Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)


MOUs with world’s leading organizations and industries are bringing benefits for our faculty and student. MOUs are signed to bring many opportunities in terms of research projects, prototypes, product development, group assignments, live projects, internships and final placements.

School of Engineering & Technology

Sr.No Name of Company
1 Red Hat India Pvt Ltd
2 Think Quotient Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
3 Ethnus
4 Parisha Co
5 Fronyn Technologies
6 DoSelect
7 New Wings Solutions
8 Emergent Technologies
9 Mitu skillologies
10 ATS Infotech
11 Finnovation Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
12 Zerton Engineering Services Pvt. Lmt.
13 Apex Consulting Services Pvt. Lmt
15 Radhe Engineering & Solutions
16 Shridutta Technologies, Bangalore.
17 S P Metallurgy, Pune.
18 ODC Enterprises, Pune.
19 SYNTEL IT Solutions for Placement.
20 GTT Barclays
21 Opulent Pune
22 Softzeal Technologies Pvt. Ld.
23 BOSCH for Joint Certificate Course (JCC).
24 Platinum Chevrolet, Pune.
25 HR Industries, Pune.
Sr.No Name of Company
26 SKADA Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune.
27 UT Engineering, Pune.
28 Innovative Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune.
29 AnExpertise Pune
30 WE India Wisdom Empowerment India, Pune
31 Boundless Education Services LLP, Pune
32 Youth Creative Solution, Pune
33 Explorium Innovative Technologies Private Limited (Gig India)
34 Fronyn Technologies
35 Revert Technology Pvt. Ltd
36 Dynalog India Limited
37 Digel Systems
38 Einnovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd
39 Digel Systems
40 Digel Systems
41 Tech Mainstay Software Pvt. Ltd.
42 Mitu Skillologies
43 Logic N Concept (LNC)
44 Saimen Industries, Pune
45 Autotech Engineering, Pune
46 NumericX, Pune
47 Asha Enterprises
48 Vasant Industrial Solution, Aurangabad
49 Global Engineering Solution. Pune

School of Architecture

Sr.No Name of Company
1 Folk Fitness Training Services
2 Blueprint Designs, Authorised Autocad Academic Adoption Partners
3 Boston Architcture College (In Process)
4 ASSOCHAM GEM Green Building Council(CGEM)

School of Management

Sr.No Name of Company
1 Business Standard Ltd.
2 Barclays
3 Aarush Fire Systems Pvt.Ltd.
5 ID Software Solutions

Diploma Engineering

Sr.No Name of Company
1 Sagveek Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
2 Inno Labs Pvt.Ltd.
3 Swapnil Kate Associates Pvt.Ltd.
4 S.S.Associates Pvt.Ltd.
5 Aspire Software Web Pvt.Ltd.
6 Core Cadd Solution Pvt.Ltd.