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Programme - B. Des. in Graphic Design


About Programme:

The program for graphic design courses in Pune is established to meet the needs of aspiring students who are passionate and enthusiastic in the field of designing, conceptualisation and creativity. At DYPU, the university focuses on the implementation of creative designing and innovative methods to the execution of an idea. The graphic design courses in Pune at DYPU involve a detailed study of typography, layout theory and colour theory to perform designing in multiple areas ranging from an advertisement to a movie. The B. Des course in the domain of graphic design courses in Pune gives exposure to young minds to the industry of graphic design, history of the designing, its future as well all the technologies and equipment involved in it. DY Patil University, Pune also aims to impart the fundamental principles of design, such as contrast, balance, movement, rhythm, etc. The study of topography teaches students to create web images, printing, editing images and more. The high-end knowledge and education make DYPU the best graphic design institute in Pune.

Programme Objectives:

  • To develop the knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation for the design profession.
  • Ensure the collaborative learning through the interaction with qualified and experienced academicians, industry practitioners and professionals.
  • Competency Development programmes and Youth Leadership Programme are deigned to develop the personality, attitude and values.
  • Provide opportunity for Certification* programmes in technical, management skills, upcoming areas.
  • Experiential learning by providing winter and summer internship, live projects opportunities to work in visual agencies and design companies.
  • Inculcate innovation, leadership, & entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Academic delivery with the use of technology, workshops, seminars, visits, study tours, joint studios and webinars.

Programme Delivery: As one of the best graphic design college in Pune, DYPU has the below facilities as per curriculum:

  • Classroom Learning: Theoretical lectures, interactive session, audio / video, digital classrooms & Parallel Studies
  • Group based learning: Group Assignments & Presentations to learn collaborative skills
  • Technical workshops, Industry-Academia Guest lecture
  • Webinars for National and Global Exposure
  • Live projects, group projects, winter projects and summer internship, Field visits
  • Practice Lab for design practice, interior design, product design, graphic design, 3D visualizers, Graphic design, advertising, films, web banners and adverts, product configurators, posters (still and moving), historical re-constructions, e-books and magazines, architecture, video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, marketing and communications, infographics and many more
  • Design advisory services such as digital training manuals, pathfinding, interfaces
  • Education, training and research – as teachers or lecturers of design-related topics.

Certifications* : To award its students, DYPU- the best graphic design college in pune offers certificate courses and awards.

  • The certification programmes shall be organized at various schools/ departments as per the branches or programmes, required for Technical and Professional Managerial skills with leading and reputed Industry, Professionals and Certifying organizations.
  • Students can also pursue courses on online platforms such as a Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs*, Coursera*, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL*) etc.

Total Credits: 240

Eligibility: To enroll in graphic design institute in pune, prospective students should meet below criteria:

1. The Candidate should be an Indian National.

2. Passed HSC or its equivalent examination with English as compulsory subjects, and obtained at least 45% marks (at least 40% marks, in case of Backward class categories and Persons with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only) in the above subjects taken together.


Passed Diploma in Engineering and Technology and obtained at least 45% marks (at least 40% marks, in case of Backward class categories and Persons with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only),


3. The Candidate with remarkable achievements in Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities and qualified in written test conducted at DYPU


The Candidate should have qualified in UCEED/NID 2020

Selection Process:

Applicant has to appear and clear the test to enroll in graphics designing course in Pune, DYPU that includes

  • Written Test
  • Personal Interview

Note: Candidates who have secured ranks in UCEED (for B.Des. Programme) can directly attend the portfolio and personal interview conducted by the D - School. If not, they have to undertake the DYPU Written Test conducted by the D - School to get qualified for the design Programmes.

