B.Tech | M.Tech Admission Open 2024-25

The School of Engineering & Technology (SOET) at D Y Patil University, Pune, is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders in engineering, science, and technology. Comprehensive B Tech and M Tech Programs provide solid grounding in engineering principles while fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle real-world challenges.
Embracing a student-centric learning ethos, curriculum encourages active engagement and the application of theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. Students are encouraged to explore the intricacies of engineering, uncovering solutions through scientific inquiry and the application of theory.
Program and branches are designed to prepare students for a wide range of roles, including designing, evaluating, developing, testing, modifying, installing, inspecting, and maintaining various products and systems. By integrating multiple disciplines, students develop holistic solutions that are both innovative and practical, equipping them with the essential skills for successful careers in engineering.


To be a leading School for Engineering and Technology education that creates leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs through need-based curricula, enriched academic delivery, and industry partnership.

  • Provide quality and value-based education that transforms students through academic rigor
  • Provide outcome-based industry and socially relevant curriculum
  • Develop the scientific, technology, and research-based approach
  • Enhance the skills and competencies of students to pursue careers in the industry
  • Provide innovation and entrepreneurship skills in new and emerging field
  • Enhance industry-focused learning through academia and industry partnership
  • Incorporate the importance of service to the community and contribute towards social responsibility

These values guide our actions, shape our community, and define our commitment to excellence in design education and practice.

Programs Offered
Creating Future Leaders in Engineering

At the School of Engineering & Technology, D Y Patil University, we prepare students for a dynamic world through programs that emphasize foundational principles, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative problem-solving.

Our Facutly

At the School of Engineering & Technology, D Y Patil University, we are proud to have a distinguished faculty that combines academic expertise with real-world experience. Our educators are not only leaders in their fields but also passionate about imparting knowledge, fostering innovation, and preparing students for successful careers in engineering and technology.

Dr. Pranav Charkha

Dean - School of Engineering & Technology

Department of Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering (AIML) & Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Dr. Pooja Sharma,

Associate Professor, Head Academics, School of Engineering & Technology

Prof. Malayaj Kumar

Assistant Professor & Head, CE & IT

Prof. Shakil Tamboli

Assistant Professor & Head, CSE(AIML) & AIDS

Dr. Vivek Patil

Associate Professor

Prof. Sofiya Mujawar

Assistant Professor

Prof Rita Kadam

Assistant Professor

Prof. Pradeep Shinde

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sachin Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Pankaj Shinde

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shubham Gaikwad

Assistant Professor

Prof. Anurag Jaiswal

Assistant Professor

Prof. Nikhilesh Mankar

Assistant Professor

Student Stories

Representing DY Patil University at four national-level hackathons has been an incredible journey filled with triumphs. Winning the first prize at QUASAR by VPPCOE Mumbai, securing the second runner-up position at InnoHacks 2.0 by KIET Ghaziabad, and earning a consolation prize at SRIJAN by RAIT Mumbai during the pandemic showcased our team’s resilience and skill..... READ MORE

Mohd Anwar

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional placement support provided by DY Patil University. The university's dedicated Corporate Relations and Career Services team was important in guiding me towards lucrative opportunities in my field of study. Their industry connections, interviews and aptitude sessions boosted my confidence and prepared me for the competitive job market... READ MORE

Geeta Bharti

I owe my successful journey to studying abroad and securing a patent to the invaluable support and opportunities provided by D.Y. Patil University Pune. The dynamic academic curriculum and dedicated faculty gave me the skills and perspective needed for international success. Additionally, its emphasis on fostering innovation provided the foundation for obtaining a patent ... READ MORE