Programme - Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.)


About Programme:

Master of Computer Application is a professional degree in computer science. It focuses on providing a theoretical as well as practical training to the students Information Technology.

The core goal of the MCA programme is to train post graduate students as techno-managers and make careers in the software industry. MCA Schools in Pune like D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune provide an outstanding environment for learning, developing programming skills and research in the core and emerging areas of computer technology. Emphasis is given on theoretical and application-oriented subjects/courses relevant to the computer software development.

Programme Objectives:

  • It provides skills on upcoming technologies and foundation for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of information Technology.
  • To achieve peer-recognition, as an individual or in a team, by adopting ethics and professionalism and communicating effectively to excel well in cross culture and inter-disciplinary teams.
  • To impart the fundamentals in programming paradigm and essentials techniques involved in application building and maintenance.
  • To equip the students with the latest bespoke software and technologies adopted in application design, development and testing.

Programme Delivery:

  • Classroom Learning
  • Project based and Independent Study Courses
  • Learning through LAB Sessions on the various platforms
  • Language and Personality Development Modules
  • Live Projects from industry
  • Winter, Summer and Pre-Placement Project
  • Group assignments, presentations, business plan
  • Experiential learning through guest lecture, seminars and conferences
  • Project based learning under the industry mentors
  • Professional Technical Leadership Series
  • Global Classroom through ICT
  • Live projects, group projects, winter projects and summer internship
  • Interaction with industry practitioners

Certifications* :

  • The certification programmes shall be organized at various schools/ departments as per the branches or programmes, required for Technical and Professional Managerial skills with leading and reputed Industry, Professionals and Certifying organizations.
  • Students can also pursue courses on online platforms such as a Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs*, Coursera*, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL*) etc.

Credits :

Total Credits: 110

Intake: 120 Students


Below are the eligibility required to take admission in MCA at D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune

  1. The Candidate should be an Indian National
  2. Passed BCA / B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.A. with Mathematics as one of the subjects ( at 10+2 level or at Graduation level examination ) and obtained at least 50% marks in aggregate (at least 45% in case of candidates of backward class categories and Persons with Disability belonging to Maharashtra State only
  3. Obtained non zero positive score in MAH-CET 2020

Selection Process:

Student must qualify for Group Discussion (GD )and Personal Interview (PI) conducted by DYPU.

Scope Of MCA Career in Coming Years

The tremendous success of the Indian IT industry is no secret. To take this legacy forward and ensure continuing success, there is a huge demand for well-qualified professionals who understand the nitty-gritties of the domain. This is where the Masters in Computer Application (MCA) plays a crucial role.

A professional course that trains some of the best talent available in the country for the jobs created by this IT revolution, MCA is an in-demand course year after year. With the top MCA Schools in Pune producing highly trained technology professionals, the industry is looking forward to hiring more such individuals every year.

With a great job and salary prospect, it is no wonder that MCA is a course of choice for many students. It is common to see students poring over the list of MCA Schools in Pune to get admissions in a School of their choice. The best MCA School in Pune like D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune, Ambi reports a tremendous growth in the number of applications over the years, thanks to the job opportunities awaiting the students on course completion.

MCA Career & Job Opportunities

A degree that promises not just excellent education, but also a career path with tremendous opportunities for learning and growth, is any student’s preferred choice. An MCA offers all this and much more in terms of working with some of the best professionals in the field. This is why Pune University MCA admission has seen a steep rise in recent years.

So, what are the career options available to a student, once they complete their MCA? Below is a list of some of the exciting career opportunities that will make sure you stop worrying about the Pune University MCA fees and focus on the top MCA School in Pune like D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune.

1. Software Developer –

The first choice of any student opting for MCA in Pune is to get admission in DY Patil University. Selecting MCA gives an opportunity to become a software developer. The unlimited opportunities for developing software solutions for day to day as well as completely new problems leveraging their knowledge of the technology is what makes this job so interesting. Another factor is the superb pay packages received even by students fresh out of School.

