Dr. DY Patil School of Architecture, Pune, Ambi

About School:

Dr. DY Patil University School of Architecture is approved by Council of Architecture, New Delhi. School is the most influential, exciting and innovative architecture school in Maharashtra and recognized for setting the agenda for what architecture is and could be. It is also considered as one of the top Architecture colleges in Pune.

The profession of architecture is an eclectic mix of all the fields related to art, culture, human behavior, science, and technology, and hence a true multidisciplinary nature. Architecture profession goes beyond designing & crafting meaningful physical spaces, and profoundly influences human health, human behavior and society.

An architect is a creator and therefore needs a deep understanding of cross discipline that helps to assimilate the desired architectural expressions for Clientele.

School of Architecture is engaged in creating future architects through programmes that are designed to explore new challenges with a passion for inventiveness, intelligence and effectiveness.

At the campus of Dr. DY Patil Architecture, Pune, Ambi student centric learning culture provides opportunities for learning and practicing. Education programmes at the campus are designed to understand ‘how’ things work and ‘find’ practical solutions with the use of scientific processes, application of theories and design. Students are made ready to play a role and perform functions as an architect who observes, identifies, creates, evaluates and designs.

Architecture Programmes

School of Architecture offers graduate and postgraduate programmes, namely B. Arch., and M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture). These programmes are approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. School of Architecture has woven academic rigor with hands-on industry experiences through in-house and professional lectures, seminars, colloquiums, workshops, site visits, and study tours. Students are encouraged to push the envelope of conventional thinking, stretch their imagination to realize and own their full creative potential.

B. Arch.
Five Year Programme
Ten Semesters
Choice Based Credit System

M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
Two Year Programme
Four Semesters
Choice Based Credit System


We aim to be one of the leading schools known for its architectural studies and to contribute towards the transformation of human life, understanding contemporary design culture and to protect the environment through various programmes, research studies and collaboration with professionals and stakeholders.


  • Provide quality and value based education that transform the students through the academic rigor and vibrant culture.
  • Fostering sensitivity and appreciation in the curriculum that focuses on built environment, learning physical and visual designs, focusing on building social inclusiveness and dealing with the climate and environmental challenges.
  • Offering a diverse and cross-disciplinary approach in fields of Ecology, Technology, Planning, Management and Construction.
  • Focus on the relationship between History, Culture, Behavioral science, Technology, Exploring future of practices in design, Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Expand external partnerships, through collaboration with Professional organizations for the knowledge, exchange of ideas and joint projects.
  • Engaging adjacent discipline through innovation, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Incorporate importance of community service thus contributing towards social responsibility.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. Uma Jadhav

Dr. Uma Jadhav has more than 21 years of prolific professional as well as academic experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016 – SPPU) in Sustainable Rural Development and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (2000 - CEPT). Before solely dedicating herself to academics, she was a principal architect/consultant at Ar. Uma Jadhao & Associates where she successfully handled panoply of architectural and urban planning projects and was registered as the member of an empowered Panel of Valuers with many reputed banks like IDBI, AXIS, UTI, DCB Bank, Fullerton Co. Ltd., etc. She was also a part of an interdisciplinary team of Architecture department of ‘Perth and Kinross Council, Perth’ in the United Kingdom, for almost two years.

She has authored and presented a number of Research Papers in international conferences. Her experience and expertise are regularly summoned as a resource person and panel member on various academic selections committees. She is actively associated as a resource person on the Panel of the Ph.D. Research Centre of Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture, Pune. She has also worked as Assistant CAP Director for B. Arch CAP of SPPU, Pune from 2012-2014. In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on a number of administrative committees like Infrastructure, Academic Audit, Disciplinary Committee, Women’s Grievance, Admission committee, Examination, etc.

She has been instrumental in architecting innovative teaching-learning modules to deliver subjects knowledge through unconventional teaching pedagogy; this includes Vertical Studios, Saturday Events, Annual Exhibitions, Expert Talks, etc. to encourage students to enhance their lateral, critical, and analytical thinking abilities with a focus on entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills. She strongly believes that architecture touches the lives of individuals and society alike, and hence should be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

With her extensive experience and passion for academics, she joined D Y Patil University's School of Architecture in its formative years and is an incumbent Principal. She continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of DYPUSOA and deserves credit for its stellar rise in the architectural fraternity.

Scope Of Architecture Career in Coming Years

A career in Architecture from the top architect colleges provides excellent scope to students because of the recent boom in construction and designing fields in our country. The demand for architecture has increased multifold across the country in both the public and private sectors.

Architects can work in a lot of different sectors such as that of public works departments, construction, urban development corporations, interior designing, urban planning, etc.

After the completion of a degree in Architecture, there is an option of continuing higher education or applying for jobs in private or public sectors. Both of these options from a good Architecture College in Pune will ultimately lead to the development of a specialized set of skills that are necessary to enhance career opportunities especially in Pune. Architects are offered immense opportunities in the field of construction and designing especially after studying from the top architecture colleges.

