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The School of Management strives to be a leader in management and information technology education by offering transformative educational experiences. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs are crafted to inspire students and prepare them to address complex challenges, business practices, and economic shifts at both national and international levels.
The educational experience is designed to equip students with essential management and information technology skills. Collaboration with industry, research organizations, and world-class universities ensures a dynamic curriculum that helps students master practical skills and methodologies. Case-based learning is a primary pedagogical tool in the classroom, fostering an understanding of real-world business scenarios. Additionally, students are encouraged to develop a sense of social responsibility and to align with sustainable development goals. The School of Management offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs, including BBA, MBA, and MCA.


The School of Management at DY Patil University Pune aspires to be the leading business management school by offering premier education in management and information technology. The vision encompasses transforming careers and lives by fostering the next generation of leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

  • Delivering quality and value-based education for a transformative educational experience.
  • Emphasizing extensive use of case-based learning, research-based projects, and practical teaching approaches.
  • Imparting fundamental business skills, data analytics, and innovation management via an advanced curriculum and practical-based learning.
  • Introducing innovative methods for leadership development in complex decision-making, supported by technology-based tools.
  • Inculcating entrepreneurial skills to identify and explore business opportunities through project-based learning and industry practitioner guidance.

These values guide our actions, shape our community, and define our commitment to excellence in design education and practice.

Programs Offered

Discover a range of programs at DYPU designed to foster critical thinking, technical acumen, and innovative problem-solving. Our courses, taught by industry experts, ensure you're not just ready for your next academic step, but for a lifetime of professional success.

Our Facutly

Our faculty at DY Patil University's School of Management is a blend of academic excellence and real-world experience, ensuring a robust and practical learning environment for our students. From industry veterans to research scholars, our educators bring a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and leadership skills to the classroom.

Prof. Col. Sunil Bhosale, SM

Director Startegy

Prof. Dr. Pranav Ranjan

Head of Institute (HOI)

Prof. Dr. Anup Shivanechari

Head BCA & MCA

Prof. Dr. Saylee Karande


Prof. Dr. Ashish A. Kulkarni


Dr. Pradeep Sonar


Prof. Dr. Rohan Das

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Sachin Trambak Mahale

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Sunita P. Lokare

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Jaykar Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Amit A. Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vaishali Joshi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sagar Vijay Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vinod Charawande

Assistant Professor

Prof. Naveen Pandey

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vishal V. Chavan

Assistant Professor

Prof. Revan Kalekar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Anuradha Sonwane

Assistant Professor

Ms. Renuka Kulkarni

Program Coordinator

Student Stories

Studying at DY Patil University Pune Ambi was a transformative experience. The Management program offered a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, preparing me for the dynamic corporate world. READ MORE

Harshwardhan Jadhav, 2nd Year MBA, SOM

Choosing DY Patil University Pune Ambi for my Management studies was one of the best decisions I made. The comprehensive curriculum, industry-relevant projects, and experiential learning opportunities provided me with the skills and confidence to excel in my career ... READ MORE

Akash Ambre, 1st Year BBA, SOM