DY Patil School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies, Pune, Ambi

About School

School of hospitality and tourism management colleges in Pune is established to offer exclusive programmes in the field of Hospitality and Culinary Studies. Programmes offered by DY Patil hospitality and tourism management colleges in Pune are designed as per industry requirements, technical knowledge and management inputs with a significant focus in hospitality and culinary subjects.

DYPU hospitality and tourism management colleges in Pune offers programs with a professional specialisation in Hospitality and Culinary. Three-year undergraduate programs offered B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and B.Sc. in Culinary Management. The Department carefully scrutinises the trends of the industry and trains students in a manner that they are ready to take on the industry.


School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies offers undergraduate programmes in B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and B.Sc. in Culinary Management. Programme structure is designed in collaboration with Industry Academia Advisory Board to ensure the expectation of hospitality industry.

Programme structure is designed with a wide variety of courses in composing the Hospitality & Culinary subjects. Programme is designed with the objectives with required experimentation and innovation in the field of Hospitality & Culinary Management.

School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies ensure the quality education with academic rigor blended with hands-on industry experience. Professional lecture series, seminars, workshops and industry visits. School has state-of- art infrastructure, quality faculty, equipped kitchen and bakery for the learning practical, Guests Room, Class Rooms, Computer Lab, Library and sports facility.

in Hospitality Studies

Three Year Programme

Six Semesters

Choice Based Credit System

in Culinary Management

Three Year Programme

Six Semesters

Choice Based Credit System


Our aim is to run education programme in hospitality, culinary and tourism studies to develop students as professionals to work at national and international hospitality industry


  • Understand the fundamental principles and functions of essential hospitality and tourism industry
  • Acquire leadership skills, attitude and abilities to work in team
  • Improve written and verbal communication
  • Develop and practice professional behavior and competencies in customer service
  • Identify, analyze and develop solutions using technology
  • Understand social responsibility and sustainability goals for hospitality industry.
  • Prepare student to work in national and international hospitality industry.
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Meet The Academic Leader

Prof. Jaykar L. Jadhav

Prof. Jaykar Jadhav held a position of head of department for several years and associated in the field of education with D Y Patil University, Pune over a decade. He has been actively participating in continues learning through National and International conferences, FDPs and MDPs. He has published/ presented more than seven research papers in renowned national/ International journals/ conferences.

He has organized a conference, seminar, workshop guest lectures series and industrial visits to motivate students and Faculties. He has successfully handled several responsibilities in administration and academics committees like Examination, Admissions, Disciplinary committee, AICTE, DTE etc.

He believes in students’ abilities to learn and inherent thirst for knowledge with the right environment. He is remarkable ability to teach, inspire and develop young people.

Scope of Hospitality and Tourism Studies in Coming Years

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors throughout the world. Even though there has been a world-wide downfall of the economy, the hotel industry has still maintained its business, and it continues to open new and fresh ventures. The growth of the hospitality industry ensures it still has a long way to go. Tourism and hospitality industry in India is considered among the key industrial sectors that are responsible for the growth of the services sector in our country.

Indian tourism and hospitality industry has 2.40 million people working in various sectors of hospitality such as hotel, catering and other allied industries throughout the country. With the advent of more skilled and experienced candidates in this industry, the number of career opportunities is also going to multifold soon. Most people enter this industry after completing a professional course and training, such as Hospitality Management and Tourism Studies.

The industry has also experienced a boom with more and more hotels set up in semi-urban and urban areas. Also, trained and well-experienced professionals are more preferred in this industry because the recruiters are nor much willing to train recruits from square one and thus, prefer trained Hotel Management professionals.

Hospitality and Tourism Studies Career & Job Opportunities

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry accounts for about 9.8% of the global GDP. Every eleventh person is employed in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Therefore, this industry is considered as the world’s largest employer as per the reports of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The growth of this industry is growing at a very rapid rate. The opening of new five-star luxury hotels or some local diner opening in a neighbourhood – all these businesses open doors for more opportunities for Hotel Management professionals. The tourism population has doubled in the past twenty years and is set to expand two-fold in the coming twenty years.