Architecture Career & Job Opportunities

There are several possible career alternatives for an Architect, such as;

  1. Architect

    The role of an Architect is to design new buildings or complete extensions or modifications to existent ones, assuring that they are secure, cost-effective and utilitarian. They work to improve people's lives by using their creativity and new technology. Therefore, studying Architecture from the very best Architecture College in Pune becomes essential especially for those looking for a course in Pune.

    The architecture profession is a very diverse field and involves career options like;

    1. Building architecture – it involves modifying existing buildings and designing modern buildings.
    2. Landscape architecture – This field includes outlining and maintaining new open spaces.
    3. Naval architecture – This career consists of designing ships and marine vessels. Primary responsibilities of architects entail fixing any planning concerns, managing the construction scheme, consulting other design experts overseeing the environmental repercussions of projects, and adhering to financial budgets.
    4. A degree in architecture is the primary requirement for pursuing a career in this field. Employers often prefer candidates with prior experience in architecture, construction or design. Architects need to keep up with all the latest trends in design and architecture. One can try making contacts in this field by work experience, joining a professional body or even with the aid of University's departments.
  2. Architectural Technologist

    They are also referred to as architectural technicians, and their job is to incorporate science and engineering skills to create robust, sustainable and resilient structures and refurbishments. Work experience is very critical for this job.

  3. Interior and Spatial Designer

    The work of an Interior and Spatial designer is to renovate the already existing spaces and design new architectural and creative spaces. The sole motto of designing these spaces is to make them look engaging and efficient (although some interior designers focus solely on the appearance of the space and not their efficiency).

  4. Building Surveyor

    Building surveyors are concerned with the renovation, conservation and restoration of the existing structures as well as take precautionary measures to keep these buildings in good condition. This field is best-suited for those interested in problem-solving, and those with sufficient interest in the construction and designing of new buildings.

  5. Town Planner

    Architecture graduates with a keen interest in regeneration, development and sustainability can choose a career as a town planner. The job of a town planner is to maintain and develop cities, towns, villages, and countryside.

  6. Production Designer

    The role of a production designer is associated with the entertainment industry, such as the sets of films, television programs, and theatre. As a production designer, one has to use his/her creative skills and develop a complete visual outline for the products they're working on.

  7. Historic Buildings Inspector

    The work of a historic building inspector is to encourage the preservation of the historic environment and enhance structures with historical, architectural or cultural importance. As a historic building inspector, one has to survey and inspect various historic sites, give advice on their preservation methods as well as take part in regeneration projects to benefit the environment, economy or community.

  8. Structural Engineer

    Structural Engineers are known for their creative innovations. They involve concepts of maths and science while designing their structures. As a structural engineer, one has to speculate the existing buildings for their security as well as design new aesthetically appealing and secure structures.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Architecture Course in Pune, Ambi?

This bachelors course in Architecture provides their students with the necessary industrial experience to prepare their students for professional practice. This course is designed to give their students an all-round knowledge to prepare them for the professional industry.

The duration of B. Arch course in Pune is five years with two semesters in each year which accounts for ten semesters in total. The five-year program comprises comprehensive architectural training which we consider efficient in paving the way to various job prospects for our students.

This course aims at developing the professional skills and encourages the students’ intellectual strengths enabling them to pursue an allied career in the broad range of Architecture. On the other hand M. Arch is a five year course with two semesters in each year which accounts for four semesters in total. This course focuses on an integrated approach and aims at achieving excellence while providing a holistic understanding of the course.

Experienced Faculty

Dr. DY Patil School of Architecture, Pune, Ambi consists of very talented, experts in their domain and highly dedicated faculty. All the faculty members have studied in one of the prestigious educational institutions from across the globe. The whole faculty is not considered expert only in their domains, but they also have very high standards of moral and ethical values and therefore, are the right role models to their students. Dr. DY Patil University's staff sets the benchmark for all other institutions by adopting the latest teaching methodologies to train its faculty. Dr. DY Patil University is renowned for its continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills of its faculty with the help of several programs such as Faculty Development Programs, Orientation Programs, and many others. These programs are precisely organized in a manner that helps in enhancing the overall performance of its faculty. All these reasons makes it one of the top 3 Architecture colleges in Pune.

Why is Dr. DY Patil Considered As The Best Architecture College in Pune, Ambi?

The main campus of the Dr. DY Patil University is very well connected to most of the nearby primary locations via public transport. Dr. DY Patil University is located in Ambi, Pune. The campus is considered as the best architecture college in Pune and also ensures the utmost safety of its residents through a highly secured virtual private network.

At Dr. DY Patil University, we aim at preparing our students for real-life by making them academically brilliant with the qualities of a true leader. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the best colleges in Pune for Architecture. We engage our students with several activities and programs which facilitate them in creating their designs and architecture by working with up-to-date technology and software.