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Student Stories

My experience at D Y Patil School of Design Ambi Pune has been nothing short of transformative as an aspirant student studying interior design. My journey of learning and development has been extraordinary.

Sumedha Divate

As a student at the School of Design, I embarked on an exhilarating journey characterized by endless creativity, profound learning experiences, and significant personal development..

Saswati Sil

As a product design student at DY Patil University, Ambi Pune, I've had an enriching four-year journey. Working on my projects has been an enriching experience, giving me hands-on exposure to real-world challenges and solutions. .

Tushar Gupta

DYP School of Design has been instrumental in fostering an environment where self-development is encouraged, empowering us as final-year students to take charge of our growth.

Amaan Mukadam

"During my tenure at the School of Design, I've found continual inspiration in the unwavering dedication of the faculty to cultivate innovation and excellence. Their profound expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced resources, offered me an ideal setting to delve into and enhance my design aptitude

Shagun Lakhotia