Programme - Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


About Programme:

Management Professionals have always been at the forefront of Business Administration, and with the growth of organizations, this field is becoming more and more critical. DY Patil Akurdi MBA University is one of the premier institutes in training students in this field. Our Full-Time MBA Programme is designed in a way to equip our students with tools and techniques to handle any situation.

Our focused curriculum with equal emphasis on theoretical concepts as well as hands-on learning experience makes us one of the best MBA colleges in Akurdi. With subjects covering disciplines like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Information Technology our students get a rounded knowledge of all aspects involved in running a business.

Programme Objectives:

  • Teamwork and communication are an integral part of the programme. The students take active part in a number of group projects that promote group learning and help improve the organizational and leadership skills. Through written and oral presentations, the students develop the confidence to effectively communicate their ideas in a corporate forum.
  • Designed to train students to become excellent managers, entrepreneurs and high-level-decision-makers with broad strategic vision, this full-time two year programme views management as an integrated process and helps students develop a global view and respond effectively to changes in the economic, technological, educational, cultural and political environments. Specific skills in areas such as finance, marketing, human resource, operations, systems and international business and management lie at the heart of the programme.
  • The department has well equipped state of the art laboratories with latest hardware and software configuration for conducting various practicals as well as highly qualified and experienced faculty to nurture the future technocrats of the nation.

Programme Specializations/Track Offered:

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • International Business Management

Programme Delivery:

  • Continuous Evaluation and assessment
  • Case Based Learning
  • Group assignments, presentations, business plan
  • Experiential learning through guest lecture, seminars and conferences
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) under the industry mentors
  • Professional Leadership Series
  • Global Classroom through ICT
  • Live projects, group projects, winter projects and summer internship
  • Interaction with industry practitioners
  • Projects on Business Simulations CAPSTONE*

Certifications* :

  • The certification programmes shall be organized at various schools/ departments as per the branches or programmes, required for Technical and Professional Managerial skills with leading and reputed Industry, Professionals and Certifying organizations.
  • Students can also pursue courses on online platforms such as a Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs*, Coursera*, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL*) etc.

Credits :

Total Credits: 103

Intake: 120 Students


  1. The Candidate should be an Indian National.
  2. Passed minimum three year duration Bachelor’s Degree awarded by any of the Universities recognized by University Grants Commission or Association of Indian Universities in any discipline with at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent ( at least 45% in case of candidates of backward class categories and Persons With Disability belonging to Maharashtra State only) or its equivalent
  3. Obtained non zero score in CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT/CMAT/MH-MBA-CET
  4. For PIO/OCI/NRI Point 2 and Any other criterion declared from time to time by the appropriate authority as defined under the Act.

Selection Process:

Student must qualify for Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) conducted by DYPU.

Scope Of MBA Career in Coming Years

Whether you are working for an organization or running your own company, there are certain aspects that are critical for its smooth functioning. A Full-Time MBA Programme is designed to train you in all these aspects. With an increase in the number of multinational companies operating out of the country, as well as many enterprising individuals starting on their own, all MBA courses have seen an exponential rise in the number of students opting for it.

DY Patil Akurdi MBA University has been a pioneer in the field of management studies. Having an MBA, whether from an MBA college in Akurdi or any other institute gives you the edge over the competition for any role you choose to specialize in. Using simulation and case-based pedagogy, this course prepares you for any situation you may face at work. And armed with an MBA in the correct specialization, you are ready to take on the business world, within the country or overseas.

MBA Career & Job Opportunities

An MBA is generally portrayed as the panacea to all Business Administration related decisions, and rightfully so. Taking a look at how an MBA from DY Patil Akurdi MBA University or any other reputed institute opens the doors to a plethora of opportunities for you can make this decision easier. Here are some of the roles you can expect to join after your course. This is further corroborated by the DY Patil Akurdi MBA placement history.

  • Marketing Manager
    Specialization in the area of marketing helps you to become a “Marketing Manager”, where your primary responsibility will be to increase the awareness of your company’s offerings amongst customers and bring in more business. This is one of the most critical roles in any organization.

  • Sales Manager
    To ensure that your company is doing well and the targeted sales are realized is one of the primary responsibilities of a Sales Manager. Running the Sales Department including planning, execution, problem-solving for the salespeople and ensuring the sales keep happening is all part of the expectations.