2. System Analyst –

While a software developer creates a system, it is the System Analyst’s responsibility to analyze the requirements, suggest an approach as well as any improvements in the already existing software to ensure client satisfaction. This is very similar to a managerial role and hence even the payment is great for those becoming System Analysts.

3. Hardware Engineer –

A critical component of any IT system is the physical and virtual hardware required for its operation. Any software being developed requires hardware to store and run it. Thus, the position of Hardware Engineer is always in demand, since it forms the backbone of the IT Industry. From designing server farms to implementing and maintaining them and ensuring the required uptime, the job of a Hardware Engineer is in equal parts challenging and rewarding.

4. Data Scientist –

If you are even remotely interested in technology, you are sure to know that this is the latest and most happening job in the IT market. Even though not a new job, this position is enjoying a wave of high demand, thanks to the advancement in technology generating lots of data and making it easily available. This is why all the best MCA School in Pune like D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune now offer a specialization in Data Science for those interested.

5. Troubleshooter –

The go-to person in any IT firm whenever anyone faces an issue, the job of a Troubleshooter is one of great responsibility. You can further choose your area of interest – software, hardware or networking. Whichever option you decide, one thing is for sure, your role is the one expected to keep all the action going in any IT organization. This is why this role presents very good job opportunities.

6. Software Consultant –

These are the experts providing consultation and guidance for any organization looking to set up or optimize their IT department. These individuals are specialists in all aspects of software designing, development processes and implementation as well as deployment of the same. They are the experts, others look up to for their software related requirements. All MCA colleges in Pune ensure that you are ready for this role with a little job experience, once you complete the course.

Why Choose DY Patil University To Study MCA Course in Pune, Ambi?

In recent years, a number of students choose the top School like D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune. The 3-year course that teaches students the concepts of many critical courses like programming, network and database design, computational theory, algorithm design and optimization and mobile technologies among others is a popular one for a variety of reasons.

D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune being the best MCA School in Pune pride themselves in the fact that apart from giving their students a strong theoretical foundation, they are also able to provide them with sufficient hands-on knowledge, thanks to the proximity to the IT hub. This also means a lot of exposure to students in real-time challenges and means to overcome them.

If you are looking for an MCA in Pune, then consider D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune at top priority list. They have the best faculty and campus apart from D Y Patil University’s School of Management, Pune MCA fees are also affordable that one can easily take admission to study and make their dreams come true.

Experienced Faculty

A major factor, apart from the obvious locational advantage, determining the MCA fees in Pune at DY Patil University is the presence of experienced and qualified faculty. Working with a mix of theoretical classes and practical laboratory experience, our faculty ensures the optimum balance to ensure proper learning for every student.

Combined with their years of experience in the field and the rich consultation background, their method of teaching makes sure that every student is given the required amount of focus to enhance their learning. Blending the traditional learning with industrial exposure, the faculty ensures that the students are aware of any practical challenges they may face in their jobs.

Why is DY Patil University is Considered as the Best University in Pune?

Why should you choose DY Patil University? Apart from the fact that it is a permanent feature in the top 10 MCA Schools in Pune, below is an indicative list of reasons, you may like to consider before arriving at a conclusion

  • Scenic campus with convenient accessibility
  • State of the art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories and audio-visual rooms
  • Carefully designed curriculum including Software and Hardware subjects
  • Personality Development programmes with stress on soft skills like presentation and written communication

Not just these, the institute also holds several lecture series, technical festivals and seminars to help the students learn and interact with their peers as well as industry experts.


Mr. Gunwant Rahane

Mr. Mangesh Kadam

Mrs. Shalaka Kulkarni

Mr. Pravin Gaikwad

Mrs. Rupali Thorat

Mr. Vishal Chavan

Industry Experts:

Mr. Bipin Datar
Visiting Professor

Klaus Multi Parking System India

Dr. Rajeev Manrao
Visiting Professor

RM123 India

Dr. Sameeran Walvekar
Visiting Professor

Sameeran Studios

Dr. Gopal Iyengar
Visiting Professor


Mr. J Singh
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Jayant Kulkarni
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Sudhakar Kulkarni
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Ms. Buvaneswari Kannan
Visiting Professor

