Dr. DY Patil School of Pharmacy in Pimpri, Pune

About School

DY Patil University, Pune, established the School of Pharmacy which is affiliated to Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi in the year 2019. The school offers various programs to the individuals who want to pursue their career in the field of pharmaceutical science. The programs offered at DY Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research in Pimpri, Pune include Post-graduate, Graduate and Diploma programmes to all the young aspirants. Our main goal is to shape our students in the best possible manner so that they can fortify the healthcare system and can contribute their knowledge towards a progressive healthcare system.

The curriculum at DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Pimpri, Pune has been designed and formulated by our academic practitioners and professionals whose mission is to nurture our young minds and make them experts that can serve in different fields and sectors involving the Pharmacy industry, government, hospitals, society, community and the whole healthcare system.

Designated as the best pharmacy college in Pimpri, Pune, DYPU is an ideal place to gain a comprehensive and practical knowledge about pharmacy, its various responsibilities and contributions towards our Nation.


Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharma)

Diploma in Pharmacy is a certification course program where students acquire a brief yet detailed study of pharmacy and learn about the artistic as well as the scientific traits of this program. The program is for two years that is divided into four semesters. D. Pharmacy syllabus covers all the areas related to healthcare and pharmacy sector, including the preparation of medicines and applying them for the right treatment.

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharma)

It is an undergraduate program where the course duration is four-years. The program is divided into eight semesters which covers all the facets of healthcare knowledge and expertise. Aspirants gain theoretical as well as practical understanding of the pharmaceutical science and healthcare system.


School of Pharmacy aims to be premier school to run the pharmaceutical science education programme leading to improve and fortify the life


  • To deliver quality education that nurtures scientific approach for problem solving.
  • To work hand-in-hand to protect, cure, mitigate and eradicate various ailments and thus deliver health to the community and the world.
  • To contribute by maintaining quality and excellence in education for making lives healthy.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. A.D. Chimbalkar

He is currently working as Asst. Prof. and H.O.D. at DY Patil University, School of Pharmacy, Ambi, Pune. He has completed his degree in M. Pharm (Pharmacology), PhD. He is a registered pharmacist. He is involved in research based activities and has published research papers in international journals. His vision is to “Built health considering one life is one earth”

Scope Of Pharmacy in Coming Years

With the increasing scope of pharmacy all over the world, the demand for trained and educated pharmacists have considerably improved. Not only in India but also throughout the world, the demand for professionals in this field is required so that they can contribute their best efforts in the pharmacy industry. With the growing technology and practise of over the counter dispensing, the health and well-being of individuals have declined to an excessive rate. In this scenario, the need for experts in the field of pharmacy has become prominent as they are the ones who prepare the medicines and then implement those for the right diagnosis and treatment for the patients. These professionals are not only responsible for preparing and dispensing the medicines but are also liable to take full care of the patients and to provide them with clinical services as well. All these services include medication analysis of drugs and treatments, herbals taken by the patients, clinical care and more.

For all those young aspirants who want to go in the field of pharmacy, graduating from a recognized university becomes essential to become effective and thorough in your branch. Pharmacy education plays a vital role in guiding and directing the pharmacists to move in the right direction and to implement their practice in the management and treatment of the right drug. Due to its emerging and important role in the healthcare sector, many universities have come up in establishing educational institutes that offer this program to young minds. DY Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research in Pimpri, Pune is one such university that imparts quality-based knowledge to young individuals and makes them expert pharmacists in their areas. Due to all these attributes and qualities, DYPU is considered to be the top pharmacy college in Pimpri, Pune.

Pharmacy Career & Job Opportunities

The career roles and future directions in the field of pharmaceutical science are limitless. From preparing medicines and implementing them to the right treatment to investigating and offering regulatory guidance, the opportunities are vast and many. Today, the pharmacists are not restricted to work in closed labs or laboratories; however, they are professional individuals who can contribute towards formulating aspects of the industry and can also regulate the working and management of it.