Four Years At Campus:

The below breakdown explains expectations from graphics designing course in Pune:

  • First and Second Year: Familiarizing with design thinking and acquiring skill sets for design and product
  • Third Year: Focus on Application and Practice through projects
  • Fourth Year: Industry internship and Project

Scope of Graphic Design Studies in Coming Years

With the increasing dependence on online methods to execute your business ideas and promotions, the profession of graphic designing can offer you multiple topnotch options that can fantastically set your future. Graphic designers are professionals in the field of designer art. They design all the work you see on the websites, advertisement, movies and also on gaming software. As a graphic designer, your work also involves the creation of logos for various brands and products. To gain mastery in your art skills and want to polish the artistic side of you, many students choose to attend a design or an art school to shine in their careers and graphic designing institutes in Pune are often chosen. In today’s world, the scope and popularity for graphic designers have become so prominent as every sector needs designers to make their industry accessible to marketing and digitization. If you are wondering about the graphic design courses fees in Pune, we suggest you look at the scope of degree and its earning potential as well. Graphics designing course in Pune accomplishes all the to be discussed scopes and offers much more.

To get admission in the top design institutions play a significant role in gaining expertise and knowledge of your desired path. The DYPU, regarded as a highly recognised graphic design institute in Pune, makes the students ready to become art workers, design consultants, design management professionals, creative directors and other future roles in their desired areas. As a designer, you can also work in established newspaper agencies to handle the layout designing. Moreover, the options to pursue a career in marketing firms, advertising agencies, design studios, etc. are always open for you.

Graphic Design Career & Job Opportunities

Multiple career choices are available for a graphic designer to build his/her future. The key roles involve tasks like creating visual concepts and designing art on various platforms. Today, the world is digitally expanding, and so is the demand for graphic designers. In the area of marketing, which is done both online as well as the offline basis, the role of designers becomes essential. There are umpteen roles that a designer can perform if he is familiar with the designing and technicalities and can perform the tasks efficiently. Graphic design Courses in Pune that too at DYPU will open the doors of the world for you.

Before talking about the various roles that a graphic designer can enjoy, it becomes necessary to have a profound understanding of the program which an individual can experience if he studies from a renowned institution. Talking about Pune, DYPU identifies itself as a reputed graphic design college in Pune, Ambi, that makes the students experts in their fields. Here are some of the future options that a graphic designer can pursue.

1) Multimedia Designer

These are professionals who are responsible for designing props, costumes and sets for their clients. The job role also involves directing assistants in the areas of design interpretations, technical production of sound and light, etc. To become a master in this field, you need to have imaginative and creative skills along with specialised knowledge in applying for various software programs.

2) Creative Director

To execute a task creatively, the need for creative directors becomes more prominent. To develop and design films, magazines, video games, advertisements, etc., the work of a creative director is extremely creative and hardworking. He/she manages to create a product most creatively.

3) Art Director

These are experts in the areas of visual style and content in magazines, newspapers, movies, product packaging, television productions, and more. They also direct and supervise other artists in their work.

4) Photo Editing/ Photoshop Artist

Photo editing is a career option that opens up many opportunities for you in the field of graphic designing. Many e-commerce companies hire photoshop artists because of the emerging need for marketing designing.

5) Freelancer

A full-time employee or a freelancer can perform all the roles and jobs of a graphic designer at the same time. With a fantastic resume and an outstanding portfolio of your previous work samples, you can get high-end opportunities in niche areas of designing, graphics, marketing and more.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Graphic Design Course in Pune?

At DYPU, students are exposed to the experiences of one of the best graphic design courses in Pune as the program focuses on teaching all the new context challenges as well as technological advancements in the field of designing. During the program, the aspirants learn about type design, production design, image-making, photography, illustration, editing, typography, print design and more. It also targets on the branding, corporate identity and communication systems in marketing and digital domains. Students of this bachelor’s program acquire the skills and competencies to find placements in core industries and companies in various disciplines of branding, publication, designing, communication design and more. Apart from the university, Pune is the hub for digital trends these days and graphic design courses in Pune would definitely help in broadening internship experiences as well as live work possibilities. Of all the graphic designing institutes in Pune, DYPU holds a special place in the educational sector due to its commitment.

