DY Patil School of Management, Pune, Ambi

About School

DY Patil School of Management, Pune, Ambi endeavours to be at the forefront of management and information technology education by providing a transformative educational experience. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are designed to inspire the students and make them ready to take the complex challenges, business practices, economic changes at national and international level.

The educational experience is aimed at equipping students with management and information technology skills. Collaboration with industry, research organizations and world-class universities bring the dynamic curriculum to master the skills and methods. Case-based learning is major pedagogy in the classroom to learn business scenarios. Students are sensitized towards social responsibility and sustainable development goals.

DY Patil Institute of Management, Pune, Ambi runs undergraduate and post-graduate and research programmes namely BBA, MBA and MCA programmes. It is also considered as the best in the list of management colleges in Pune.

If you wish to get admission in the top management institutes in Pune, there would be no better option then DY Patil Management College Pune. The education system, the faculty and the facilities offered to students at DY Patil Management college classifies it as one of the best management colleges in Pune.

Management Programmes

DY Patil College of Management in Pune offers graduate and post graduate programs namely BBA, MBA, MCA and Ph.D. in various branches. Our MBA and MCA programmes are approved by AICTE.

School of Management is a hub for academic experience at university and provides state of the art infrastructure, faculty, latest software and IT research tools

This is one of the colleges that offers various excellent business management courses in Pune.


Three Year Programme

Six Semesters

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



DY Patil Management College Pune aims to be the premier business management school by providing management and information technology education to transform careers and lives by creating next leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Delivering quality and value based education for transformative educational experience
  • Emphasizing the extensive use of case based learning, research based projects and practical approach in teaching
  • Imparting fundamental functional business skills, data analytics and innovation management through the advanced curriculum and practical based learning
  • Introducing innovative methods for developing leadership for managing complex decisions with the help of technology based tools.
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial skills to identify and explore business opportunities
  • Project based learning with the help and monitoring of the industry practitioners
  • Sensitize students to take the social responsibility

Meet The Academic Leader

Prof. Jaykar L. Jadhav

Prof. Jaykar Jadhav held a position of head of department for several years and associated in the field of education with D Y Patil University, Pune over a decade. He has been actively participating in continues learning through National and International conferences, FDPs and MDPs. He has published / presented more than 10 research papers in renowned national / International journals / Conferences.

He has organized a conference, seminar, workshop, guest lectures series and industrial visits to motivate students and Faculties. He has successfully handled several responsibilities in administration and academics committees like IQAC, Examination, Admissions, Disciplinary committee, AICTE, DTE etc.

He believes in student's abilities to learn and inherent thirst for knowledge with the right environment. He is remarkable ability to teach, inspire and develop young people.

Prof Gunwant Rahane

Prof Gunwant Rahane Currently working in the capacity of Head of MCA department at D Y Patil school of Management. Having 11 years of academic and 3 years of industrial experience, valued continuous learning in the field of information technology domains.

Prof. Gunwant Rahane is also a key person in Educational & Career counseling in Pune. He has more than 11 years of experience in academics and closely associates with many recruiting agencies in India, worked with reputed Educational Institutes on various positions

1. Best Teacher Award 2018 Lions club of Poona.
2. Book Published “IT Management and Cyber Laws" for MBA Course Savitribai Phule Pune University
3. Oracle Certified Associate.
4. IBM DB 2 Certified Professional.
5. Google Garage Certified in Digital Marketing.
6. Digital Deepak Certifies in Digital Marketing.

Scope Of Management Career in Coming Years

Management has become one of the very popular professional disciplines for the past couple of years in our country. Management courses are preferred by a lot of students, just like other prominent disciplines such as engineering, medical, commerce, law, and sciences. There is a growing demand for management courses in Pune, and thus it becomes essential to study a management course from one of the best management Schools in Pune like DYPU.

There is a strong demand for highly talented and innovative management professionals in ever-growing businesses and services in various economic sectors.

Moreover, because of the ever-growing and intense competition for management professionals and executives in the business world opens new doors of opportunities and job experiences in various economic sectors in India as well as abroad. Therefore, there is a high demand for prolific and affluent institutions that offer management courses.

