Dr. DY Patil School of Architecture, Ambi, Pune

About School:

Dr. DY Patil University was established in the year 1983 and was founded by Dr. DY Patil who laid the foundation of this university by commencing the first engineering college in Navi Mumbai. Dr. DY Patil University is recognized by UGC, New Delhi, India. It provides great opportunities to all the aspiring candidates who are interested in the fields of architecture, design, technology, tourism sector, management, pharmacy and more. Our university imparts quality and value-based education to all of our students for their better future. Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University is one of the renowned and remarkable universities with 12 campuses all over the country. It includes five prominent universities and 150 institutes, where we assure to enrich the skills of our students and give numerous opportunities to them. Dr. DY Patil University, Ambi, Pune ensures to offer multiple opportunities and facilities to the students to be creative, imaginative and productive at the same time.

Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University is considered to be one of the best architecture universities in Pune, Ambi as it focuses on providing the students with high skills and capabilities to excel in the field of architecture. At DYPU, besides ensuring a good relationship between a professor and a student, Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture School also enables their students to keep up with the latest trends and technology and make them familiar with various technological advancements in the architectural sector. The university works hard to ensure the growth and progression of each student so that they can accomplish their goals and aims. At our university, we engage our students with different opportunities and help them in exploring various areas through excellent workshops by experts, guest lectures by notable personnel on various topics, fieldwork which includes site visiting, group tasks for the students, etc., to make our students ready for the upcoming challenges and also to teach them on how to perform every function in the most efficacious manner. The candidates from all over India can become a part of our university as we ensure perfectness, effectiveness and excellence in the study program we provide to our aspiring students.

Architecture Programmes

Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University offers two professional programmes to the students, namely B. Arch., and M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture). The Council of Architecture, New Delhi, has approved these architectural programmes to study by the seeking candidates. Architecture is a professional course which is a blend of distinct fields like art, culture, science, human behaviour, technology, and design. The architectural field is not only restricted to designing and designating the infrastructure and buildings but also has a profound impact on human society as a whole. An architect is a creative professional whose key role is to incorporate the desired architectural factors to create an excellent structure and therefore, must possess profound knowledge and expertise of the related area. Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University is a platform where the students get numerous opportunities to bring out their artistic skills with new challenges and services waiting for them.

B. Arch.
Five Year Programme
Ten Semesters
Choice Based Credit System

M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
Two Year Programme
Four Semesters
Choice Based Credit System


We aim to be one of the leading schools known for its architectural studies and to contribute towards the transformation of human life, understanding contemporary design culture and to protect the environment through various programmes, research studies and collaboration with professionals and stakeholders.


  • Provide quality and value based education that transform the students through the academic rigor and vibrant culture.
  • Fostering sensitivity and appreciation in the curriculum that focuses on built environment, learning physical and visual designs, focusing on building social inclusiveness and dealing with the climate and environmental challenges.
  • Offering a diverse and cross-disciplinary approach in fields of Ecology, Technology, Planning, Management and Construction.
  • Focus on the relationship between History, Culture, Behavioral science, Technology, Exploring future of practices in design, Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Expand external partnerships, through collaboration with Professional organizations for the knowledge, exchange of ideas and joint projects.
  • Engaging adjacent discipline through innovation, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Incorporate importance of community service thus contributing towards social responsibility.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. Uma Jadhav

Dr. Uma Jadhav has more than 21 years of prolific professional as well as academic experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016 – SPPU) in Sustainable Rural Development and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (2000 - CEPT). Before solely dedicating herself to academics, she was a principal architect/consultant at Ar. Uma Jadhao & Associates where she successfully handled panoply of architectural and urban planning projects and was registered as the member of an empowered Panel of Valuers with many reputed banks like IDBI, AXIS, UTI, DCB Bank, Fullerton Co. Ltd., etc. She was also a part of an interdisciplinary team of Architecture department of ‘Perth and Kinross Council, Perth’ in the United Kingdom, for almost two years.

She has authored and presented a number of Research Papers in international conferences. Her experience and expertise are regularly summoned as a resource person and panel member on various academic selections committees. She is actively associated as a resource person on the Panel of the Ph.D. Research Centre of Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture, Pune. She has also worked as Assistant CAP Director for B. Arch CAP of SPPU, Pune from 2012-2014. In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on a number of administrative committees like Infrastructure, Academic Audit, Disciplinary Committee, Women’s Grievance, Admission committee, Examination, etc.

She has been instrumental in architecting innovative teaching-learning modules to deliver subjects knowledge through unconventional teaching pedagogy; this includes Vertical Studios, Saturday Events, Annual Exhibitions, Expert Talks, etc. to encourage students to enhance their lateral, critical, and analytical thinking abilities with a focus on entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills. She strongly believes that architecture touches the lives of individuals and society alike, and hence should be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

With her extensive experience and passion for academics, she joined D Y Patil University's School of Architecture in its formative years and is an incumbent Principal. She continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of DYPUSOA and deserves credit for its stellar rise in the architectural fraternity.

