B.Tech | M.Tech Admission Open 2024-25
Student Stories

Representing DY Patil University at four national-level hackathons has been an incredible journey filled with triumphs. Winning the first prize at QUASAR by VPPCOE Mumbai, securing the second runner-up position at InnoHacks 2.0 by KIET Ghaziabad, and earning a consolation prize at SRIJAN by RAIT Mumbai during the pandemic showcased our team’s resilience and skill.

Mohd Anwar

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional placement support provided by DY Patil University. The university's dedicated Corporate Relations and Career Services team was important in guiding me towards lucrative opportunities in my field of study.

Geeta Bharti

I owe my successful journey to studying abroad and securing a patent to the invaluable support and opportunities provided by D.Y. Patil University Pune. The dynamic academic curriculum and dedicated faculty gave me the skills and perspective needed for international success.


Being a part of the cultural committee in my college was an incredibly enriching experience. It allowed me to immerse myself in a vibrant tapestry of creativity, diversity, and unity.

kinjal Gautam

As a student of D Y Patil University, Pune, my internship experience has been truly transformative. The college's commitment to comprehensive training and a supportive environment has empowered me to excel beyond the classroom.

Kunal Shelke

"Thrilled to represent D Y Patil University Ambi at EVEXPO Pune 2023. My custom golf cart design won a prize from the municipal corporation for being a complete Make in India product.

Lakshya Ostwal

"Nishtha here! The workshops, like Spartificial for Data Science, Aptitude development and edX courses, curated by our institution have been instrumental in shaping my expertise.


The industrial visit to ISRO Bangalore and a Myosre Silk Factory organized by DY Patil University Pune ,Ambi was a transformative experience.

Rahul Mohata

"As a Computer Science Engineering Graduate, I'd like to share my genuine appreciation for the academic journey. The curriculum provided a solid mix of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, helping me grasp core concepts effectively.

Sneha Shaha

At Dy Patil University, I have experienced an incredibly vibrant and inclusive community that fosters both academic excellence and personal growth. The diverse student body, coupled with passionate faculty members, creates a dynamic learning environment.

Vaishnavi Bisen

"The Google Developers Students Club at Our Dy Patil Campus has been a transformative experience for me as an engineer and as a person. The club's dynamic environment fuelled my passion for technology and collaboration with others.

Sherzaman Khan