Dr. Shivani V Patil, Vice President & Pro-Chancellor

We are here to revolutionize higher education, empower the youth, and engender the new force of technopreneurs to transform the world.

Dr. Shivani V Patil,
Vice President & Pro-Chancellor

Dr. Shivani V Patil
Vice President &

At university campus students embark on a journey of enrichment and self-actualization, priming them to excel at the highest echelons and pioneer new realms in their personal and professional domains. Our focus extends technical prowess, encompassing the cultivation of personal and professional management competencies through a rich tapestry of curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular engagements.

Bolstering this holistic approach are our lush surroundings, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a cadre of esteemed academicians and industry professionals at the DYPU, Pune Campus. Our distinguished reputation for furnishing highly adept technopreneurs across diverse industries is a testament to the unparalleled quality of education, meticulously tailored to industry standards. With unwavering dedication to maintaining our position at the pinnacle, we remain steadfast in delivering nothing short of educational excellence.

Our 'HonHar Bharat' series brings together CFOs, CEOs, CMOs, and CTOs to share their expertise and insights, offering valuable perspectives on industry trends and challenges. Additionally, our industry visits provide firsthand exposure to real-world operations, allowing you to witness theory in action and gain practical knowledge. We extend a warm invitation, brimming with confidence and zeal, for you to explore DYPU, Ambi campus firsthand and witness our unwavering commitment to nurturing a new generation of technopreneurs poised to redefine the global landscape.