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DYPU Research Centre (DRC)

1. Research at D. Y. Patil University

Ph.D. is a research degree that provides a challenging but rewarding opportunity to contribute and expand the field of study. The research centre at D. Y. Patil University works towards the promotion and awareness of research culture among the students and faculties. By providing state-of-the-art research facilities, the university prepares the research scholar to take on a wide variety of demanding professional roles and responsibilities, which also help to accomplish the university Vision and Mission.

2. Ph.D. Program Overview

Ph.D. program at our university is designed to develop outstanding scholars on a challenging and meaningful experience. Rigorous, discipline-based research is the hallmark of DY Patil Ph.D University in Pune. We invite you to explore your ideas and curiosity, with a passion and aptitude for research, in the field of organizational, financial, architectural and technological issues that characterize a competitive and challenging world. DYPU offers Ph.D. programmes in Engineering, Architecture & Management under the guidelines prescribed by the University Grants Commission (UGC- Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.PHIL./PH.D. Degrees - 2016). All rules and guidelines related to the DYPU Ph.D. Programmes are available in Ph.D. Rule Book. Our doctoral program produces distinguished researchers and teachers, who meld the worlds of theory and practice. You will find a collaborative approach that encourages research ideas across the university. This allows you to tackle the recent trends and biggest challenges in research.

3. Research Projects Overview

DY Patil Ph.D University in Pune has a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Cell that works closely in partnership with research collaboration centre and apex bodies like UGC, AICTE to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the research work. University R&D Cell collaborates with a variety of education partners and has a dedicated Ph.D. Supervisors to support Ph.D. scholars in disseminating research to the wider world with global reach. R&D Cell of the university is dedicatedly engaged in the formulation and execution of research work in the field of Science & Technology, Architecture and Management studies. Multi-disciplinary projects which involve inter-organizational cooperation are also considered.

4. Research Publications Overview

The mission of DY Patil University is to be a leading university with excellence in the domain of research and publications. DYPU Ph.D College in Pune is committed to providing a conducive environment for research scholars to pursue their research, resulting in publications in high-quality Journals that are indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, ABDC and ABS listed journals. University has taken a number of steps to promote research activities by providing grants for collaboration, support for research skill enhancement and recognition of outstanding research contributions.

5. Research Conferences Overview

DY Patil University has been taking several initiatives enabling faculty to realize their full academic potential. With an objective to stay updated and share ideas across the globe, the university actively looks for opportunities to organize high-quality International Conferences, Faculty Development Programs and Workshops. Also, the university supports the faculty members to attend workshops and colloquia at reputed institutions within and outside India for the specific purpose of enhancing research skills and learning emerging research methodologies*. University believes technical conferences are a stand-alone educational pedagogy in fostering knowledge and research skills of faculty.

6. Intellectual Property Cell

DYPU has a recognized Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell. IPR Cell provides a platform for encouraging research scholars for filing IPRs and patenting the products/technologies/processes for the benefit of the university and thereby to society at a large. Intellectual property rights include patents, copyright, design rights, trademarks, plant variety rights, and trade secrets. The main aim of the IPR Cell is to create awareness among the research scholars about the laws and to educate them about the procedures of Intellectual Property Rights.

Objectives of IPR Cell

  • To create an awareness about IPR among Research Supervisors and Scholars of the University.
  • To take positive steps to generate more intellectual property rights through research work and protect them more efficiently.
  • To encourage faculty members and scholars of DY Patil Ph.D University in Pune to undertake patentable & product-based research works.
  • To provide technical and legal help to the inventions coming out from research work.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and training courses on IPR.
  • To disseminate knowledge on patents, patent regime in India and abroad.

What Is The Scope of PhD And Why One Should Study It?

Making an original contribution to the discipline of study is pride that many people would want to experience. Besides, achieving career ambitions, a deep desire to accomplish something big, and a passion for research are some of the other reasons why some people take up the challenge. Here are some more reasons to study PhD.

Achieving career goals

The desire to improve your prospects of building a successful career is the most common reasons to pursue a PhD. PhD is the highest academic qualification. You can unlock several career opportunities if you pursue it in some of the most accomplished universities, such as DY Patil Ph.D College in Pune.

Research techniques and the knowledge you gain when you study PhD in Pune DYPU can offer you more career opportunities than those achieved by someone who has completed a bachelors or masters. Completing a PhD thesis requires dedication and skills, which can also help you achieve your career goals.

Passion for education and research

The sense of success and fulfilment that you experience when you research a discipline that you love is priceless. What is more fulfilling is pursuing a PhD in Pune under accomplished doctorate holders at DYPU, where personal motivation is valued and considered a stimulus.

Feeling of accomplishment

One of the most common reasons people pursue PhD is to experience the feeling of accomplishment after making an original contribution towards their favourite discipline of study. After all, the quality of a PhD that you contribute sets you apart from any other university qualification.