There is a high demand for skilled labour in this industry because of the continuous and rigorous growth in the service-oriented, high-energy and productivity-driven work spheres. According to the experts of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) - the Hospitality Industry is going to face an acute shortage of qualified talent for the forecasted 80 million jobs.

Some of the career options for Hospitality and Tourism graduates are mentioned below,


One of the demanding and high energy career opportunities in the hospitality industry is banquet and conference services agents. If you like planning and organising events, then this might be the right career for you. You will get to organise various events awareness programs to corporate holiday parties - you will get to work with several clients, creating an exciting and evolving work environment.


Food and beverage management is a fundamental responsibility in any event. The duties entail ordering all products for the event, hiring staff for different roles and balancing the profit and loss sheets. The ideal skills required for this role are organised work habits, exceptional social and analytical skills, calm nature, and services and a business-oriented mindset.


The front office plays a vital role, and it serves as the face of the company/hotel and imparts information about the standard of services offered. The responsibilities of front office reception include knowing all the product and services, friendly and customer service-oriented skills and proper understanding of the whole property.


The role of a resort manager involves keeping a check on all the departments, including front desk to housekeeping and security to food and beverages. A resort manager is a very diverse position that manages all the department ensures the smooth functioning of the resort. Some skills necessary for this role include strong leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, multi-tasking, service-oriented mindset, etc.


The position of a resort manager is very dynamic and is responsible for leading the whole team of employees in the food and beverages services. A regular day chore of a restaurant manager includes several tasks such as tasting wines to bussing tables on a busy night.


There are several hospitality job opportunities available on cruises, and the work is very similar to that of a hotel. Still, you are floating from port to port while doing your daily work. Some of the job opportunities include sales, food and beverages, security and maintenance, and housekeeping.

Why Choose DY Patil University To Study Hospitality Management Course in Pune, Ambi?

Bachelors in hospitality management courses in Pune is a three-years course which includes six semesters – two semesters in each year. These programs train students and offer vast opportunities to them in various sectors such as hospitality and services, travel and tourism and management of other departments such as accommodation of guests, food and beverages management, and so on.

A bachelor’s program in hospitality studies at DYPU trains students to make use of this knowledge in both technical as well as operative context. The most important skill you'll learn from a bachelor in hospitality management courses in Pune is business management skills. You can make use of these skills in various other fields that might be of interest in the future years. Since there's plenty of room for transferable skills to kick in makes this industry so intriguing and inviting for young students.

Experienced Faculty

DY Patil hospitality management colleges in Pune consists of very talented, experts in their domain and highly dedicated faculty. Our faculty ensures that academics and industry orientation go hand in hand and prepares their students for any challenge they might face in their careers. The whole faculty is not considered expert only in their domains, but they also have very high standards of moral and ethical values and therefore, are the right role models to their students. We are very determined to establish our institution as one of the finest and pioneer institutions in the education of tourism and hospitality in our country.

DY Patil University's staff sets the benchmark for all other institutions by adopting the latest teaching methodologies to train its faculty. DY Patil University is renowned for its continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills of its faculty with the help of several programs such as Faculty Development Programs, Orientation Programs, and many others. These programs are precisely organised in a manner that helps in enhancing the overall performance of its faculty. All these reasons make it one of the top hospitality management colleges in Pune.

Why is DY Patil University Considered AsThe Best University in Pune, Ambi?

With an unwavering commitment to meet the standards and requirements of the fostering industry, DY Patil hospitality and tourism management colleges in Pune have designed the curriculum of this bachelor's program with a careful combination of business and management studies to prepare all the students for the hospitality and tourism industry.

At DY hospitality management colleges in Pune, we provide world-class infrastructure facility, best classroom experience, highly qualified faculty. All other facilities, such as a comprehensive library and research centre that makes it one of the best hospitality management colleges in Pune. We aim to provide exclusive opportunities to our students to promote their employable skills and enhance social relevance in the industry.