Dr. DY Patil School of Architecture, Akurdi, Pune

About School:

Dr. DY Patil University is the perfect place for students who are interested in fields like design, technology, tourism, management, and pharmacy. Dr. DY Patil University was established in 1983, and since then, it has helped thousands of students to reach their dream job and have a successful career. DYPU is widely known for providing students with a high-quality and value-based education.

At Dr. DY Patil, Akurdi, Architecture University, students can always rely on receiving the highest quality education that would help them reach their true potentials. Dr. DY Patil University has a team of extremely talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated faculty members who are always trying to get students to not just learn through their textbooks but look for architectural inspiration and learning from the real world.

The School of Architecture has been approved by the Council of Architecture located in New Delhi. The Dr. DY Patil, Akurdi, Architecture University, is known far and wide for its innovative, exciting, and influential style of teaching. This is why students from not just the Pune district but also from all across Maharashtra are always trying to get admission in Dr. DY Patil college of architecture Akurdi, Pune.

At the campus, the students can either seek admission in the B. Arch. or the M. Arch. programme. B. Arch. is a five-year programme whereas M. Arch is a two-year programme. Both of these programmes fall under the supervision of Dr. Uma Jadhav, who holds a PhD. in architecture.

Architecture Programmes

School of Architecture offers graduate and postgraduate programmes, namely B. Arch., and M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture). These programmes are approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. School of Architecture has woven academic rigor with hands-on industry experiences through in-house and professional lectures, seminars, colloquiums, workshops, site visits, and study tours. Students are encouraged to push the envelope of conventional thinking, stretch their imagination to realize and own their full creative potential.

B. Arch.
Five Year Programme
Ten Semesters
Choice Based Credit System

M. Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
Two Year Programme
Four Semesters
Choice Based Credit System


We aim to be one of the leading schools known for its architectural studies and to contribute towards the transformation of human life, understanding contemporary design culture and to protect the environment through various programmes, research studies and collaboration with professionals and stakeholders.


  • Provide quality and value based education that transform the students through the academic rigor and vibrant culture.
  • Fostering sensitivity and appreciation in the curriculum that focuses on built environment, learning physical and visual designs, focusing on building social inclusiveness and dealing with the climate and environmental challenges.
  • Offering a diverse and cross-disciplinary approach in fields of Ecology, Technology, Planning, Management and Construction.
  • Focus on the relationship between History, Culture, Behavioral science, Technology, Exploring future of practices in design, Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Expand external partnerships, through collaboration with Professional organizations for the knowledge, exchange of ideas and joint projects.
  • Engaging adjacent discipline through innovation, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Incorporate importance of community service thus contributing towards social responsibility.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. Uma Jadhav

Dr. Uma Jadhav has more than 21 years of prolific professional as well as academic experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016 – SPPU) in Sustainable Rural Development and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (2000 - CEPT). Before solely dedicating herself to academics, she was a principal architect/consultant at Ar. Uma Jadhao & Associates where she successfully handled panoply of architectural and urban planning projects and was registered as the member of an empowered Panel of Valuers with many reputed banks like IDBI, AXIS, UTI, DCB Bank, Fullerton Co. Ltd., etc. She was also a part of an interdisciplinary team of the Architecture department of ‘Perth and Kinross Council, Perth’ in the United Kingdom, for almost two years.

She has authored and presented a number of Research Papers in international conferences. Her experience and expertise are regularly summoned as a resource person and panel member on various academic selections committees. She is actively associated as a resource person on the Panel of the Ph.D. Research Centre of Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture, Pune. She has also worked as Assistant CAP Director for B. Arch CAP of SPPU, Pune from 2012-2014. In addition to the academic contribution, she has worked on a number of administrative committees like Infrastructure, Academic Audit, Disciplinary Committee, Women’s Grievance, Admission committee, Examination, etc.

She has been instrumental in architecting innovative teaching-learning modules to deliver subjects knowledge through unconventional teaching pedagogy; this includes Vertical Studios, Saturday Events, Annual Exhibitions, Expert Talks, etc. to encourage students to enhance their lateral, critical, and analytical thinking abilities with a focus on entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills. She strongly believes that architecture touches the lives of individuals and society alike, and hence should be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

With her extensive experience and passion for academics, she joined D Y Patil University's School of Architecture in its formative years and is an incumbent Principal. She continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of DYPUSOA and deserves credit for its stellar rise in the architectural fraternity.

Scope Of Architecture Career in Coming Years

In recent years, our country has experienced a massive boom in the fields of construction and design. Everybody from government and private organizations to privately owned property managers is looking to hire good quality architectural services. This is why it makes sense that more students than ever might be drawn more towards various professional sectors, like urban planning, interior designing, urban development corporations, public work departments, and constructions to name a few.

