Dr. DY Patil School of Management, Pimpri, Pune

About School

DY Patil is one of the top education institutes in India. DYPU was established in 1983 with the sole aim of helping students become better educated. DY Patil Institute of Management in Pimpri, Pune is recognized by UGC, New Delhi, and it falls under the Government of Maharashtra Act Number VI of 2019. As of now, DYPU has over 12 campuses located all across India.

At DY Patil Institute of Management in Pimpri, Pune, students can either opt for both undergraduate and postgraduate management courses. All educational programmes are designed in a manner that they provide students with the right mix of practical and theoretical learning.

At DYPU, we have some of the best faculty members in the entire country. All faculty members make sure that learning in management courses is a smooth experience for students. Learning at DY Patil University is filled with situations where students have to overcome various complex challenges, practical application, business practices, and a number of social challenges that are relevant on both the national and international level.

This type of educational approach helps students to become better thinkers, problem solvers, decision-makers, and successful human beings who are able to not just get a good future for themselves but are able to help others achieve the same.

Management Programmes

DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Pimpri offers graduate and post graduate programs, namely BBA, MBA, MCA and PhD in various branches. Our MBA and MCA programmes are approved by AICTE.

School of Management is a hub for academic experience at university and provides state of the art infrastructure, faculty, latest software and IT research tools.


Three Year Programme

Six Semesters

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



School of management aims to be the premier business management school by providing management and information technology education to transform careers and lives by creating next leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Delivering quality and value based education for transformative educational experience
  • Emphasizing the extensive use of case based learning, research based projects and practical approach in teaching
  • Imparting fundamental functional business skills, data analytics and innovation management through the advanced curriculum and practical based learning
  • Introducing innovative methods for developing leadership for managing complex decisions with the help of technology based tools.
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial skills to identify and explore business opportunities
  • Project based learning with the help and monitoring of the industry practitioners
  • Sensitize students to take the social responsibility

Meet The Academic Leader

Prof. Dr. Varsha Bihade

Prof. Dr. Varsha Bihade is an academician with Ph.D. in Marketing from RTM Nagpur University and MBA (Marketing and HR). She is having 17 years of experience and worked in the capacity of Director and Professor for several years. She has successfully handled several responsibilities in Administration and Academics and also actively participated in NAAC and IQAC work.

She has published 12 research papers in national and international journals and also authored a book. She was associate Editor for In-house Management Journal. She also conducts training programmes in industry.

In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on committees like Examination, Admissions, Anti ragging committee, Disciplinary committee etc., She has organized seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures of industry delegates for students. Her Passion and dedication towards development of students motivates both colleagues and students to give their best and endeavor brilliance in their field.

Scope Of Management Career in Coming Years

Management is one of the most popular fields in India. This boost in the popularity of management courses has been because of the increase in the number of career opportunities in this field. All organizations, irrespective of their size, are looking to hire management experts who are talented, innovative, hard-working, and passionate about their field and can help in managing and growing a business.

Management experts do not just fetch an incredibly impressive salary package, but they also have a lot of influence on the progress of the company and the economic sector. And if you are a student who is also interested in becoming a management specialist, then the first thing that you need to know is that your degree should prepare you for the professional world out there. If you are looking for an educational institute that can help you do that, then the best possible option for you is DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Pimpri, Pune.

Management Career & Job Opportunities

After IT professionals, the management sector is the second largest sector in which individuals from all across the globe are employed. This goes to show the importance that this sector holds in the world of business. Further, the average salary of a management expert is substantially higher than the salaries of professionals in almost any other fields. Management experts also hold a team leader or supervisor position in an organization.

These are some of the reasons why one might want to become a management professional. However, before getting into this field, a student should also be aware of the various domains in which management professionals work. Some of those domains are mentioned below.