  • HR Manager
    A crucial aspect of the proper functioning of any organization is to ensure that the people in the organization are happy and satisfied, as this may have a direct impact on the overall performance of the organization. From managing people issues to ensuring all compliances are adhered to, an HR Manager can have a diverse set of responsibilities. Specialization in Human Resources during your MBA is a pre-requisite for this role.

  • Finance Advisor
    An extremely important and respectable role that you can get into, after your MBA. The typical responsibilities of a Financial Advisor include understanding the overall performance of different financial institutions and then offering advice based on their understanding and experience. Consultation or advisory services can be provided to companies and/or individuals. The primary requirement to enter this role is a specialization in the Finance domain during MBA.

  • Investment Banker
    Another interesting job profile for those getting a Finance Specialization during their MBA. These are the people responsible for huge deals that companies get into. The primary job of these specialists is to study and understand the financial markets to find out the best instruments for any organization looking to raise capital. These professionals are considered amongst the best financial experts in the world with some of the highest pay packages.

  • Business Development Manager
    An important and multi-dimensional role, the primary responsibility of which is to – as the name suggests – to develop and grow the business. This role entails interacting with different aspects of the business to understand and identify the areas of growth for the organization. These are the specialists who are directly responsible for taking the organization to newer heights.

  • Project Manager
    Another generic and very critical role in an organizational context is that of a Project Manager. These are people who are entrusted with the responsibility of getting things done in any company. From getting the smallest initiatives running to building and delivering high stake and high return deliverables, it is always the Project Manager, who is in charge.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study MBA Course in Akurdi, Pune?

If you are an individual who likes to be in the thick of things or who has a passion for creating something of their own, a Full-Time MBA from DY Patil Akurdi MBA University, is a great option for you. With a carefully designed curriculum, focusing as much on Personality Development and Communication Skills as it is on the core subject areas, this is a complete package.

During the course, you will be learning the concepts of Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources from our experienced faculty. The pedagogy is largely case study based, so as to help you think on your feet given a situation. Apart from this, regular industry interactions and live projects also give you the requisite exposure for learning.

Experienced Faculty

Our emphasis on the quality of education is evident from the panel of eminent scholars in our faculty. Their dedication to the students, timely guidance and relevant consultancy experience helps our students understand and resolve the toughest corporate challenges easily. Whether teaching using case studies or real-life simulations, our faculty ensures that you understand the nuances of the subject.

The increasing DY Patil Akurdi MBA cut off, every year is a strong testimony of the efforts put in by our faculty, thereby raising the interest of students to join us. It has been possible only because of the efforts each of them put in, to nurture the future leaders of the country, year after year.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University in Akurdi, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

There are a lot of reasons why students prefer to join us. Rather than worrying about DY Patil Akurdi MBA fees, they see the benefits they will be getting by joining us. Here are a few things that our students list as their reason for joining the institute

  • Scenic campus including state of the art infrastructure
  • Renowned faculty with years of experience
  • Regular industry interaction
  • Innovative and engrossing teaching methods like simulations and role plays
  • Healthy record of placements after course completion

With each student that completes our Full-Time MBA programme, we are proud to support another responsible citizen, by equipping them with the knowledge to lead the organizations and shape the future of the country.


Mr. Jaykar Jadhav

Mrs. Kshitija More

Ms. Saylee Karande

Mr. Mangesh Kadam

Mr. Pravin Gaikwad

Industry Experts:

Mr. Bipin Datar
Visiting Professor

Klaus Multi Parking System India

Dr. Rajeev Manrao
Visiting Professor

RM123 India

Dr. Sameeran Walvekar
Visiting Professor

Sameeran Studios

Dr. Gopal Iyengar
Visiting Professor


Mr. J Singh
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Jayant Kulkarni
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Sudhakar Kulkarni
Visiting Professor

Industry Expert

Ms. Buvaneswari Kannan
Visiting Professor

Matt Designers and consultants Pvt Ltd

Mr. Umesh Mali
Visiting Professor

ASK Chemicals Pune

Mr. Ulhas Kelkar
Visiting Associate Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Dinesh Rahane
Visiting Associate Professor

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Mr. Krishna Badwane
Visiting Associate Professor