Experienced Faculty

Our excellent faculty plays a very significant role in making DYPU as the top graphic design college in Pune. Their ultimate mission is to inspire and prepare students in a way that they can build their futures successfully. Our faculty have excelled in their careers and are entirely devoted to the development and learning of students. The professors always make sure to impart practical knowledge along with excellent in-class learning programs. They pass on their collective experiences and expertise to the students and guide them to gain mastery in their interest areas.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

Since 1983, DYPU has been an exceptionally distinguished institution that thrives on standing out as the best. The primary objective is to impart quality education to today’s youth. We take the utmost pride in stating that our university is designated as the best graphic designing institute with a very affordable rate of graphic design course fees in Pune. The campus is equipped with a digital library, study centres, workplaces, laboratories and research centres that are aesthetically designed and fitted with projectors. Also, the access to auditoriums, amphitheatre and convention halls are the other highlights of our university. Our graphic designing institutes in Pune,is an institution that aims to make our students master in their desired fields and also to teach them values and ethics.

Admission Handbook


Mrs. Anuradha Date

Ar. Sayli Pawar Barse

Ar. Durgesh Kulkarni

Ar. Nikhilesh Patil

Industry Experts:

Mr. Deepankar Bhattacharyya
Visiting Faculty

Strategic Design Consultant

Mr. Chandrashekhar Wyawahare
Visiting Faculty

Director| Futuring Design Pvt. Ltd

Miss. Gauri Chincholkar
Visiting Faculty

TCS Interactive, Intraction Designer

Ar.. Mayuresh Gore
Chief Design Officer

Geodesy Design Collaborative Pvt. Ltd.

Architect. Seema Bahirat
Architect & Visiting faculty

Seema Bahirat Architect & Interior Designer

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2020-21
Commencement & End of Term First Term Second Term
Orientation for First Years 7th July 2020 to 12th Dec 2020 6th Jan 2021 to 15th May 2021
School of Design Semester 13th July 2020 to 12th Dec 2020 6th Jan 2021 to 31st May 2021
1st Class Test 17th Aug 2020 to 22nd Aug. 2020 2nd Feb 2021 to 05th Feb 2021
2nd Class Test 5th Oct 2020 to 10th Oct 2020 9th Mar.2021 to 13th Mar.2021
Term End Exam 11th Nov 2021 to 12th Dec 2020 4th May2021 to 15th May 2021
Winter Vacation - 13th Dec to 5th Jan.2021

*The dates may vary in any circumstances; School will reserve the rights. Changes will be informed prior.

Programme Structure:

Choice based Credit Systems: 240 Credits

  • Continuous Evaluation and assessment: Internal 60% and External 40% for each subject
  • Electives: Design Electives and Professional Electives
  • Series of Design Innovation Projects
  • Series of Design Research Projects
  • Design Industry internships
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Design Project

Subject Basket:

Admission Handbook



Board Of Studies:

Ar. Seemantini Nakil

BOS Chairman
Associate Professor, DYPUSOA

Mr.Deepankar Bhattacharyya

BOS Member
Strategic Design Consultant

Mr. Chandrashekhar Wyawahare

BOS Member
Director| Futuring Design Pvt. Ltd

Ar. Babasaheb Mhaske

BOS Member
Assistant Professor, DYPUSOD

Ms. Anuradha Date

BOS Member
Assistant Professor, DYPUSOD

Mr. Omkar Samudra

BOS Member
Principal, DYPUSOA

Mr. Swaminath Swamy

BOS Member
HOD - S.O.D, DY Patil University, Pune

Mr. Kiran Gopinath

BOS Member
The D-School, Jain (Deemed- to-be University), Bangalore

Ms. Sayali Pawar

BOS Member
Assistant Professor, DY Patil University, Pune

Mr. Bhavatosh Dhavale

BOS Member
Assistant Professor, DY Patil University, Pune

Mr. Nikhilesh Patil

BOS Member
Assistant Professor, DY Patil University, Pune