Programme - Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharm)


About Programme:

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy is a four-year graduate Programme spread over eight semesters. The Programme is affiliated to Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi and designed as per the norms of PCI. It helps to train the students to play an important role in community pharmacy and assist the Pharma industry at various levels.

Dr. DY Patil University, Pune that is well-distinguished among the top B. Pharmacy colleges in Pune offers B. Pharm graduate programmes that are designed considering the needs of the industry which gives more emphasis on the development of knowledge and skills of the students.

Programme Objectives:

  • To provide technical expertise along with the ability to demonstrate core competence for analysing and problem solving in multiple pharmaceutical aspects.
  • To make awareness about the rapidly changing pharma industry profession along with the emerging areas of science and technology.
  • To inculcate the attitude, ability to observe, research and experiment to discover the solutions
  • To train and develop students as techno managers, self-motivation, working teamwork, leadership and proactive to be successful in profession and organization.
  • To cultivate an inclination for higher learning, entrepreneurial abilities and research.
  • Impart industrial and clinical training to students to acquire skills required as per trends in the industry.

Programme Design:

B. Pharma programme is designed for students to have in-depth knowledge of the human body, diseases, drug molecules (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) along with excipients, natural drug resources, the chemistry involved in API including synthesis of commonly used drugs, the effect of the drug on the human body, toxicity and impurity profile, ADME studies of drugs (behaviour of a drug in the human body), dosage form studies including novel approaches, designing and development of formulation and pilot plant scale-up studies, stability studies, analysis. The programme also teaches drug distribution system, patient counselling, industrial laws and regulatory agencies playing a role in pharma industries at national and international level.

Programme Delivery:

  • Industry, Hospitals and Laboratory Visits
  • Winter, Summer and Industry Internship
  • Guest Lectures, Seminars and Conferences by various national and international professional bodies viz. IPA, IPGA, APTI, FIP etc.
  • Case studies based on community and industrial pharmacy.
  • Special course on Ethical behaviour
  • Social awareness programs in Tuberculosis, Obesity, HIV – AIDS, Diabetes etc.
  • Active Learning pedagogy involves Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Project Based Learning approach for effective learning.
  • Emphasis on the social context in pharmaceutical education
  • Study visits to Industry, Exhibitions, Research Laboratories and Research Organizations.
  • National Immersion Programme*

Certifications* :

  • The certification programmes shall be organized at various schools/ departments as per the branches or programmes, required for Technical and Professional Managerial skills with leading and reputed Industry, Professionals and Certifying organizations.
  • Students can also pursue courses on online platforms such as a Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs*, Coursera*, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL*) etc.

Credits :

Total Credits: 209/211$/212#

$Applicable ONLY for the students studied Physics / Chemistry / Botany / Zoology at HSC and appearing for Remedial Mathematics course.

#Applicable ONLY for the students studied Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry at HSC and appearing for Remedial Biology course.

Intake: 60 Students

Eligibility Criteria:

To seek admission in Dr. DY Patil University which is one of the top B. pharmacy colleges in Pune, the below requirements should be met:

  1. Passed HSC (10+2) or its equivalent examination with English as one of the subject & Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with Mathematics or Biology as optional subjects individually. However, the students possessing 10+2 qualification from non-formal and non-class rooms based schooling shall not be eligible for admission to B. Pharm Course.
  2. Any other Qualification approved by Pharmacy Council of India as equivalent any of the above examination.
  3. Candidate should have appeared in all the subjects and should obtain non zero score in MHT-CET or NEET conducted by the Competent Authority. However, preference shall be given to the candidate obtaining non zero positive score in NEET over the candidates who obtained non zero score in MHT-CET.
    B. Pharm lateral entry (to third semester): (i) The Candidate should be an Indian National; (ii) Passed Diploma Course in Pharmacy with at least 45% marks (at least 40% marks in case of candidates of Backward class categories and Persons with disability belonging to Maharashtra State only) from an All India Council for Technical Education or Pharmacy Council of India or Central or State Government approved Institution or its equivalent.

Selection Process:

To seek admission in B. pharma in Pune, all eligible students willing to apply should submit their academic credentials in an online application form with CET or NEET score Based on above, a merit list will be prepared.(for details please refer admission handbook)

Scope of B. Pharmacy in Coming Years

The scope of pharmacy programs has increased over the past years where the aspirants are attracted to pursue their education in the field of pharmacy and build their careers in this field. The stereotype of just pursuing MBBS and BDS to treat the community is no longer a fact of today’s age. The health industry is managed and co-operated by multiple areas & elements and pharmacy is one of them. In today’s times, the world is considered to be the new era for the pharmacy industry. This field plays a major role in executing the role of healthcare management in an effective way. The pharmacy program is moving from traditional to modern methods of learning and thus is becoming a technology-driven sector.