Management discipline exclusively deals with efficient and profitable corporate governance, diversification and the desired growth, and the organizational leadership. Every growth-oriented business requires impeccable management in the organization for running it smoothly and steadily. Management executives can serve a company/firm at different levels of management and specialization fields. They can work at entry-level and earn a position at top-management roles. Management is a highly sorted progressive, and well-paying career.

Management Career & Job Opportunities

Management courses are one of the most preferred disciplines in Pune because of several reasons. One of the biggest advantages of studying management courses is the lucrative packages offered by globally-acknowledged firms. Other benefits of pursuing a career in management include – higher payroll than any other discipline, management pupils are mostly offered a good status or rank such as a supervisor or a team leader in an organization.

There are many career opportunities after completing a course in management. There are many departments in each organization, and each department requires different but equally important management roles. Some of these streams that require a management executive are as follows,

  1. Marketing management – This stream mainly focuses on the planning the advertising and public reach strategy for the organization. The key responsibility of this stream is to come up with extraordinary ideas and strategies that will help to create a better public reach of a product while taking in account the budget assigned to them for the marketing. Other roles of marketing management officials include analyzing all the positive and negative reviews received about the organization and the products. They also work towards maintaining a good reputation for the organization.

  2. Finance management – The finance management streams aim to increase the revenue of the organization by managing all the financial assets of the organization. They have the responsibility of making use of all the financial resources available to the organization in the best possible way without compromising on the quality and functional dependencies of the firm.

  3. Production management – The main job of a production manager is to keep an eye on the demand for the utility and to prepare strategies to maintain the production while considering all the factors responsible for the proper development of the commodity. This unit does all the work of planning, organizing and directing the development unit.

  4. Human resource management – This job entails management of all the working employees and hirable manpower for the company. A human resource manager has the responsibility of looking over all the work and responsibilities of every member of the team and fulfilling his or her requirements and creative environment for the employees to increase the efficiency of every employee.

  5. Personnel management – The main emphasis of this section is to manage all the expenses of the organization, the hiring of new employees and to make sure that all the working employees get paid on time.

Other streams or job opportunities in the management sector include office management, inventory management, banking and so on. Due to the diverse options and career possibilities available for managing roles, it attracts a lot of students to choose this stream and set a career. It gives students the opportunity to have the most desirable future by offering them to work with one of the top MNC's and banks in India and abroad and that too at strong positions.

Why Choose DY Patil University To Study Management Course in Pune, Ambi?

There are many management institutes in Pune, but the best reason to choose DY Patil Management College Pune is the following course they offer. The university promotes project-based learning that gives the students a chance to develop several skills that are necessary for managing tasks. Courses are as follows:

1) Programme - Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

It is a 3-years undergraduate course that aims to train and develop management graduates. This programme is designed to provide the management students to develop the executive personality, managerial skills and functional knowledge to work in the industry.

2) Programme - Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

It is a 2-year business management course in Pune, and it aims to develop business acumen, knowledge and competencies in their students to prepare and train them to take managerial and leadership roles in a highly dynamic corporate and global environment.

3) Programme - Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.)

It is a two-year professional degree course in computer sciences offered at Institute and the main focus of this course is on providing a theoretical as well as practical training to the students of Information Technology. If you are looking for one of the best Pune Institute of Management, then DY Patil Management College in Pune is the right choice.

Experienced Faculty

At DYPU one of the top management colleges in Pune , we are extremely proud of our multidisciplinary faculty consisting of various distinguished academic experts, and leading corporate professionals. Their diverse backgrounds and comprehensive industry experiences have helped it to become one of the top management colleges in Pune . They have also guided a lot of students to understand the different facets of the complex business landscape. The whole faculty is not considered expert only in their domains, but they also have very high standards of moral and ethical values and therefore, are the right role models to their students.

The faculty members at our university are actively involved in dialogue with their students; they promote the concept of exchanging ideas with their peers and train them to become successful business leaders in the global community. We believe that the faculty members are the core of our school and hence, we motivate them to learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills with the help of several programs such as Faculty Development Programs, Orientation Programs, and many others. We are proud to say that our faculty members are the best in teaching business management courses in Pune, Ambi.

As of now, several faculty members of our business management colleges in Pune have been bestowed with prestigious teaching awards, highly cited research papers, lifetime achievement awards, and many others.