Developing skills

Unlike popular beliefs that a PhD is as simple as writing a dissertation and giving a viva, it expects more dedication to developing skills. Transferable skills that you gain along the way when you study at DYPU are among the most beneficial aspects of pursuing a PhD in Pune. They include:

  • Public Speaking: DYPU is one of the few universities where you can pursue a PhD in Pune and enjoy the benefits of developing your skills. You get several opportunities to present your work at various public engagement events and academic conferences, improving your public speaking skills.
  • Teaching: You may be allowed to teach at an undergraduate level.
  • Networking: When you take PhD admission in Pune at some of the top universities such as DY Patil University, you get a chance to kindle new relationships and build a network of experts that can help in the long-run.
  • Time Management: You will be juggling various responsibilities that allow you to accomplish time management, a skill that many employers recognise.

These skills are valuable and can help you achieve your career goals after completing a PhD.

Jobs & Career Options Available After PhD

A ph.D is just not a degree!

Did you know, getting the "Dr" stamp before your name is so valuable that you must undergo a rigorous study phase to achieve that? The training you must undergo is more valuable than the stamp that you receive after completing a PhD.

When you complete a PhD, especially from a recognised university such as DY Patil PhD College in Pune, you would have a deep understanding of research issues; you would have made efforts to solve various research related problems, and more. Furthermore, you would have solved various complicated problems, dedicated long hours to work on your research and dissertation, and handled frustrating situations as well. While these skills are vital to becoming an academician, it is also required in various disciplines such as finance, human resource, public service, and industrial research and development.

Career options after completing PhD:

The addition of a PhD Degree to your resume offers a two-fold benefit, knowledge and skills. Any industry can benefit from these skills. Some of the career options after completing PhD include the following.

When a student takes PhD admission in Pune, such as in DY Patil University, they would have already decided their career goals. Start-ups, university positions, and industrial research and development labs are traditionally the most preferred jobs after completing a PhD. In most Industrial R&D facilities, they offer positions exclusively to PhD holders, who engage in new product design research and strategy decisions.

When you compare the salary in the industrial R&D lab and pure development centres, the industrial R&D lab's salary is comparatively much more, approximately 50% more in Indian research labs. The PhD fees in Pune that you pay may start to feel a meagre amount compared to the salary you draw. If you have a PhD, you would be drawing significantly better than your classmate with five years of experience who started their career after B.Tech. At age 27, your salary as a fresher would be more than the salary of an experienced professional.

In addition to R&D labs, you can also pursue a career in development centres where they fit PhD holders as per hierarchy. You would be in a relatively senior position when compared to your classmates with a bachelor's degree. In simple, you get an edge of approximately 5 or 10 years.

Start-ups, the formidable engines of innovation, have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade, with several PhD's either joining a start-up or starting one. Usually, PhD holders become a part of the University for five years to a decade before joining a start-up. As a part of a company that needs immense support and idea generation, PhD holders bring in new concepts and ideas that help start-ups flourish.

Academia has been a favourite of many PhDs, mainly because of the freedom it offers. The salary offered is decent, and the work-life balance is so attractive that many PhD students at DYPU decide their career goals to be a part of the University soon after seeking PhD admission in Pune at DY Patil University.

Surprisingly, many PhDs who specialise in computer science are being offered a role in the finance and business consulting industries as auditors, consultants, and analysts. The list of career opportunities is extensive. Your ability to solve complex problems, superior analytical skills, and various other skills make you the perfect fit for any role.

Faculty At DY Patil PhD University In Pune

The faculty at DY Patil University PhD College in Pune believes in inspiring and supporting you in various challenges you may encounter during your time at DYPU. They are always open to ideas and support you immensely throughout your journey. They excel in developing research topics that are collaborated with various industry partners and other institutions. The open and intellectual environment and culturally diverse academicians at DYPU is an element that acknowledges knowledge creation that is both relevant and rigorous. They are the driving force that can change the business and the society around us.

When you seek PhD admission in Pune, you must consider DY Patil University, where the faculty is recognised for developing various theories and fields of study that can have an insightful impact on management theory and practice. They have a legacy of dedication to research and innovative thinking that impacts the lives of the students who work alongside them.

Why Study PhD In Pune At DY Patil PhD University?

Pune is a beautiful city and home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. A PhD degree from DY Patil University, where several distinguished faculty can guide you, can open up several doors for you. A PhD in Pune at DYPU can be the start of many career opportunities. The University will give you a competitive edge over others, especially when pursuing a career in research and academics, whether it is in a private sector or government organisations. The PhD fees in Pune varies from one University to another. But if you pursue your higher education from DYPU, you can be assured that the offered career opportunity is incomparable to the fees you pay.

With some of the best minds from all over the world being a part of DYPU, you can benefit from the international exposure you receive. The University offers a diverse environment that is intellectually and culturally stimulating. It challenges the candidates to grow professionally and personally and enables you to create a vast network of professionals. DY Patil University in Pune offers a wide variety of PhD programs from engineering and architecture to management. If you are searching for an exciting and dynamic location for your education, then PhD in Pune is the program that is waiting for you!

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