The future prospects and career roles for pharmacy students are wide and can range in different areas and sectors. The option for pursuing higher education is also open for B. Pharm students. Due to its increasing and emerging demand in the world, students are driven towards this program so that they can make a prominent future of themselves in this field. Educational institutions are also giving exposure and opportunities to students to pursue this program. Dr. DY Patil University, known as one of the best B. pharmacy colleges in Pune that offers this program to provide excellent knowledge and understanding of this course. Regarded among the top 10 B. pharmacy colleges in Pune, it ensures to impart practical knowledge as well so that students can experience real-life practices and events and can thus apply them to their learning process.

B. Pharmacy Career & Job Opportunities

Technology and modern living have become a crucial part of today’s world. But with these technical advancements come a lot of health problems. Every day various diseases, infections and illnesses are spreading all over the world which results in the deterioration of human’s health. The doctors and medical practitioners are trying to develop new treatments and vaccines to combat these diseases. Due to this, the demand of the pharmacy sector has also grown at a very rapid rate as pharmacy students and professionals are very much required in the health sector. Over the past few years, a number of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics have been established for the patients and sufferers of various kinds. With this, the pharmacy has also become a growing field with multiple opportunities and career paths which an individual can make a career in. As a B. Pharm student, you can also establish your own pharmacist shop.

The pharmacy can be a very promising and exciting career for those who love to be surrounded by chemicals and want to design or invent chemicals and treatments that can help the whole mankind. The career roles also reach in the areas of government departments, pharmaceuticals companies, research institutes, investigation units, universities, teaching hospitals, clinics and more. The pharmacy students can engage in activities like production, formulation, development and distribution of new and existing drugs for healthcare use. These people can also work as medical representatives where the main role is to introduce new drugs to the shops and medical companies so that their sales can increase.

All these amazing job opportunities and career roles come with the degree of pharmacy. To be an expert in your branch, you must study from a reputed college that enhances your skills and abilities and give you quality education and understanding about your field. DYPU is a well-known college of B. pharmacy in Pune that provides you with the best experiences and learning programs that help in shaping you as a professional. All these teaching services and learning outcomes make DYPU the best B. pharmacy college in Pune along with the benefit service of an affordable fee range. At DYPU, the B. pharmacy fees in Pune is very low and can be afforded by any income group.

Other career roles and job opportunities for a pharmacy student are mentioned down below.

Further Educational Paths

  • Post-graduation (M. Pharm) in Pharmaceutics, Quality Assurance, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, NDDS, Industrial Pharmacy, Forensic Pharmacy etc.
  • Ph.D.
  • Courses in Patent laws
  • Management courses like DRA, OGDM, MBA
  • Clinical research courses
  • M.Sc. in drug chemistry.
  • Radiopharmacy
  • M.Tech
  • Abroad studies(MS)

Job Opportunities

  • Actual practice – like community, hospital, clinical Pharmacists
  • Industry - production, Quality assurance, research and development, quality control etc. industrial divisions required qualified pharmacist, drug discovery.
  • In Sales and marketing
  • In Bulk drugs manufacturing and formulation developmental studies.
  • Clinical research
  • Regulatory
  • Academics as a teacher as well as researcher
  • Government jobs ( FDA inspectors)
  • Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study B. Pharmacy Course in Pune, Ambi?

    If you want to pursue pharmacy as your career goal, then one of the top 10 B. Pharmacy college in Pune is none other than Dr. DY Patil University, Pune. Here, the university offers a program of B. Pharm with a duration of 4 years. The syllabi of the program have been set up according to the detailed and practical understanding of the subject. The program teaches the students to become active professionals and experts so that they can have a profound understanding of selecting the right drug for the right treatment. The topics covered under the program of B. Pharm in Pune are biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, kinetics, pharmacy management and compounding medications. The study of pharmacy is science as well as an art as it involves complete and in-depth knowledge of the drugs and medicines and how to make them in the most effective manner.

    Experienced Faculty

    If you want to study in the topmost B. pharmacy college in Pune, then Dr. DY Patil University, Pune is the ideal option for you. Here, the education comprises all the theoretical and practical knowledge which helps you in gaining a profound understanding of the course. Along with modern infrastructural facilities, we have a team of highly skilled and competent teachers that are experts and professionals in their subjects. They are always available to guide and mentor the students to ensure their overall personality development and growth. At our university, we make our students ready for the future by providing them with rich classroom experiences, clinical expertise, laboratory work and visits. All these tasks are executed by our faculty in an excellent manner so that students face no problem in understanding the subject.