  1. Marketing Management - As the name indicates, marketing management is a type of management that mainly deals with planning advertising and public reach strategy for an organization. The job of a marketing manager consists of creating strategies to increase the reach of a product while keeping the budget in mind. Marketing managers also have to analyze positive and negative reviews that the organization receives from its customers. Changes can be made on the basis of these reviews. This helps in maintaining the reputation of the organization.
  2. Finance Management - An expert in finance management mainly manages all financial assets of an organization. This is done to increase the total revenue generated by an organization. The main idea behind this type of management is to create high-quality products and services while using the financial assets of the organization effectively.
  3. Production Management - Production management is also known as operation management. This job profile requires an individual to manage the maintenance of all resources and keep a close watch on the entire production procedure. A production manager should be able to understand the demand for a product, control the manufacturing process, and direct everybody in the development unit.
  4. Human Resource Management - The main task of a human resource management expert is to manage all the employees of an organization and hire manpower for the company. Human resource managers are often working with the entire team at the same time, and they also have to keep track of the job requirements of the team members. It is also the job of a human resource manager to create an efficient work environment that can increase the efficiency of all employees.
  5. Personnel Management - Personnel management is a branch of management that mainly deals with maintaining the employees and the work that they do in an organization. This field takes up an administrative point of view and works with the main idea of managing the expenses, hiring, and payments.
  6. Office Management - Office management is a field in which the job of a professional is to manage and administer all the tasks that have to be completed within an organization. The job profile of an office manager includes all administrative tasks and roles. Office managers also need to work on work division and service management of all employees. The performance of the entire office depends on the efficiency of the office manager.

Apart from these branches of management, inventory and banking management are also exciting fields that one can get into. Because of these reasons, students are often attracted to a career in the management sector. And if a student is looking to get a professional management degree, then he or she should get it from DY Patil Management and Research Institute in Pimpri, Pune.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Management Course in Pimpri, Pune?

At DY Patil Management and Research Institute in Pimpri, Pune, students can mainly choose to pursue three different courses, including BBA, MBA, and MCA. BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a course of three years duration. This course prepares students who wish to get into the management field at the undergraduate level. Students can specialize in this programme in finance, marketing, HR, IB, and hospitality and facilities studies.

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a course of two years duration. This course helps students to take their managerial competencies further and prepares them for leadership roles in highly dynamic and complex corporate and global environments. Some specializations are also offered in this course.

Masters of Computer Application (MCA) is a popular course in the computer science field. In this course, students are provided with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Experienced Faculty

At DY Patil Management and Research Institute in Pimpri, Pune, we have a multidisciplinary faculty that comes from all backgrounds, including academic and large corporates. This is a huge benefit for students as it helps them gain a wide variety of knowledge and have a better understanding of where they would like to practice their hard-earned management skills.

We at DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Pimpri, Pune, understand that it is essential for students to not just develop skills but also how to apply those skills in the real-world setting. This is why students are consistently provided with new challenges and complex situations that they have to solve as part of the curriculum.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Pimpri, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

Every single year, thousands of students try to get into the DY Patil Management and Research Institute in Pimpri, Pune. This is not just because of the high-quality education offered in this institute, but it also because of the beautiful buildings, large campuses, and world-class infrastructure that students get to engage in.

At DY Patil Management and Research Institute in Pimpri, Pune, we offer students a wide range of extra-curricular features. Some of those features are:

  • Student Clubs - We are focused on the holistic development of all our students. And this is why we actively encourage students to pursue their passions beyond academics. There are many active student clubs in the institute, including theatre, storytelling, book reading, singing, film, dance, and photography.
  • Student Council - At the University, students can elect student council members who can contribute to the academic and disciplinary proceedings. Some committees that students can participate in include sports, cultural, student welfare, and youth leadership development committee.

Apart from all of this, students can access computer labs, libraries, and WiFi across the entire campus. There are also studios, labs, workshops, and amphitheatres for students to let their creativity flow. All of these amenities are situated in between lush greeneries and a very healthy environment.