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Dr. DY Patil International University, Pune, has been making a plethora of unique and groundbreaking changes in the fields of education, sports, curriculum and healthcare. The most fundamental milestone of the university is to achieve excellence in providing quality based education to students all over the world. It has been 17 years since DYPU has earned its name as one of the top colleges in pune, proposing out of the box creativity and incredible growth and success opportunities for many young individuals. Each year, the university emerges higher than ever. It has succeeded in becoming a vital source of inspiration for all the young minds to aim and dream bigger and then, turning their dreams and fantasies into a big reality. DY Patil Pune university is known as one of the best universities in Pune.

DYPU follows a vision of transforming India by preparing the youth for this competitive world not just to sustain but conquer. We make pioneers for a better tomorrow to shine at global platforms in the fields of education, healthcare and sports. The students of DYP Pune are regarded as beacon beavers of the society who are ready to change the present into a better future filled with passion, dedication, compassion and willpower. The vision and mission of DYP university Pune is clearly reflected in all efforts put forth by facility and administration for student development.

Since 1983, DYPU has been one of the most highly distinguished and leading institutions among the top universities in India. It was established under the Government of Maharashtra Act No. VI of 2019 and is recognised by UGC, New Delhi, India. Dr. DY Patil is the founder of DYPU who is a Padmashree recipient and has served the nation as the former Governor of Bihar, Tripura and West Bengal. The university is a shining beacon and stands out to be the best university in Pune because of the extreme excellence and dedication it shows to serving the young minds. Dr. DY Patil is a name that shines like a diamond for his vision, passion, wisdom and generosity for setting up the norms to impart higher education and learning in the best possible way.
If you are looking for a good college in Pune or the best college in Pune, then Dr. DY Patil should be on top of your list. Dr. DY Patil College is well known for quality education as well as all cultural facilities and hence it is rated as the best college in Pune.

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Degree Programme:DY Patil Pune Ambi is an institution which holds prestige, integrity and sophistication in high regards.

(Approved by AICTE)

DPU Pune University offers Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, Management and Hospitality & Tourism programme as per the guideline of UGC and AICTE, specially Choice Based Credit System with wide variety of electives in the new areas like BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning, Business Analytics and many more. Dr. DY Patil is one of the top universities in Pune which offers all such different courses.

DYPU Academics

Technology based education combined with experiential learning: Industry Internship, Projects; Rural, National and International Experience; Industry Interaction, seminars, conferences and online certifications from world class universities.

Entrepreneurship Education

Creating your own company, Entrepreneurial Development Programme in association with the Department of Science & Technology (DST) will help you thrive. Our Entrepreneurship Trainer Motivator will help you to motivate, develop and help to create venture.


DPU Pune University is spread over 40 acres and provides state-of-the-art amenities including indoor sports and cricket stadium. Campus has accommodation facility, ATM, Canteen, Transport and Cafe. All these amenities make Dr. DY Patil as the top university in Pune. DY Patil Pune campus is a lush and fun spirited centre of learning.

Admission Process

Admission process at every school considers your academic background and eligibility criteria as per the Govt. of Maharashtra/AICTE/UGC Guidelines as well as your pursuits and interests. Students feel privileged to get admission in Dr. DY Patil, one of the best colleges in Pune.

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Our Core Values


Defying myth that education is a privilege, DY Patil Pune University is always one step ahead with its initiatives of making education affordable for all.


Blending the educational circumstances and environment which principled to promote dignified behaviour towards every community irrespective of country or state. DY Patil Pune campus does not differentiate amongst its students nor encourages differentiation.


DY Patil is a university without barriers. Each and every prospective student irrespective of background or abilities is welcome to pursue knowledge in our campus.


Educational initiatives at DY Patil Pune Ambi are the flag bearers of knowledge and skills which are necessary to accomplish career goals, literacy advancements, leadership services and community-driven forces for the country. DY Patil Pune ensures that every activity is quality at par and strengthens the daily effects of the structural delivery of the curriculum as well as day-to-day operations.


DY Patil Pune holds the integrity of educational platforms close to it. All practices are honest, fair and objective to imparting quality education. Be it teachers or stakeholders or students, and every aspect is governed legally as per university norms.


DY Patil Pune is the educational haven which is safe from all prejudices of the society and judgments. We strive to make our campus healthy in terms of influences to nurture the young impressionable minds.


Pankaj Jha

School of Management

A great atmosphere between teachers, students and class partners. Dr. DY Patil College Pune, Ambi has given me a lot of opportunities to groom myself and compete in the corporate world. In short, it is an ocean of knowledge.” My doubts & queries are always welcomed by the lecturers, sometimes leading to healthy discussion which motivated me to develop myself. DYP Pune, one of the top colleges in Pune, helped me in nurturing my talent in various ways. It was a unique experience. Right from the directors to staff members to the faculty members all are very helpful and they brought out the best in me. "I am proud that I was one of the students of the best college in Pune Family. DPU University Pune helped me realize my dreams and made me what I am today.

Rutuja Gange

School of Pharmacy

One of the best infrastructure I can get in this university. It has well equipped facilities for students whether it be for studying or hangout. It is the most beautiful campus. Classrooms and labs are fully equipped. Dr. DY Patil College Pune arranges many cultural and sports events for students as it is like some big carnival. I am enjoying my student Life.