Why is DY Patil University, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

DY Patil University Group is considered as one of the best management institutes in Pune and is also recognized for its amazing infrastructure, large campuses, world-class stadium and sports culture. DY Patil University’s campus has a modern structure, comfortable academic spaces which includes a library, studio, labs, workshops, and amphitheatres. Other amenities available at DY Patil University, Pune, Ambi are clean and hygienic canteen, guesthouse, student accommodation for girls and boys and Wi-Fi services throughout the campus.

1) Student Clubs

DY Patil University allows their students at campus space to pursue their passions through various student clubs such as the film club, the photography club, the sports club, the music club, the art club, the theatre club and many more.

2) Student Council

DY Patil University has an elected student council which plays an important role in all the academic and disciplinary proceedings. They are the representatives of the whole student community on the campus, and they address the problems of students to the administration. The student council has several committees such as the cultural committee, the student welfare committee, the sports committee and the youth leadership committee.

3) Infrastructure

The campus of DY Patil University is amidst nature with flora and fauna. This makes the campus a healthy, pleasant, and calm environment. Infrastructure has a modern design which makes the campus scenic and beautiful with quietness.

4) Computer Labs

The computer Labs at DY Patil University in Pune, Ambi is fully equipped with the latest software. It has more than 100 computers with the latest configuration. The labs are facilitated with an internet connection with a speed of 100 MBPS. The LCD projectors and printers are also made available for students and faculty.


Guruprasad Rao

I am immensely indebted to DY Patil University, one of the best management institutes in Pune, for giving me an opportunity to study under the accomplished faculty there. The guidance that I received there changed my life.

Mandakini Karanth

Being a part of DY Patil Pune institute of management has been astounding. I am grateful towards the college for providing me a platform to improve my skills. Thanks to the efforts of the faculty, I was able to achieve that success I always dreamed about, and in no time. DY Patil is one of the best management colleges in Pune, especially if you want to succeed as a management professional.

Roopa Praveen

My father owns a business that he had been trying to expand. Being the only child, I took it upon me to ensure that his business flourishes. DY Patil Pune institute of management helped me make his dream come true. Being one of the top management colleges in Pune that moulds you into a professional, the faculty here guided me on the right path that helped me with my father’s business.

Coral Mendonca

I worked for a year post graduation. The opportunities that were offered were unfulfilling and I started looking for admission at management institutes in Pune that also offered excellent placements. My efforts paid off and I was offered a senior position at a renowned automobile company.

Raman Singh Verma

If you are looking for one of the top management colleges in Pune, DY Patil University must be your first choice. My experience here was great as it prepared me for everything. DY Patil Pune institute of management helped to fill in all the gaps that come between ‘jumping from a management college into the corporate world’.

Sunidhi Patel

My brother and I decided to go to college together. Being twins, we wanted to be together, but since I was engaged to be married, I couldn’t go abroad with him. I joined DY Patil Institute of Management Pune which is close to my in-law’s place. I am deeply indebted to the professors at the college for moulding me to be who I am today. DY Patil Management College Pune is the reason I am a successful entrepreneur today!

Sounya Badra

I wanted to pursue higher education but to my displeasure, I didn’t belong to a wealthy family. After a lot of persuasion, my father agreed to send me to Pune to work and support the family. I applied to DY Patil College of Management Pune without informing my parents and pursued my education. My professors were very understanding of my situation. I worked part time and successfully completed my Masters in Business Administration. Thanks to campus recruitment at the college, I bagged a good opportunity that is helping my family educate my siblings. It didn’t come as a surprise to me when my sister decided to join DY Patil Institute of Management Pune last year.

Praveen Bhatt

I went to DY Patil School of Management Pune to study Finance. I specialized in Marketing and Finance. Thanks to campus recruitment, I got a good job and I am working as a Manager at a private bank now.

Ishani Sharan

Dreams do come true. I wanted to study Human Resource at DY Patil College of Management Pune and I did! I had heard a lot of good things about the college and wanted to be a part of it ever since my sister went there. The professors were excellent, the infrastructure is great and the college gives you the best experience. DY Patil Management College Pune, you rock!

Ruksana M

If you want to study while you are working, you must go to DY Patil Management College Pune. The teachers are very understanding to personal situations and support you completely. I will always recommend the college for higher studies.