    Why is Dr. DY Patil University Considered AsThe Best University in Pune, Ambi?

    Dr. DY Patil University, Pune, is one of the leading institutions in India whose primary goal is to impart high-quality education to students so that they can become proficient in their selected disciplines. We are an educational institution that offers a unique amalgamation of academic excellence to our students by making them experience the advanced and global learning programs and standards of pharmaceutical education and research.

    DYPU is an institution of a growing cultural diversity where the emphasis is on modern teaching programs, research outcomes, student exchange programs, infrastructural facilities, topnotch placements, industry-institute interactions and more. We are dedicated to impart excellent and quality knowledge to our students so that they can make a wholesome career for themselves. The ultimate goal is to be a leading institute for education, research and collaborations for making our students leaders and professionals in their respective disciplines.

Industry Experts:

Dr. Ranjit Barshikar
Quality management consultant Q and D management

Mr. Sachin Tipare
Deputy Manager AGM project management


Dr. Ashish Chimbalkar

Mrs. Reshma Jondhale - Kumbhar

ExtraCurricular Activities:

Current Academic Year

Academic Calendar

School of Pharmacy – Academic Calendar for 2020-21



Details of Activities

Date (

First Term


B Pharm, 1st Year

Commencement of Teaching




First Year Orientation Program




Int. Assessment I
Int. Assessment II
Int. Assessment III




First sessional Examination

15.08.2020 to 21.08.2020



Second Sessional Examination

19.10.2020 to 27.10.2020



End Semester Theory Examination

23.10.2020 onwards


B Pharm, 1st Year

Related Study(environmental)Tour

15.12.2020 to 17.12.2020

Second Term


B. Pharm, 1st Year

Commencement of Teaching




Int. Assessment I
Int. Assessment II
Int. Assessment III




First Sessional Examination




SecondSessional Examination




End Semester Theory Examination

19.04.2021 onwards

*The dates may vary in any circumstances, School will reserve the rights. Changes will be informed prior.

Programme Structure:

  • Four year programme revolves around ‘class rooms and laboratories’ that are aided by workshops, industrial visits, electives, and regular lectures. First three years enable student’s fundamental understanding of B. Pharmacy. Fourth year takes them through advancement of Pharmacy profession.
  • For brilliant revelation, the students are taken through the education process with an exposure to Science, Medicine and History of medicine, Sociological role of Pharmacist, Psychology, Technology and yet keeping Humanity and environment as a core subject. Students get an opportunity to experience professional internship of min. 1 month with professional offices.
  • DYPUSOP, works on a Semester system, in which each day in laboratory is mandatory for students and faculties. A projects undertaken as ‘Social Service’ is planned to make students socially responsive.
  • To enable each student to map his or her unique traits and interest and realize their own individual professional potential, pupils are offered a wide range of professional & open elective courses. Subjects and syllabus are designed especially to hone the specialised and ever changing industry requirements from the young graduate maximizing his or her employability in today’s competitive job market.
  • Practical Training and short courses are planned to increase student’s exposure towards fieldwork, remarkable pharmaceuticals and passionate professionals from the field. In addition, students are required to invest 42 hours per week for rigorous academics.
  • On successful completion of four years, students are awarded Baccalaureate of Pharmacy degree by D Y Patil University, Pune which is recongnised by Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi.

Subject Basket:

Admission Handbook




Board of Studies:

Dr. B. S. Kuchekar

MEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy,Kothrud,Pune

Dr. N.S. Vyawahare

Dr. D. Y.Patil College of Pharmacy,Akurdi, Pune

Dr. R. R. Somani

Dr. D Y Patil university School of Pharmacy Nerul

Dr. Ranjit Barshikar

Quality management consultant Q and D management

Mr. Sachin Tipare

Deputy Manager
AGM project management

Dr. Ganesh Chaturbhuj

Professor and research Scientist
UICT Mumbai


I’m the student of this college. This is one of the best college I have ever seen in pharmacy field. we have comfortable Class Rooms and Good Environment. It is best and top college of pharmacy in Pune region, excellent teaching staff with the skilled knowledge. Here regularity in academics is the basic key for the development. Campus is very big. College has world class infrastructure and all other amenities so I refer this collage for pharmacy.
-Tushar Dange

The teachers here are very helpful and solves each and every doubt of mine. The campus is very peaceful and mind soothing and makes a student indulge in his studies more effectively. – Kaustubh Joshi