dedication to the welfare of society. Within the framework of NSS, we embrace its principles wholeheartedly, acknowledging the transformative influence that service can have on individuals and communities alike. Through a diverse array of initiatives, we endeavour to nurture a culture of empathy, involvement, and empowerment among our students. In doing so, we not only fulfill our duty to the broader community but also sow the seeds for a future generation deeply committed to social responsibility and positive change.

Program Officer and NSS Co-ordinator

Prof. Vitthal Wagh

Assistant Professor

School NSS Officers

Prof. Nikhilesh Mankar

Assistant Professor,
School of Engineering & Technology

Prof. Kanchan Thakare

Assistant Professor,
School of Architecture

Prof. Payal Pansare

Assistant Professor,
School of Pharmacy

Prof. Renuka Kulkarni

Assistant Professor,
School of Management

Prof Jeeten Adole

Assistant Professor,
School of Hotel Management & Tourism Studies

Prof. Harshada Pawar

Assistant Professor, School of Design