School of Pharmacy

About School

School of Pharmacy is established under D Y Patil University and affiliated to Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi in the year 2019 which aims to offer Post Graduate, Graduate and Diploma Programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Our programme shape specialist Pharmacists well-equipped to pave a way towards progressive healthcare. It is our earnest effort in creating individuals who will fortify the healthcare system by working alongside healthcare practitioners.

The curricula are designed by the academics and industry practitioners, which nurtures and develops young minds into responsible Pharma Professionals who will contribute ethically to the future of Pharma Industry, government, Hospitals, Community, Society and Health-care system at large. Programmes are delivered through extensive practice in laboratories in addition to theoretical study, which makes School of Pharmacy the best pharmacy college in Pune.

Our University’s futuristic healthcare model is an ideal place for an aspiring Pharmacist to gain experiential training from the most accomplished professors in the industry.


School of Pharmacy aims to be premier school to run the pharmaceutical science education programme leading to improve and fortify the life


  • To deliver quality education that nurtures scientific approach for problem solving.
  • To work hand-in-hand to protect, cure, mitigate and eradicate various ailments and thus deliver health to the community and the world.
  • To contribute by maintaining quality and excellence in education for making lives healthy.

Pharmacy Programmes

  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm)

    D. Pharmacy is a two years full-time course with annual pattern. The Diploma in Pharmacy comprises some specific subjects so that the candidates can get a chance to work under the supervision of a licensed Pharmacist in public or private hospitals, Pharmacies and other Pharmaceutical-related domains.

  • • Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

    Bachelor in Pharmacy is a four years full time undergraduate degree course that covers subjects related to medicine, drugs, their chemical structure, formulation and a lot more. The course provides the students with vast job opportunities both in public and the private sector as well.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. A.D. Chimbalkar

He is currently working as Asst. Prof. and H.O.D. at D. Y. Patil University, School of Pharmacy, Ambi, Pune. He has completed his degree in M. Pharm (Pharmacology), PhD. He is a registered pharmacist. He is involved in research based activities and has published research papers in international journals. His vision is to “Built health considering one life is one earth”

Scope Of Pharmacy in Coming Years

Pharmacy in India has shown significant growth in the last few decades. Over the years the scopes in pharmacy have increased and moved beyond the scope of just dispensing medicine. Thanks to courses like diploma in pharmacy (, students can start making a career as early as two-years and even pursue bachelors in pharmacy through lateral admission. Pharmacists have become an integral part of the healthcare industry and carved a niche for themselves in the industry side as well. As a result of which their responsibilities kept on growing within this realm. Apart from just distributing medication, the duties of the Pharmacists include patient care skills, providing clinical services to their patients, and medication analysis of prescribed, non-prescribed and herbal medicines that are consumed by the patients and a lot more. The Pharmacy course plan is designed to impart complete knowledge and intuitive insight into the Pharmaceutical industry so that they can gain knowledge about the right dosage of medication that is prescribed to the patients.

The Pharmacists also play an integral role when it comes to drug management, setting up health and drug policies, for the selection, acquiring and distribution of essential drugs. Therefore, eligible candidates can undertake this course to be an integral part of the healthcare team. Recently, with the steep increase in the scope of d.pharma courses, there has been a rise in demand for some vital healthcare members who are eligible for leading the necessary supporting services. The main aim of the Pharmacists is to guarantee the entire procedure that is related to the preparation, supply, control of medicines and other associated products. So anyone who has acquired a degree in Pharmacy from any leading Pharmacy Colleges in Pune like DYPU can easily find jobs that are related to regulatory control and drug management, community Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical industry, or hospital Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Career & Job Opportunities

A career in Pharmacy after acquiring the degree from one of the best pharmacy colleges in Pune like DYPU is full of opportunities. Several career options in Pharmaceutical science range from developing new medicines to enhancing the delivery process or investigating crimes to set up regulatory guidance. Apart from this, at present several other career options have opened up for the Pharmaceutical science graduates owing to the exceptional theoretical knowledge and the practical skill that they acquire. All of these make them capable of overcoming several challenges in the industry. students can opt for a two-year D.pharma course or a four-year bachelor of pharmacy course to get started with their career. DY Patil college of pharmacy in Pune offers you the best education and is well known for pharmaceutical education.