Indian Drivers

Mr. Abhishek Karande
Visiting Associate Professor

Financial Markets

Mr. Prasad Narayan
Visiting Assistant Professor

The Power of One

Dr. Geetanjali Deshmukh
Visiting Assistant Professor

Industry Expert

Mr. Soum Das
Visiting Assistant Professor

Big Basket

Academic Calendar

MBA Academic Calendar 2020-21
Commencement of Teaching 25/06/2020 05/01/2021
Class Test-1 17/08/2020 to 22/08/2020 01/02/2021 to 06/02/2021
Class Test-2 21/09/2020 to 26/09/2020 08/03/2021 to 13/03/2021
Mid Semester Examination 19/10/2020 to 24/10/2020 25/03/2021 to 31/03/2021
Conclusion of Term 13/12/2020 30/05/2021
University Practical /Oral Examination. 04/11/2020 to 06/11/2020 23/04/2021 to 25/04/2021
End Semester Examination 23/11/2020 to 05/12/2020 03/05/2021 to 22/05/2021
Winter Vacation - 14/12/2020 to 05/01/2021
Summer Vacation - 31/05/2021 to 05/07/20121

*The school/college has all the rights to revise the academic calendar at any time

Programme Structure:

  • At DYPSOM, MBA is a 2 years full time professional degree wisely blended combination of practical and theoretical business education to meet the competitive edge of business world.
  • The MBA programme will have a Semester Pattern with total 4 Semesters in 2 years.
  • Semester I & II courses are common and are required for all students, irrespective of their areas of specialisation.
  • In second year depending on students’ professional aspirations, they can choose from any one of our cutting-edge specialisations: Marketing, Finance, HRM, Operations Management & International Business.Each specialisation offers an intensive curriculum that combines functional knowledge management with decision-making tools and frameworks, and real-world learning experiences with industry experts.
  • The program also includes summer internship Project in Semester III & Dissertation Report in Semester IV to offer international exposure for our students.
  • On successful completion of three years, students are awarded as Master of Business Administration degree by D Y Patil University, Pune.

Subject Basket:

Admission Handbook



Board of Studies:

Mr.Vinod Badwaik

HRO & VP HR Alfalaval Industry

Mr. Ketan Deshpande

Founder Chairman & CEO FUEL

Mr. Rajedra Kembhavi

Regional Business HR- Head Tech Mahindra

Mr. Sandeep Chaugule

Special Member
Head of O.D. and T. M. Premium Transmission Pvt Ltd

Dr. (Capt) C. M. Chitale

Director Skill Development Centre

Dr. Pratima Sheorey

Director SCM-HRD Pune

Dr. Renuka Kamath

S P Jain Institute of Management & Research Mumbai

Mr. Saurabh Shah

Head HR CAPITA Technologies

Mr.Swapnil Jadhav

Managing DirectorSID SA Environmental PVT.LTD.


DYPUSOM, Ambi for me a place where I had the best mentors to guide me always. I never had it easy in my academic path. But each time I had a teacher to guide me out. My mentors at DYPUSOM, Ambi gave me a chance to express myself in best way. It was place whree you are not criticized for your failure but your journey from failure to success becomes a part of teacher's life. That is why I nerver miss my DYPUSOM because those teachers are with me now and forever.

Yash Thaker

DYPUSOM, Ambi is one of the best MBA institute across the Pune and is known for its excellence. It has all athe best facilities under one roof - state of infrastructure, erudite faculty, professional teachers, well stocked libraries, good computer labs, sports area, and studios with all requirements. I am very grateful to be a part of this institute.

Amit Ranjan

DYPUSOM, Ambi has presented me with variour opportunities such as projects, live assignments and industry exposure which have enhanes my management skills. Experiened and specialized teacher have stretched me to reach my full potential through continual challenges and suppor. Thanks DYPUSOM!!

Swati Kukade

There are lots of MBA colleges in Pune, but MBA at DYPUSOM, Ambi stands out with its distinguished uniqueness. It is a perfect platform to polish one's skills and calibre and also nurture their talents. We have the best faculty team who provide a 360 degree support to the students, any time possible. I am always proud to say that I am a part of MBA at DYPUSOM, Ambi.

Purva Shenoy