Dr. DY Patil School of Pharmacy in Talegaon, Pune

About School

DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Talegaon, Pune was established under the aegis of DY Patil University in the year 2019 to provide the students with the best educational resources, specialising in the field of Pharmacy. The Institute offers different programmes like Graduate, Post Graduate and even Diploma courses for aspirants to select from, as per their need and interest.

Among the many advantages for students looking to study at DY Patil Pharmacy College Talegaon, the most important one is the specially designed curriculum for each of the programmes. Created with an intent to prepare professionals, who can directly contribute to the Healthcare Industry in the country, the curriculum is prepared under the careful watch of senior professors and in collaboration with industry veterans.

Our students are educated to become professionals who can work in the health sector and support the Government, Hospitals and other Community programmes ethically and shape the future with their contribution to society.


Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharma)

A two-year course designed keeping the requirement of the Pharmaceutical Industry, the D. Pharma is a Certification course, classified into four semesters. During this entire course, students are taught concepts and provided hands-on training in the methods of preparing different drug compositions and medicines as well as their relevance in the field of diagnostics.

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharma)

An undergraduate course, designed especially for the students having an interest in the area of Pharmacy, the B. Pharma is a four-year course taught in 8 semesters. The course ensures the conceptual clarity of the students in designing drug compositions and their relevance in the field of medicine. The students are also provided with the requisite hands-on training to prepare them for the industry after their course completes.


School of Pharmacy aims to be premier school to run the pharmaceutical science education programme leading to improve and fortify the life


  • To deliver quality education that nurtures scientific approach for problem solving.
  • To work hand-in-hand to protect, cure, mitigate and eradicate various ailments and thus deliver health to the community and the world.
  • To contribute by maintaining quality and excellence in education for making lives healthy.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. A.D. Chimbalkar

He is currently working as Asst. Prof. and H.O.D. at D. Y. Patil University, School of Pharmacy, Ambi, Pune. He has completed his degree in M. Pharm (Pharmacology), PhD. He is a registered pharmacist. He is involved in research based activities and has published research papers in international journals. His vision is to “Built health considering one life is one earth”

Scope Of Pharmacy in Coming Years

The field of Pharmacy is an essential and critical contributor in the area of medicine and patient care. The growing stress for a more efficient and drug delivery system has led to an increase in the demand of trained professionals who can diligently cater to this demand—hence, one of the primary reasons behind the higher number of students opting for pharmacy studies.

The students of pharmacy are expected to learn about the basics of medicine as well as caregiving for patients. Their knowledge of the drugs and their applications helps strengthen the primary healthcare workers like Doctors and leads to a robust drug delivery system overall. In a country as vast as India, which is also the home to one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world, the role of pharmacy professionals becomes even more impactful.

Being the first touchpoints of patients for essential and non-essential drugs, pharmacy professionals play a very crucial role in their well-being. Thus, their role cannot be restricted only to drug dispensation. Rather it is getting more and more integrated into the patient care roles. Therefore, in the coming years, the need for trained Pharmacy Professionals is expected to rise exponentially. Many new pharmacy colleges are coming up to cater to this demand that is being envisioned by industry stalwarts.Even a simple search on “Talegaon Pharmacy College” will give you an idea of how many good colleges have come up like the one under DY Patil University. The institutes serve as a critical link between industry and academia by preparing the students for a better tomorrow and turning them into thorough professionals ready to take on the responsibilities.

Pharmacy Career & Job Opportunities

Every student aspires to work in an environment that challenges them to apply their learnings and helps them learn new things. A career in the field of Pharmaceutical industry is an ideal opportunity for both of these. On one hand, students are allowed to apply the learnings that they get from top pharmacy colleges in Talegaon, Pune, like DY Patil Institute. On the other hand, the application of these learnings opens up a world of possibilities that they had not envisaged before this.