Matt Designers and consultants Pvt Ltd

Mr. Umesh Mali
Visiting Professor

ASK Chemicals Pune

Mr. Ulhas Kelkar
Visiting Associate Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Dinesh Rahane
Visiting Associate Professor

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Mr. Krishna Badwane
Visiting Associate Professor

Indian Drivers

Mr. Abhishek Karande
Visiting Associate Professor

Financial Markets

Mr. Prasad Narayan
Visiting Assistant Professor

The Power of One

Dr. Geetanjali Deshmukh
Visiting Assistant Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Soum Das
Visiting Assistant Professor

Big Basket

Academic Calendar

MCA Academic Calendar 2020-21
Commencement of Teaching 25/06/2020 05/01/2021
Class Test-1 17/08/2020 to 02/08/2020 01/02/2021 to 06/02/2021
Class Test-2 21/09/2020 to 06/09/2020 08/03/2021 to 13/03/2021
Mid Semester Examination 19/10/2020 to 04/10/2020 25/03/2021 to 31/03/2021
Conclusion of Term 13/12/2020 30/05/2021
University Practical /Oral Examination. 04/11/2020 to 06/11/2020 23/04/2021 to 25/04/2021
End Semester Examination 23/11/2020 to 05/12/2020 03/05/2021 to 22/05/2021
Winter Vacation - 14/12/2020 to 05/01/2021
Summer Vacation - 31/05/2021 to 05/07/20121

*The school/college has all the rights to revise the academic calendar at any time

Programme Structure:

  • The “Master of Computer Application“ is 2-year program with specified choice-based credit system which builds foundation for the entire programme.
  • Programme provides complete exposure of prerequisites which are necessary for advance learning.
  • Four months industry internship program at the end of second year will be based on technical development as per current demand of IT industry.
  • Course is designed which would help students to develop basic and advanced skills in areas of their interest thereby increasing their level of expertise. Last semester will be exposed to student’s internship/exchange programs based on the chosen technology & trends, which is a Pre Placement exposure with the industry to work on live projects.
  • DYPUSOM works on a semester pattern, in which practical, hands on experience blending of emerging trends in IT technologies
  • This will also help the students to learn managerial and leadership skills, problem solving skills, team spirit and professional ethics.
  • On successful completion of two years, students are awarded Master of Computer Application degree by D Y Patil University, Pune.

Subject Basket:

Admission Handbook



Board of Studies:

Mr. Ravi Pichan

Regional VP. L&T Infotech

Mrs. Gauri Gavhane

Senior Project Manager L & T Infotech Mumbai

Dr. Pradeep Pendse

Dean Academics Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management

Dr. K. Nirmala Kumaraswamy

D. Y. Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management, Akurdi, Pune

Ms. Ashwini Kharde

Engineer L&T Technology Services

Mr. Bharat Chaudhari

Credit Suisse SME in Service Excellence Team Alumni Industry


It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my post-graduation at DYPUSOM, AMBI. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The three years spent here helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person”.

Prasad Nalawale

A great atmosphere between teachers, students and class partners. DYPUSOM, AMBI has given me a lot of opportunities to groom myself and compete in the corporate world. In short, it is an ocean of knowledge.” My doubts & queries are always welcomed by the lecturers, sometimes lead to healthy discussion which motivated me to develop myself. DYPUSOM, AMBI helped me in nurturing my talent in various ways. It was a unique experience. Right from the directors to staff members to the faculty members all are very helpful and they brought out the best in me. "I proud that I was one of the students of DYPUSOM, AMBI Family.

Pankaj Jha

My overall experience in DYPUSOM, AMBI is just superb. DYPUSOM, AMBI is best as it provides quality education along with an enjoyable and pleasurable campus. It has given me lots of memories and hope for many more.

Shilpa Chipillate

DYPUSOM encouraged me a lot to enhance my confidence by giving quality education which helped me to build my career & enrich my life. I can somehow see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful to every faculty member of MCA Department. I would say DYPUSOM, AMBI is doing a great job.

Amit Sawant