Mentioned below are some of the job opportunities that a Pharmacist science graduate can opt for after acquiring the course-

  • Government and Private Hospital Pharmacist-
  • The graduates who have just undergone a Pharmacy degree from DYPU one of the top pharmacy colleges in Pune can get a chance in both private and government hospitals as a Pharmacist. Candidates who have a B.Pharm, M.Pharm or a D.Pharm degree are also considered eligible for this post, and they can draw the highest amount of salary from this job.

  • E-commerce Pharmacist-
  • Internet users have kept increasing day by day in India, and that gave rise to the popularity of online Pharmacy stores like Medlife, Netmed. As these online companies have bloomed rapidly, there has been a rise to the massive demand for the online executive Pharmacist at present to fulfil customer requirements. So such e-commerce Pharmacists gave rise to significant career options for the Pharmacists.

  • Pharmaceutical Pharmacist-
  • Students who have just acquired a degree in Pharmaceutical Science from the best pharmacy colleges in Pune like DYPU can also get a chance to work in any international Pharmaceutical company. But for this, it is incredibly essential to develop some necessary business skills and expertise to be able to work on a global system.

  • Teacher of some reputed Pharma institutes-
  • If you have acquired a degree in Pharmaceutical science and yet you are passionate about teaching, then this is probably the best option. However, for this profession, having an M.Pharm degree is perhaps the best option to be an assistant profession in any private or government Pharmacy college. While to be eligible for becoming a professor, it is essential to have a PhD degree too.

  • Own a Pharmacy shop-
  • Owning a Pharmacy shop is one of the unique options for Pharmacy science graduates, probably because it is a matter of huge investment. Overall owning a Pharmacy shop is a very profitable business provided. But it is incredibly essential to have a drug license, and a trade license to own a Pharmacy shop.

  • Analyzer and tester-
  • After completing graduation in Pharmacy from the most reputed and best pharmacy colleges in Pune like DYPU, they can choose to be an analyzer and tester in any leading Pharmaceutical companies. Well, analysis and testing go hand by hand, but this is an essential part of all the Pharma companies. So the companies mostly seek for highly skilled people who can take care of all the analytical tasks.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Pharmacy Course in Pune, Ambi?

One can find DYPU’s name on the top of the list of pharmacy colleges.To be able to pursue Pharmaceutical science from DY Patil college of pharmacy Pune, which is one among the top 10 pharmacy Colleges in Pune, the student must necessarily have passed 10+2 with science stream. There are a large number of different courses available in Dr. DY Patil University that differ based on course duration, curriculum and opportunities.

If students intend to be a professor, then having an M.Pharm or a PhD is required. In contrast, if they intend to be an owner of the drug store in India, then they will at least need to complete a two-year diploma course in pharmacy. The best part is, students who have pursued a diploma degree course can get a chance to directly join the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

Whereas, students who have a plan to work in some of the leading international Pharmaceutical companies must acquire a four-year degree bachelor course from any top pharmacy colleges in Pune like DYPU. This is because Dr. DY Patil University has a uniquely designed course structure that comprises both academic and practical training sessions so that the students acquire a complete knowledge about the Pharmaceutical industry.

Experienced Faculty

DYPU being the best pharmacy college of Pune, has excellent teaching staff who hold several years of experience as a researcher or a professor in this field. The team of faculty are always dedicated to imparting the best practical and theoretical knowledge to their students. We also organize some particular skill development programs like workshops, seminars and conferences to ensure complete professional development for the students. DYPU also believes in providing the highest grade of education as they handpick the teaching staff based on their highest qualification and experience in the field.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University Considered As The Best University in Pune, Ambi?

Among the many other pharma college options, DYPU is one of the best pharmacy colleges in Pune because we are dedicated to nurturing and developing the ablest graduates in the best environment. Apart from having an impressive campus, the university also has a well-stocked vast library, modern labs that offer the latest technology equipment and classrooms. We leave no stones unturned to nurture dreams. Our only aim is to provide the students with the best career options.