Scope Of Architecture Career in Coming Years

The scope of architecture is increasing rapidly among the students as it ensures excellent career opportunities and provides various designing fields which can help the students to shine in the future. From multinational corporations to government institutions, the demand for architecture is huge. At Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University, students acquire technical as well as practical skills to choose various fields in the architectural sector like urban planning and development, public works departments, interior designing, infrastructural designing, etc. Apart from becoming a chartered architect, there are plenty of career choices awaiting you which you can master by studying an architecture degree. Also, there are some countries like USA, India, Dubai, which seek professional and experienced architecture graduates and offer them great opportunities and career options in the global markets.

Architecture Career & Job Opportunities

Architecture degree provides you with a lot of career options and choices among which you can choose the best.

  1. Architecture

    One of the most obvious yet promising career options is to be an architect where you have the command to design the infrastructure and houses for people. As an architect, you master the skills of design and technology and use your creativity and excellence in carrying out structures, buildings and houses. As an architect, you are a self-reliant professional who plans and builds the whole layout and design of a structure. An architect professional can show his/her creative traits by designating building architecture, landscape architecture as well as naval architecture.

  2. Architectural Technologist

    Is basically an architectural technician who utilises his technical and engineering skills to design and create strong, flexible and sustainable structures and constitutions. The key role is to provide technical assistance and help to the clients and use traditional as well as computer-aided design (CAD) techniques to carry out the desired infrastructure.

  3. Interior and Spatial Designer

    These designers showcase their creative and innovative skills to plan the designed structure of a building. Being an interior designer, you must have a profound understanding of creative thinking, art and effective managerial traits for efficient results. You can also get the opportunity to associate with commercial or domestic settings where you have to design attractive constructions for your clients.

  4. Building Surveyor

    Another incredible career option for the architectural field is to become a building surveyor where a professional expects to renovate and fix the designing of existing buildings and places. Mastery at problem-solving and creative skills are required to be a surveyor. Your job specification might also involve inspecting the whole building and taking the required measures to make it more sustainable and top-quality.

  5. Town Planner

    The candidates whose interest areas are development planning and sustainability can do wonders in the field of town planning. You have to excel in development and planning skills to design the countryside structure, whole cities and towns and even villages. Working as a town planner will polish your innovative and managerial skills as it requires the whole planning of a town. To be effective in your work, you must possess interpersonal skills, multitasking abilities, commercial awareness and the prevailing conditions in the market. Negotiation skills will add charm to your personality, as you may need to handle a huge range of personnel.

  6. Production Designer

    Architecture degree also provides you with plenty of opportunities in the entertainment sector. If you are a showbiz enthusiast, then you can work as a production designer on the sets of films, television shows, theatre shows, and ad agencies. You will be able to get closely associated with producer and director and can give your imaginative ideas to draw a complete layout for their productions. There are start-ups and student theatre groups where you can demonstrate your managerial and production skills to carry out the tasks in the best practical manner.

  7. Inspector for Historic Buildings

    Historical inspectors work their best to enrich the historical art and culture of our country. They help in protecting the rich heritage of our past architecture and infrastructure. The work areas are mainly visiting historical sites, inspecting them and coming up with the best preservation methods to save the prosperous culture of our history. One must need to have strong and profound competence and likeness in the field of historical architecture.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Architecture Course in Ambi, Pune?

Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University in Pune offers two programme courses namely B. Arch and M. Arch for the students seeking architecture degree. B. Arch is a five-year programme where the main subjects covered are Architectural Design, Technology and Materials, Research in Architecture, Building Technology and Materials, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Project Management, etc. The five-year course is divided into two phases wherein the first phase is affiliated with the full-time study programme by competent faculty where the students get a chance to acquire practical knowledge by working in professional workplaces and locations. It is a three-year phase. The second phase is of one and a half year where the students are expected to conduct their own research and study, prepare a conference and also showcase a project thesis with effective and elective theory courses. On the other hand M. Arch is a post-graduate programme of a total duration of 2 years. It is an advanced course where students learn to obtain a deep comprehension of building dynamics and physics for infrastructures and constructions. Students also get to build a profound understanding of Green building assessment tools, Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), sustainable management and more.

Experienced Faculty

At our university, the faculty team is experienced to handle the students efficaciously and guide them throughout the programme. Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture in Pune has some of the most talented and celebrated teachers from around the country who are the best professionals in their respective fields and believe in imparting top-quality education to the students. Apart from the programme teachings, teachers also invest in guiding their students through the paths of morality, ethical values and more. They adopt the latest teaching methods and aids to educate the students throughout the programme. Theoretical and practical knowledge are vitally essential for the overall development of a young student.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Ambi, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

We, at our university, make sure to develop our students into confident individuals and also make them career-oriented by providing them with multiple challenges and opportunities to tackle. Our main aim is to shape our students as entrepreneurial architects and technically sound professionals by assisting them with the latest technology and advancements. Our founder laid the foundation stone of DY Patil University few decades ago with an aim to bestow quality education to each individual. Besides having a great campus and ideal environment for studying, numerous facilities are also provided to the students like hostel accommodations, food plazas, medical dispensary and maintenance department within the campus, laundry, canteen, and more. Our well-known faculty also assures to provide on class and off class training by various workshops, lectures, internship programmes, conferences by experts and also researching facilities. At Dr. DY Patil Ambi Architecture University, we focus on nurturing the skills and talents of our students by making them ready to explore the outside world.