Vidhan Goel

School of Architecture

Dr. DY Patil College Pune, Ambi played a pivotal role in shaping my personality and professional life. The 5-year journey was full of challenges and overcoming these challenges. DYPUSOA's environment and faculty were extremely instrumental in preparing me to successfully overcome these challenges and hone my capabilities to realize my true potential. All the curricular and co-curricular activities were planned and managed to complement each other and optimize fun and learning. Vertical Studio, Workshops, Professional Practice & Training, was taught and managed very effectively to match our interests and skills to appropriate architectural firms and offices. This along with specialized electives on our resume has opened several opportunities for us, from post-graduation to working abroad, nothing seems impossible!

Rashmi Gaikwad

School of Engineering & Technology

My Experience at DYPU, one of the top colleges in Pune, was fantastic and it helped me to develop a strong foundation for my future endeavours. Faculty encourages students for more experiments rather than just stressing on classroom teaching. Apart from rigorous academics, workshops numerous guest lectures conducted for us gave a deeper understanding for our technical and non-technical elevation. All this contributed a sense of self-discipline and developed a 360-degree approach to problem solving among us. The training and placement department did the best job. I am very grateful to the university for providing us the best of placement opportunities and finally I got placed in LTI India.

Upendra Saharkar

School Of Engineering

DY Patil Pune Ambi, University is one of the leading University located in the industrial hub of Talegaon MIDC, Pune which provides value based education, world class infrastructure, lush green campus, well equipped laboratories, sports facilities. multi cuisine canteen, well furnished hostel facility etc. DY Patil Pune campus is very beautiful, Teaching and learning process is very good.

Chirag Kalgude

School Of Architecture

At DY Patil Pune Ambi, I am feeling too much better because i am the small part of DY Patil Pune Campus, really too much happiness here. as per my prediction Infrastructure, Gardens, teaching and quality education is the plus points of this campus. i am proudly spiking i am the employee of this institute. really i loved my Campus.

Shubhendu Das

School Of Design

Dr DY Patil University Pune is a Green Campus Equipped with all the Facilities for the Students. Especially Dr DY Patil College Pune is the Best Amongst all the College's in Pune. Nice campus and the new cafeteria is pretty good too there's an ATM inside the campus too.

Chinmay Balutkar

School Of Hospitality

One of the good colleges in Pune and infrastructure to do technical education, lot of scope to enjoy college life by bunking classes. Nice campus, if one wants to get a good education then he should join this DPU Pune.

Sagar Suvarnakar

School Of Engineering

DY Pune University is a one of the top universities in Pune Area. Three Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic College, Agriculture College, Architecture College Hostels, Stadium and more at single place. Talegaon is the nearest railway station from there you can easily get private vehicles to reach to the DY Patil Pune campus.

Amol Pawar

School Of Management

DPU Pune is one the best colleges in Pune which I feel because of my experience here. I Have been learning here overall infrastructure is well & quality education is provided........!Would recommend to anyone looking for the top colleges in Pune.

Ravindra Patel

School Of Agriculture

DPU University Pune is good ,lots of opportunities here ,High qualified staff, supportive staff, students, management, environment, if you are comparing with other best collages in Pune area or I can say in India then definitely I am suggesting you DY Pune University.

Jammy Fokes

School Of Engineering

DY Patil International University Pune is very good in its infrastructure and various curriculum events. I opted for this college in my preference because of its educational skills, campus placement and its awesome location and infrastructure. This college also support students for their personal development by organising various events and allowing them to be a part of it which is really needed in todays life. DY Patil college Pune courses offer you various opportunities in your life.

Why Study At DYPU Pune?

Dr. DY Patil University, Pune is a highly recognised, accredited and student-centred university whose main motive is to empower the students to succeed in their respective fields. At DYPU Pune, we offer a student-learning and nurturing environment to the students to make them shine in their professional as well as personal lives. We take immense pride in our dedicated faculty that harvest healthy relationships with our students and act as guidance and helping hands to assist them throughout. At Dr. DY Patil University, Pune, the Faculty, Staff members, Industry Practitioners and Researchers work day and night to propose quality and value-based education for the youth. The university is a perfect blend of different communities and cultures that incorporates a healthy and diverse learning environment for the students for their overall growth and development.

Dr. DY Patil University, Pune, designated as one of the top universities in Pune runs with an ultimate motto and belief which is to unlock numerous opportunities for students and candidates, regardless of any ethnicity, economic status, caste, race or any native language. The primary goal of DPU Pune is to provide quality and affordable education to every individual so that aspirants can succeed in their desired domains and areas. The degrees and certificate programs that are provided at Dr. DY Patil University, Pune is combined with in-class and off-class pieces of training to make the students thorough with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The university also provides career counselling at the time of admission so that students can focus on the best areas and options designed for them. We make sure to have a low student/teacher ratio so that every individual can feel confident and welcoming while joining the college and where no one is left behind. The faculty at DPU Pune University makes sure to foster healthy personal relationships with the students so that students can make progress and go beyond the classroom lectures and training. DYPU is entirely devoted and committed to setting up a pedestal for young minds to ensure success and prosperity in their lives and the exposure to outstanding opportunities to students for excellent learning and education.
The faculty, amenities, campus, education system makes Dr. DY Patil as the best university in Pune.

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