BBA LLB | LLB Admission Open 2024-25

School of Law is providing the programs BBA LLB of Five Year and LLB of Three Year and approved by Bar Council of India (BCI), New Delhi. Program aims to provide quality legal education. Law education is needed to address changes in society with focused approach Education in law involves a comprehensive study of legal theory, principles, and practices. It is a specialized area of study that focuses on the legal system, its institutions, and how it impacts society. DYPU School of Law (SOL) aims to provide legal education through case study model, class-debate methods, moot court, internship and interaction with law firms and law practitioners.


The School of Law at D Y Patil University, Pune, is dedicated to fostering a generation of legal professionals equipped to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Approved by the Bar Council of India, our programs in BBA LLB and LLB are meticulously crafted to merge theoretical foundations with practical engagement. Through innovative teaching methodologies that include case studies, moot courts, and internships, we prepare students to address the pressing legal challenges of our time. Our focus on ethical practice and social responsibility ensures that our graduates are not only skilled practitioners but also upstanding citizens.

  • To provide a comprehensive legal education.
  • To foster critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • To develop effective communication skills.
  • To encourage ethical behavior and social responsibility.
  • To offer practical experience through internships, moot court competitions, and other opportunities to work with legal professionals and gain hands-on experience in the legal field.
  • To foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

These values guide our actions, shape our community, and define our commitment to excellence in design education and practice.

Programs Offered
Our programs are designed to provide a thorough grounding in law combined with opportunities for specialized practice. With rigorous coursework and real-world legal experiences, we prepare students for a variety of careers in the legal field.


    A comprehensive five-year program that integrates business administration with law, providing students with an edge in corporate legal practices.

    • Duration: 5 years
    • Intake: 60
  • LLB

    A focused three-year program aimed at cultivating a deep understanding of the law, preparing students for success in various legal professions.

    • Duration: 3 years
    • Intake: 60
Our Faculty

At D Y Patil University's School of Law, we are proud to present a faculty team characterized by a rich diversity of expertise and experience. Our professors are not only scholars but also seasoned practitioners who bring real-world insights into the classroom.

Prof. Dr. Rohan Das

Principal in Charge

Prof. Adv. Anjali N

Assistant Professor

Prof. Adv. Mayuri Pharkande

Assistant Professor

Adv Hrishikesh Rajendra Mhankale

Assistant Professor

Prof. Pranoti Dhananjay Shete

Assistant Professor

Adv. Rajendra Umap

Adv. Harshad Nimbalkar

CS Manoj Sonawala

Dr. Karuna Malviya

Adv. Vijay Sardana

Prof. Ganesh Deshmane