Dr. DY Patil School of Pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune

About School

DY Patil College of Pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune was established in the year 2019 in affiliation with the Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi which aims to provide various courses – graduate, diploma, and postgraduate in Pharmaceutical sciences.

DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Akurdi, Pune offers specialized programmes that prepare pupils to be well-equipped to pave their way towards a progressive healthcare system. Creating pharmacists that will fortify the current healthcare system while working along with the healthcare practitioners is our primary goal.

The curriculum of DY Patil college of pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune is designed by leading industry and academics practitioners. This course aims to develop young minds into responsible Pharma Professionals who will contribute to the working of Pharma industry, government, Hospitals, Community, Society and Health-care system at large. This programme is well balanced with theoretical and practical study.

DY Patil Pharmacy Institute in Akurdi, Pune has a futuristic healthcare model which makes it the ideal institute for aspiring pharmacists to experience learning and training from the most accomplished educational tutors of the industry.


Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma)

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma) is a two-year certification course that trains pupils about art and preparation as well as dispensing of drugs and medicine. This course is divided into four semesters.

The course offered at DY Patil college of pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune covers several facets of healthcare such as preparation of drugs (bio-chemical area) and implementation of these drugs for the right diagnosis.

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma) is an undergraduate-level course. The duration of this Pharma course is four years and the whole curriculum is divided into 8smesters.

DY Patil college of pharmacy is considered as the top pharmacy college in Akurdi. This course prepares pupils all the facets of the healthcare industry, such as drug preparation and implementing those for the right diagnosis.


School of Pharmacy aims to be premier school to run the pharmaceutical science education programme leading to improve and fortify the life


  • To deliver quality education that nurtures scientific approach for problem solving.
  • To work hand-in-hand to protect, cure, mitigate and eradicate various ailments and thus deliver health to the community and the world.
  • To contribute by maintaining quality and excellence in education for making lives healthy.

Meet The Academic Leader

Dr. A.D. Chimbalkar

He is currently working as Asst. Prof. and H.O.D. at DY Patil University, School of Pharmacy, Ambi, Pune. He has completed his degree in M. Pharm (Pharmacology), PhD. He is a registered pharmacist. He is involved in research based activities and has published research papers in international journals. His vision is to “Built health considering one life is one earth”

Scope Of Pharmacy in Coming Years

The pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the prominent pharma industries of the world. Because of growth in this sector, the demand for pharma courses has also increased abruptly. The pharmacist plays a vital role in the daily management of patients by offering them an efficient drug delivery system. In the coming years, the role of pharmacist will become more integrated with the healthcare system. The role of pharmacist will not be limited to simply dispensing medication; they will be able to provide clinical services to patients such as medication analysis of all the drugs being taken by the patient. Proper education and training in Pharma courses are essential in guiding pharmacists to make the right decision and help their patients in consuming the appropriate dosage of medicines.

The role of pharmacists is essential in formulating policies relating to health and drugs, especially those policies concerning selection, procurement and distribution of drugs. The demand for pharmacist professionals as a vital team member of the healthcare team has been increased multifold. They can lead organized supporting services with their professionalism in the field of supply and dispensation of drugs.

Pharmacy Career & Job Opportunities

A career in pharmaceutical sciences can open limitless career directions for pupils. There is always a need for developing new medicines or improving their delivery. There is an increasing demand for pharma professionals in the healthcare industry.

Pharma graduates have exceptional theoretical knowledge along with necessary practical skills. This means they can tackle all the challenges of this industry easily.

Some of the job opportunities that will be available in the near future for graduates of Pharma courses are:

1. Pharmacist job in Govt. & Private hospital:

The need for pharmacists is very high in both – government as well as private hospitals. The minimum requirement for this job is usually D.Pharm. But students studying B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. can also apply for this post.

2. E-commerce pharmacist:

Many e-commerce companies have established their businesses in India in the past couple of years. These online pharmacy stores are fulfilling all the needs and requirements of their customers. There is a growing demand for pharma executives, and this will open a new direction of career prospects for pharmacy students.

3. Pharmaceutical companies:

One of the most obvious career options for pharma science graduates is working for a pharmaceutical company. This field will provide a wide range of career paths and opportunities to develop business skills, explore new areas of expertise, and travel.

4. Teacher of pharma institutes:

If teaching is one of your skills, then you can even start your career as a teacher. You get to share your knowledge with the next generation of pharmacists. The minimum requirement for the job of assistant professor is M.Pharma.

If you are a PhD degree holder, then you can even apply for the post of Professor in a government or a private institute.

5. Start a pharmacy shop:

Many students don't opt for this option because of certain reasons, such as financial constraints or the risks associated with running a business.

But owning a pharmacy shop can be the turning point of your career. It is a very profitable and scalable business with very minimum requirements. The primary requirements to run a pharmacy shop includes a drug license (A pharmacy student has his own drug license) and a trade license for it.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study Pharmacy Course in Akurdi, Pune?

DY Patil University is known for the wide range of subjects and courses it offers at graduate and postgraduate levels. These courses are specially designed with the help of world-class subject experts and professionals.

If you wish to start a pharmacy store, then the minimum requirement is a two-year diploma in pharmacy. The students of diploma courses can also get lateral entry to the 2nd year of the bachelor's course based on their merit.

The minimum requirement to enter the pharmaceutical industry is a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from institutions like DYPU – considered as the best pharmacy college in Akurdi. A bachelor's degree provides academic and practical training to its students for sustaining in the pharmaceutical industry environment.

Experienced Faculty

Providing excellent teaching to its pupils is the core mission at DY Patil college of pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune. The teaching staff at DYPU is not considered expert only in their domains, but they also have very high standards of moral and ethical values and therefore, are the right role models to their students. The faculty members at our university are actively involved in dialogue with their students; they promote the concept of exchanging ideas with their peers and train them to become successful pharmacists in the healthcare community. We promote the professional development of our staff by organizing several teaching workshops. We are proud to say that our faculty members have immense expertise and experience in teaching pharmacy courses in Akurdi, Pune.

As of now, several faculty members of our pharmacy college in Akurdi have been bestowed with prestigious teaching awards, highly cited research papers, lifetime achievement awards, and many others.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Akurdi, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

DY Patil college of pharmacy in Akurdi, Pune is one of the top institutes for studying pharmaceutical courses. At DYPU, future pharmacists are trained to pave their way towards a progressive healthcare industry. Our main efforts are in preparing our students with world-class experience and extensive training to prepare them for the healthcare industry.

We aim to create individuals who will fortify the present healthcare system while working alongside healthcare practitioners. We have an excellent and expert faculty that leaves no efforts in making the students able future pharmacists and make their place in various fields such as in community pharmacies, hospitals, universities, government agencies, etc.