Dr. DY Patil School of Management, Akurdi, Pune

About School

DY Patil University is now one of the best education institutions in India that was established back in 1983. Later on, under the Government of Maharashtra Act Number VI of 2019 the DYPU was acknowledged by the UGC, Delhi, India.

The DYPU University thrives on providing the supreme quality education in India owing to which the University has endured an exponential growth in all the domains including Medical, Science, Engineering, Management, Architecture and a lot more. This ultimately resulted in 12 campuses across India that comprise of 5 Universities and approximately 150 institutes; all aimed to provide the best quality education. Among all the other courses, the Management course is high in demand owing to the growing popularity of professional courses. The DYPU offers a wide range of Graduate and PG programs like BBA, MBA, MCA that are approved by AICTE. There is no doubt that DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Akurdi, Pune provides the best infrastructure, faculty and all the other necessary facilities that make it the best hub for accomplishing Management courses.

Management Programmes

School of Management offers graduate and post graduate programs namely BBA, MBA, MCA and PhD in various branches. Our MBA and MCA programmes are approved by AICTE.

School of Management is a hub for academic experience at university and provides state of the art infrastructure, faculty, latest software and IT research tools. So if you want to experience the best educational experience, then DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Akurdi, Pune will be the best option.


Three Year Programme

Six Semesters

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



Two Year Programme

Four Semester

Choice Based Credit System



School of management aims to be the premier business management school by providing management and information technology education to transform careers and lives by creating next leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Delivering quality and value based education for transformative educational experience
  • Emphasizing the extensive use of case based learning, research based projects and practical approach in teaching
  • Imparting fundamental functional business skills, data analytics and innovation management through the advanced curriculum and practical based learning
  • Introducing innovative methods for developing leadership for managing complex decisions with the help of technology based tools.
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial skills to identify and explore business opportunities
  • Project based learning with the help and monitoring of the industry practitioners
  • Sensitize students to take the social responsibility

Meet The Academic Leader

Prof. Dr. Varsha Bihade

Prof. Dr. Varsha Bihade is an academician with Ph.D. in Marketing from RTM Nagpur University and MBA (Marketing and HR). She is having 17 years of experience and worked in the capacity of Director and Professor for several years. She has successfully handled several responsibilities in Administration and Academics and also actively participated in NAAC and IQAC work.

She has published 12 research papers in national and international journals and also authored a book. She was associate Editor for In-house Management Journal. She also conducts training programmes in industry.

In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on committees like Examination, Admissions, Anti ragging committee, Disciplinary committee etc., She has organized seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures of industry delegates for students. Her Passion and dedication towards development of students motivates both colleagues and students to give their best and endeavor brilliance in their field.

Scope Of Management Career in Coming Years

For the last few years, just like other disciplines like Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Law, Science, Management courses also flourished. Recently, a steep rise in demand for management courses has been marked due to the ever-growing businesses and services in every sector. The more the rate of competition around the world, the higher is the requirement of highly skilled management professionals and executives in several economic areas in India and other countries. All of these determinants have contributed to the fact that management courses are at present among the popular and highly pursued professional courses in DY Patil Institute of Management and Research in Akurdi, Pune.

Management courses can find themselves everywhere as it covers a wide range of skills and attributes. This course mostly revolves around offering management and leadership skills along with other characteristics so that it adds value to the business. Management courses can be pursued by students of any technical or non-technical background and get absorbed by some of the esteemed companies around the world. It is only DY Patil Institute of Management in Akurdi, Pune, which assures a bright future in the concerned domain.

Management Career & Job Opportunities

Management sectors are flourishing all around the world at a rapid rate. In fact, after the IT professionals, the management professionals are the most required in all the departmental sections. Apart from this, the payroll of a management professional is usually the highest among any other professionals from any other sector.

