Dr. DY Patil School of Architecture, Pimpri, Pune

About School:

DY Patil University was founded in the year 1983 as one of the distinguished Universities in India. The University covers the dominating realms of education that includes Engineering, Management, Design, Agriculture, and different other courses.

DY Patil University within the last few years has shown exponential growth in diverse disciplines of education, viz Agriculture, Medical, Engineering, Management, Design, etc., ultimately giving rise to more than 150 institutes in India. Our University, with more than 13 years of experience, is dedicated to providing the highest standard of education to the students.

DYPU being one of the best architecture colleges in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, is equipped with all the modern infrastructure and amenities that expedite students to comprehend their career. The interpersonal relationships between students and faculty in our college are encouraged throughout the course to ensure the best training.

The University comprises a committed team of faculty members, guest lectures, experts and fully equipped workshops that engage our students with some productive tasks to assure their overall academic growth and development. The University is located in the most accessible location. The campus is facilitated with CCTV surveillance bus service that provides a pickup and drop service for students to ensure the safety and security of the students.

Architecture Programmes

School of Architecture offers graduate and post-graduate programmes, namely B. Arch., and M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture). The Council approves these programmes of Architecture, New Delhi. School of Architecture has woven academic rigour with hands-on industry experiences through in-house and professional lectures, seminars, colloquiums, workshops, site visits, and study tours. DYPU being one of the best architecture colleges in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, is designed to explore the new challenges very efficiently. The students are encouraged to push the envelope of conventional thinking, stretch their imagination to realize and own their full creative potential.

B. Arch.
Five Year Programme
Ten Semesters
Choice Based Credit System

M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
Two Year Programme
Four Semesters
Choice Based Credit System


We aim to be one of the leading schools known for its architectural studies and to contribute towards the transformation of human life, understanding contemporary design culture and to protect the environment through various programmes, research studies and collaboration with professionals and stakeholders.


  • Provide quality and value based education that transform the students through the academic rigor and vibrant culture.
  • Fostering sensitivity and appreciation in the curriculum that focuses on built environment, learning physical and visual designs, focusing on building social inclusiveness and dealing with the climate and environmental challenges.
  • Offering a diverse and cross-disciplinary approach in fields of Ecology, Technology, Planning, Management and Construction.
  • Focus on the relationship between History, Culture, Behavioral science, Technology, Exploring future of practices in design, Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Expand external partnerships, through collaboration with Professional organizations for the knowledge, exchange of ideas and joint projects.
  • Engaging adjacent discipline through innovation, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Incorporate importance of community service thus contributing towards social responsibility.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. Uma Jadhav

Dr. Uma Jadhav has more than 21 years of prolific professional as well as academic experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016 – SPPU) in Sustainable Rural Development and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (2000 - CEPT). Before solely dedicating herself to academics, she was a principal architect/consultant at Ar. Uma Jadhao & Associates where she successfully handled panoply of architectural and urban planning projects and was registered as the member of an empowered Panel of Valuers with many reputed banks like IDBI, AXIS, UTI, DCB Bank, Fullerton Co. Ltd., etc. She was also a part of an interdisciplinary team of the Architecture department of ‘Perth and Kinross Council, Perth’ in the United Kingdom, for almost two years.

She has authored and presented a number of Research Papers in international conferences. Her experience and expertise are regularly summoned as a resource person and panel member on various academic selections committees. She is actively associated as a resource person on the Panel of the Ph.D. Research Centre of Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture, Pune. She has also worked as Assistant CAP Director for B. Arch CAP of SPPU, Pune from 2012-2014. In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on a number of administrative committees like Infrastructure, Academic Audit, Disciplinary Committee, Women’s Grievance, Admission committee, Examination, etc.

She has been instrumental in architecting innovative teaching-learning modules to deliver subjects knowledge through unconventional teaching pedagogy; this includes Vertical Studios, Saturday Events, Annual Exhibitions, Expert Talks, etc. to encourage students to enhance their lateral, critical, and analytical thinking abilities with a focus on entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills. She strongly believes that architecture touches the lives of individuals and society alike, and hence should be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

With her extensive experience and passion for academics, she joined D Y Patil University's School of Architecture in its formative years and is an incumbent Principal. She continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of DYPUSOA and deserves credit for its stellar rise in the architectural fraternity.

Scope Of Architecture Career in Coming Years

Pursuing Architecture as a career is one of the most exciting things as it involves nurturing innovative ideas by perfectly blending art, culture, human behaviour, science and even technology. This particular domain opens up several opportunities for the students owing to the increased number of construction and designing works in various government and private organizations.

