We offer B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and B.Sc. in Culinary Management, designed to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic hospitality industry.
Yes, our programs include practical training, R&D workshops, and projects in operations and administration in leading hotels, alongside well-equipped kitchen and bakery labs for practical learning.
Our faculty comprises experienced professionals with specializations across the hospitality sector, holding qualifications such as DHMCT, B.Sc. HTM, M.Sc. HTM, and more.
We offer a range of programs including Freshman Orientation, Finishing School, Competency Mapping, Behavioural Labs Boot Camp, and Immersion Programmes to support professional growth.
Yes, students have the chance to pursue international internships in top hotels across the world as well as participate in MOUs and partnerships with leading universities and industry players.
Our mission is to cultivate multifaceted professionals responsive to global trade, while our vision is to deliver a curriculum that reflects a global perspective, developing students into hospitality industry professionals.
Yes, our programs are guided by an Industry-Academia Advisory Board to meet the hospitality industry’s expectations.
We stay abreast of changes in national and international tourism with a contemporary program that integrates services, technology, and innovation in hospitality.
Our Corporate Relations and Career Services provide discovery, innovation-driven environments, and support for final placements through the CIAP and KRITI platforms.
Our alumni have praised the supportive faculty, the enriching learning experience, and the successful placement process that has led them to prestigious positions in the hospitality industry worldwide.