So it is always highly recommendable to pursue this degree from the best university that will be able to provide the highest quality of education. In DY Patil Institute of Management in Akurdi, Pune you can avail the top-notch quality education that can help you pursue the following options as a career-

  1. Marketing Management - This management course is related to mapping an advertisement strategy to increase the public reach of a company without affecting the total allotted budget. They are also responsible for verifying the reviews and overall reputation about the concerning product or service of the company.

  2. Finance Management - As the name goes; Finance Management is about managing the total finance of an organization by reducing the expenditures and increasing the profit without even hampering the quality of the product or service. If you wish to opt for the best Financial Management course from the best university then DYPIMS Akurdi, Pune is the best choice.

  3. Production Management - The Production Management is regarding planning, organizing and directing the entire developmental part of a company. This job mainly includes marking all the requirements and then providing all the necessities to the production unit after analyzing the total demand in the market.

  4. Human Resource Management - One of the most popular management courses of DY Patil Management and Research Akurdi University, is the HR Management course. This is an exciting course that involves managing the responsibilities of the existing members of a team and also interviewing the most eligible candidates.

  5. Personnel Management - Personnel Management and HR Management may sound almost the same, but this mostly involves managing the total work power of the organization. Their responsibility includes managing the total expenses of the company, hiring the most suitable candidates and paying the employees on time.

  6. Office Management - Office Management is a considerable responsibility that entails managing all the administrative tasks in an organization and managing the service selection of all the employees. The overall performance of the entire office depends on the office management team.

  7. Inventory Management - Inventory Management is about maintaining and managing the total stock of all the goods for a company. They are also responsible for evaluating the market demand and then fulfilling the requirements so that the market requirement is met.

  8. Banking Management - This course is related to having a vast knowledge of things related to banking and commerce like taxation, capital investment, fund management, seed funding, venture capitalism and a lot more. The main idea of banking management is to create the best strategy for the organization that can facilitate a lump-sum profit.

Hence, no doubt pursuing management courses can open up a vast prospect and a guaranteed placement in some of the world’s best MNC’s and banks.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Management Course in Akurdi, Pune?

If you wish to pursue AICTE recognized management courses from the best-reputed university in India, then DY Patil Management and Research Akurdi, University is the best option. The university promotes project-based learning that gives the students a chance to develop several skills that are necessary for managing tasks. The DYPU Management courses offer the following courses-

BBA - This is a graduate degree of three years, all divided into six semesters. The course involves Marketing, Financial, HR, International Business and Hospitality & Facility like specialized management courses.

MBA - This is a two-year post-graduation course that is divided into four semesters. Marketing, Financial, HR, International Business and Operation management like specialized courses, are available.

MCA - MCA is again a PG, two-year course that consists of four semesters and includes six very crucial specializations like Programming Language, Database Management, Mathematics, Operating Systems, Big Data, R, Python and SQL courses.

Experienced Faculty

The DYPU promotes the best group of faculty who can help to provide comprehensive guidance to the students at every step. The most eligible and experienced teaching staffs are employed so that the students gain knowledge and develop skills to excel in the future.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Akurdi, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

Most students prefer the DY Patil Institute of Management Studies in Akurdi, as it is one of the best universities in India. Several factors make DYPU stand out more than any other university in India. Some of them are as follows-

  • Campus - The university provides large spacious campuses, stadiums and all the other modern academic areas like library, studio, labs, workshops and even theatres. In addition to this, there are also fully furnished student accommodations, canteens, guesthouses and free Wifi within the campus.
  • Infrastructure - DY Patil Institute of Management Studies in Akurdi, Pune has the best infrastructure that is aided with all the modern technology and equipment. Moreover, the location and serenity of the campus make the University even more remarkable among the other universities.
  • Computer Labs - If you want to experience the state-of-the-art amenities in a computer lab and work with all the latest technologies, then DY Patil Institute of Management Studies in Akurdi, Pune is the only option. Here the computer labs are facilitated with high-speed internet, LCD projectors, printers and every possible thing that can help a student.