With the thriving Global market in India, USA, Australia and Dubai, the Architect experiences a wide range of job openings owing to the increase in the development of architect firms, universities, consultancy companies, etc.

The DYPU in its campus provides the best practical learning that is designed in such a way that students get the highest quality of education to apply the most scientific process. With the abrupt rise in the number of growing architecture demands, if you want to receive the best guidance in the field of Architecture, then DYPU is probably the best architecture college in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.

Architecture Career & Job Opportunities

Following are few of the job opportunities available once you pass out architecture degree. The chances of getting a good job increases if you get a degree from the best university like DY Patil, is known as the top architecture college in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.

  1. Architect

    Pursuing Architecture as a profession is one of the best decisions, but that will require you to acquire a bachelor degree from a statutory. Generally, Architecture is all about designing new buildings or renovating an old one. Still, their activities may also include landscape architecture, naval architecture, and other crucial responsibilities like supervising constructions, managing environmental impacts of projects, sticking to financial budgets, etc.

  2. Architectural Technologist

    The architectural technologist or technicians generally combine architecture skills with science and knowledge to create robust, resilient and sustainable construction. The technicians may either use traditional drawing techniques or computer-aided designs (CAD) to present design proposals to their clients.

  3. Interior and spatial designer

    The interior and spatial designers are responsible for re-designing large internal spaces by using their architectural as well as creative designing skills. The candidates might get a prospect to work on a variety of commercial, domestic or any expensive setups.

  4. Construction supervisor

    You can also be a construction supervisor after pursuing a degree in Architecture. But it is essential to have some work experience in this field as that gives an idea of how to supervise while conserving, modifying, renovating, fixing and restoring buildings.

  5. Town planner

    Students with a degree in Architecture might also find town planning as a career that will mostly include managing and developing the countryside, towns, cities and villages. But to be eligible for this domain, it is essential to have an excellent multi-tasking skill and paying attention to detail.

  6. Production Designer

    With a degree in Architecture, the students can also play a role as a production designer on the set of a film or any other shows. In this case, you might have to coordinate with the director and producer of the show. Just like any other career options, this is not an easy task. So, having some experience in this field is essential.

  7. Historic building inspector

    Historic building inspector, also known as the conservation officer, is mostly responsible for protecting and enhancing buildings with historical significance. So in this field, the architects are responsible for visiting, evaluating and preserving historic sites. In this case, it would be very advantageous to have a postgraduate degree to make yourself stand out in the competitive market.

  8. Structural Engineer

    This is a very innovative discipline that involves maths, science and design to accomplish such a result that can generate creative structures that can withstand the pressure of human and environmental wear and tear. But for this domain, having a postgraduate degree is very crucial as it requires a lot of in-depth knowledge to meet specifications.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Architecture Course in Pimpri, Pune?

If you want to pursue the best Architectural degree from the best architecture college in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, then DYPU can be the best option. The University has included diverse subjects like Architectural designing, developing technology, the theory of structures, research in Architecture, Interior designing, Landscape designing, Project Management and a lot more. The entire course is designed in such a way that it covers all the aspects of innovation.

B. Arch is a five-year programme that is divided into ten semesters. Out of the five years, the first phase of three years consists of full-time study under the guidance of the most experienced faculty team. The second phase comprises one year of research and a half year of doing a thesis based on some project. On the other side, M.Arch is a 2 year course with 2 semester exams each year which makes a total of 4 semesters.

Experienced Faculty

Dr. DY Patil University consists of some of the most experienced and committed faculties who are academically and professionally considered as the best. The core faculty involves an ongoing assessment of each project. The team of the best professors encourages their students to develop such skills that will help them to express their creative side and implement the concept in real life.

Dr. DY Patil University has maintained a specific pattern of education that has always been verified by a group of professionals. These professionals specialize in several areas like interior designers, landscape architects and many other design-related experts who impart excellent education to their students.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Pimpri, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

There are also several other factors that you must choose Dr. DY Patil University for undergoing the Architecture degree-

  • To make our students professional and highly skilled Architects, we strive to provide the highest standard of knowledge-based skills. The students are also well-trained about all the latest technological advancements that will help them stand out in the professional field of architecture.
  • The University also performs a complete development program that aims in improving an overall conceptual skill, technical skills and even some interpersonal skills so that they can experience absolute growth in their career.
  • The DYPU campus has become a preferred education hub for most of the students, not just because of the most exceptional education system, but also for its accessible location. Our campus is right in the centre of Pune, but we provide the best pick and drop facilities for the students.