The plethora of choices available to students graduating from one of the best pharmacy colleges in Talegaon, Pune, like DY Patil Institute is mind-bogglingly diverse. Some of the popular options include

1. Pharmacist job in Govt. & Private hospital:

The first and most popular choice of all Pharma students, this is an opportunity that has been forever present and will be there as long as hospitals exist. An abundance of job availability, good remuneration and a chance to serve patients at the time they need the most is what makes this option attractive to all students. The minimum eligibility for this job is D. Pharma.

2. E-commerce pharmacist:

With the opening up of newer pharma related e-commerce websites, the need for pharmacists to consult and maintain the daily operations is an entirely new avenue that has opened up for students of Pharmacy. This is why specialized DY Patil Institute, Talegaon Pharmacy College, has specially designed courses in their curriculum to teach the basic fundamentals to their students. The biggest attraction of this option is the fact that this is still a growing field and there are not enough professionals to fill the gap.

3. Pharmaceutical companies:

Another popular option among students, the roles within Pharmaceutical companies are restricted only by the individual’s creativity and willingness to put in the hard work. From numerous career options, competitive remuneration, global collaborations and opportunities to travel around the world, there is a lot of incentive for the students to opt for this career choice.

4. Teacher of Pharma Institutes:

As much as the industry needs qualified professionals at a growing rate, there is always a need for someone to prepare pharmacy professionals. So, if teaching and building a strong foundation for the professionals of years to come is your calling, you have a great career opportunity in front of you. As the industry grows and newer avenues come up for students, they will need to be prepared for the growing challenges. And good teachers will always be in need to help them prepare. Thus, this is also an extremely satisfying option for students looking to study Pharmacy.

5.Open a pharmacy shop:

A lucrative career option, this one certainly requires some initial investment. But once done and built up in the right manner, this is an extremely profitable option for anyone. You will need to have the proper licenses in place (including a drug license and a trade license) before you can open your Pharmacy shop. Also, in the initial years, the effort required may be on the higher side, but the final returns in terms of profitability justify the efforts put in by you.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Pharmacy Course in Pimpri, Pune?

While engineering and medical studies remain the preferred option for students completing their 10+2 exams having opted for the science stream, there is another excellent field available to these students that is equally rewarding and full of opportunities. It is none other than the exciting field of Pharmacy.

At DY Patil pharmacy college Talegaon, Pune, we offer our students the choice among different programmes with different duration, course details and further prospects. The minimum requirement of any job opportunity in the field of Pharma is a Diploma which is offered as a two-year programme. You can also pursue the four year Undergraduate programme right after your 10+2 or take a lateral entry from the Diploma Programme after the second year. This selection of students is based purely on merit.

Experienced Faculty

Since the knowledge of this field is such an important and critical component of the Healthcare industry of the country, we ensure that our teachers are the best that students can get. At DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Talegaon, Pune, our mission is to train and prepare the healthcare professionals of tomorrow, who are integral to the well-being and growth of the country.

This is a mission internalized by all our teaching staff and they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our students get a well-balanced mix of theoretical and hands-on learning. Putting the weight of their experience behind the teaching methodologies, our professors ensure that each student gets the individual attention they need to grow professionally.

And not just students, our senior teaching staff is also putting in efforts to train the trainers for tomorrow. With more students taking an interest in becoming teachers at Pharma colleges, we have a well-developed teacher training programme that helps aspiring lecturers to find their feet in the academic world.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Pimpri, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

Several reasons make us at DY Patil Institute of Pharmacy one of the best pharmacy colleges in Talegaon, Pune. Some of the major reasons include

  • A practical and hands-on teaching approach allowing the students to experiment and learn
  • A lot of industry interaction, giving the students the much needed “on the job” experience even before graduating
  • The emphasis on developing the overall personality of the students, making them more confident in their approach

We understand and appreciate the fact that our students are going to be future citizens of the country and hence we provide them the best learning opportunities.