The below-mentioned pointers are the job opportunities that you can get, once you graduate from a highly notable university. DY Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research in Pimpri, Pune is one great example of it where you gain an excellent knowledge of the course which helps in preparing you to excel in your future positions.

1. Government & Private hospital pharmacist:

The most prominent and stable job as a pharmacy graduate is to work in private and government hospitals as a pharmacist. Every hospital has a very high demand for pharmacists on a regular basis. The basic requirement is to have a diploma in pharmacy. However, B. Pharm and M. Pharm students can also work in hospitals and earn a great amount of income from it.

2. E-commerce pharmacist:

An e-commerce pharmacist is a person who sells and deals with medicines on online platforms. In today’s world, there are many e-pharmacy companies like Medlife, Pharmeasy, Netmed, etc., that conduct their business online and provide healthcare services to the attracted audience. The internet users are also highly drawn to these sites, and thus the popularity and scope of these companies are also increasing daily.

3. Pharmaceutical companies:

One of the most obvious and stable career options for a pharmacy graduate is to get associated with a pharmaceutical company. It generates many career paths for an individual in the industry of pharmacy. You can work in national as well as international companies where you get enough exposure to develop strong business and management skills, gain expertise in your field and become competent in the practical workings of a professional.

4. Educator of pharma studies:

All those students who are passionate about teaching and want to pass on your knowledge and experience to the younger generation, then teaching is the best career option for you. In order to become a professor of pharmacy in a reputed institution or university, you should have a minimum of M. Pharma degree to apply for the post.

5.Open a pharmacy shop:

If you want to be your own boss and start your business as a pharmacist, then opening up a pharmacist shop is the best career choice for you. Owning a pharmacy shop can result in high income and profits and can also lead to a lucrative business idea. To open a pharmacy shop, you need to have money to invest in your business along with having a drug license and trade license for it. A drug license is an official document that every pharmacy student possesses.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Pharmacy Course in Pimpri, Pune?

DY Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research in Pimpri, Pune offers diploma and programs in the branch of pharmacy on a graduate and post-graduate level. You can pursue any of these programs after your 12th standard from science stream. However, the diploma and programs differ in the time durations, syllabi, curriculum and career opportunities as well.

Diploma in pharmacy is necessary for those who wish to own their pharmaceutical stores and want to work in the pharmacy industry in India. It is a two-year program and can also get you a lateral entry in the second year of B. Pharm course. The graduation course is a four-year program that gives you the knowledge and experiences of academic as well as practical training of the pharmacy industry. M. Pharm is a post-graduate program with a time duration of two years. Students pursuing this degree become masters in this field and gain advanced knowledge of the pharmaceutical system.

Experienced Faculty

At DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Pimpri, Pune, teaching excellence to our students is the ultimate aim. We have a team of highly competent and skilled professors who contribute their knowledge and excellence in the growth and development of our students. Our professors are very enthusiastic and devoted to imparting quality and practical knowledge to the students so that they can apply these learning outcomes in the best manner. The faculty are researchers in their fields, and they always ensure to provide academic excellence with life experiences to our aspirants. Various workshops, guest lectures, hospital visits are also conducted by the faculty to give hands-on experience to the student personnel. Their teaching initiatives are highly appreciated by DYPU.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Pimpri, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

DY Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research in Pimpri, Pune is a leading institution where we develop our students in a way so that they can contribute to the healthcare system in an ethically effective manner. The faculty at DYPU is a devoted team of professors who work hard to shape our students as experts in their respective disciplines.

We aim to provide academic excellence to our students, along with practical knowledge and competence so that they can master the skills of handling real-life situations as well. Our futuristic healthcare model is an ideal place for young aspirants who want to gain excellence in the horizons of the pharmaceutical industry. We prepare the young generation to contribute the best of their abilities in the development of the pharmacy industry and society at large.