As an architect, a student would easily be able to see that the job opportunities are limitless. One can work in universities, private architect firms, consultancy organizations, or even in the global market. Basically, there is no shortage of attractive salary packages and career opportunities. And all that a student needs to access a key to this bright future is a professional degree in the field of architecture. A B. Arch. or M. Arch. degree from Dr. DY Patil, Akurdi, Architecture University will provide students with the practical, visual, design, and creative skills that a student will need to become a real-life architect.

Architecture Career & Job Opportunities

Pursuing a professional degree in the field of architecture can open a number of career opportunities for a student. Some of those career opportunities are:

  1. Be an Architect

    If you pursue a B. Arch. or M. Arch. degree the most obvious career choice for you would be to become an architect. This is not to say that the role of being a fully qualified architect is going to be easy. Becoming an architect is only half the journey, and one can expect many challenges down the road.

  2. For example, as an architect, one would have to work closely with customers to design buildings or other structures from scratch or make alterations to an already existing building so that it becomes more functional, safe, and cost-effective. The job of an architect also includes building naval architecture, landscape building, supervising the construction process, managing the impact on the environment, and trying to stick to the financial budget.

    Apart from the challenging and creative aspects, another big plus of becoming an architect is that it allows one to build contacts with people working in the same industry. This is great as it provides opportunities for great minds to collaborate together and bring about revolutionary changes in the field.

  3. The Job of an Architectural technologist

    An architectural technologist or an architectural technician is an individual who uses his or her skills and knowledge of science and engineering to develop resilient and sustainable construction and refurbished equipment. An architectural technologist uses technologies like computer-aided design (CAD) and traditional drawing techniques to develop blueprints and proposals.

  4. Interior and spatial designer

    As the job title indicates, an interior or spatial designer is an individual who designs or renovates internal spaces, fittings, and fixtures by using their technical, architectural, management, and creative skills. All of this is done attractively and efficiently.

    This is not to say that some interior designers don’t focus more on appearance rather than on the functionality feature. An interior or spatial designer can work in various domestic, commercial, or leisure settings. This mainly depends on the needs of the client.

  5. Building surveyor

    The role of a building surveyor is to modify, fix, renovate, and restore existing buildings. This career option is ideal for individuals who have a knack for problem-solving and believe that they have a great interest in the underlying construction and design of buildings. It also falls under the job profile of a building surveyor to help take precautionary measures that would help in keeping a building working in good condition and sustainable manner.

  6. Town planner

    The job profile of a town planner is to develop and manage entire towns, villages, cities, or countryside. This career option is good for individuals who have an interest in development, sustainability, and regeneration.

    It is important to remember that the work of a town planner is very difficult and extensive. And this is why an individual who wants to be a town planner should not shy away from hard work. To become a good town planner, a student must have good multitasking skills, should pay attention to detail, have a sense of commercial awareness, and should be confident in negotiating deals with people from all walks of life.

Apart from these careers, one can also become a product designer, a historic building inspector, and a structural engineer.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Architecture Course in Akurdi, Pune?

The programme is to introduce students to all the major topics that are related to the field of architecture and then dive deeper into it. In the fiver year programme duration, students learn about a range of subjects, including architectural design, the theory of structures, building technology and materials, research in architecture, landscape design, interior design, and project management.

All of these topics afford students with the breadth of exploring and performing experimentation throughout the learning. All of this provides students with a holistic architectural training.

Experienced Faculty

Whether one is teaching at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, education cannot indeed be complete unless and until the educator is able to inspire students. The faculty members at Dr. DY Patil, Akurdi, Architect University, teach by this same rule. Faculty members always are there to help students resolve any queries that they might have. Students are consistently encouraged to learn and apply their knowledge in their daily lives and through practical exploration and training. At Dr. DY Patil University, the primary goal of all faculty members is to help students develop skills that will be beneficial for them long after they are done with their professional degrees. These skills will help a student become an actual creator and architect.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Akurdi, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

The School of Architecture at the Dr. DY Patil University aims to use the best that technology has to offer. This helps students in developing skills that are applicable in the current times. Throughout the programme, students are also actively encouraged to step outside the boundaries of the traditional classroom and directly interact with various technology and software equipment used in the field of architecture and design.

Apart from this, the faculty members further make sure that students have the right soft skills that would help them turn their professional dreams into reality. We at Dr. DY Patil University are always ready to help our students in their journey of becoming confident, knowledgeable, and smart adults who are ready to take on the challenges of the world.