Programme - M.Tech. Engineering


About Programme:

M. Tech or Masters of Technology is a postgraduate program with a time duration of two years that has four semesters in it. It is a program that comes under the discipline of technology and engineering science. Dr. DY Patil University, Pune is a distinguished institution that offers M. Tech programs in different domains. At DYPU, the focus is on imparting technical education to all our students so that they can implement a gateway towards technical advancement and research. The course is a more advanced analysis in the specialization of technology. Dr. DY Patil M. Tech College in Ambi, Pune, offers this program to the aspiring students in various disciplines that cover the advanced concepts of the subject to develop mastery and expertise in it. The M. Tech courses in Ambi have a very wide syllabus that nurtures the students with requisite skills in application & research, development of engineering technology, technical advancements and more.

The M. Tech program is regulated under the aegis of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). At DYPU the program is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Dr. DY Patil University, Pune, that has schools and colleges in different cities which offer multiple programs to candidates in different disciplines. Among them, the M. Tech college in Ambi, Pune, is regarded as one of the topmost colleges of the city.

M.Tech Engineering Programme :

M. Tech Duration: Two Year Four Semesters | 80 credits


Computer Engineering (Seats 24)

Mechanical Engineering (Seats 24)

I) Design Engineering

II) Heat Power Engineering

Civil Engineering (Seats 24)

I) Construction Management

E & TC Engineering ( Seats 24)

I) VLSI & Embedded Systems

II) Signal Processing

Programme Structure:

  • Engineering Science Courses
  • Professional Core Courses with Lab
  • Professional Elective Courses
  • Open subjects – Electives from other technical and /or emerging subjects
  • Mini Project / Seminar
  • Project work in industry or elsewhere
  • Audit Courses Mandatory Courses - 2

Programme Objectives:

  • The program will help to generate high quality post graduates through rigorous coursework and cutting-edge research activities.
  • The program will be able to create aesthetically sensitive, socially committed and technologically competent Engineers and Management Professionals.
  • The engineers will use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

Programme Delivery:

  • Classroom Learning: Theoretical lectures, interactive session, audio / video, digital classrooms.
  • Continuous Evaluation and assessment: Internal 60% and External 40% for each subject
  • Group based learning: Group Assignments & Presentations to learn collaborative skills
  • Technical workshops
  • Industry-Academia Guest lecture, Seminars & Conferences
  • Webinars for National and Global Exposure
  • Live projects, group projects, winter projects and summer internship
  • Field visits

Certifications* :

  • The certification programmes shall be organized at various schools/ departments as per the branches or programmes, required for Technical and Professional Managerial skills with leading and reputed Industry, Professionals and Certifying organizations.
  • Students can also pursue courses on online platforms such as a massive open online course (MOOCs*), Coursera*, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL*) etc.


  1. Candidate should be an Indian National.
  2. Passed Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field of Engineering and Technology from All India Council for Technical Education or Central or State Government approved institutions or equivalent, with at least 50% marks (at least 45 % in case of Backward class categories and Person with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only)
  3. Passed Bachelor Degree in the relevant course of Engineering and Technology as specified in the eligibility criteria for admission to a Post Graduate Degree course of the concerned University for which admission is being sought
  4. Obtained Non-Zero positive score in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) conducted by Indian Institute of Technology.

  5. For sponsored candidate, minimum two years of full time work experience in a registered firm / company/ industry/ educational and/or research institute / any Government Department or Government Autonomous Organization in the relevant field in which admission is sought

*Eligibility Criteria rules as stated by AICTE and UGC will be applicable from time to time.

Selection Process:

All Eligible students willing to apply should submit their academic credentials and entrance test score. Based on above, a merit list will be prepared.

Scope Of M.Tech Engineering in Coming Years

Masters of Technology is an advanced course study which makes the students prepare for research and development of the program. These professionals are likely to get lucrative jobs and placements. The scope of engineering is diverse and is applicable to all the professional areas and fields. In this program, students are exposed to theoretical as well as practical knowledge and learn about application-based engineering.

For the advanced research and development areas, professionals with an M. Tech degree are more preferred to the ones who have a B. Tech degree with them. Under this course, the aspirants study the applications and technicalities of engineering on a more advanced level to get a better insight into the subject areas.

M. Tech graduates are the professionals who gain mastery in the discipline of technology and thus, are exposed to higher positions in big corporations and industries. With their extreme knowledge depth, they get multiple chances and opportunities to work in core companies that offer remarkably high pay scales to them. Pursuing M. Tech is a step towards gaining a more profound technical knowledge of the subject. DYPU is a well-recognized university that offers B. Tech as well as M. Tech programs in different branches. At DYPU, the students are provided with excellent knowledge & comprehension of their subjects. Regarded as the best M. Tech College in Ambi, Pune, DYPU offers life-changing opportunities to the young minds.

M.Tech Engineering Career & Job Opportunities

M. Tech degree is a course that makes you an expert in your discipline and gives you the edge over bachelors of the same degree. If you are someone who is passionate about engineering and technical science, then growing a much better insight into your subject areas becomes more exciting for you. After obtaining a B. Tech degree, you must choose to pursue an M.Tech program to become a master in your domain. There are umpteen options and career choices that you can choose as a postgraduate in your desired branch. A few outstanding options for the postgraduates in the discipline of technology are mentioned below.

Doctoral Degree- fter pursuing M. Tech program, many aspirants choose to go for higher studies in their particular domains. If you are excellent in academics and want to become a researcher in your field, then PHD is the right option for you. You can choose to do your PHD in your own country or in any foreign country as well. PHD opens up many options for you, such as becoming a scholar, a researcher or a professor in your discipline.

Entrepreneurship- After your master’s degree, the option to become an entrepreneur can prove to be an extremely good option for your future. With the right amount of external resources and capital, the whole process becomes much easier and feasible. You can have your own start-up and also have the chance to generate your creative business ideas into reality. If your business works effectively, then it can change your life, and your future will be more promising and fulfilling at the same time. To kick start your own business operations, you need to have innovative ideas, correct strategies, good managerial skills, leadership qualities and the ability to execute the task in the most efficient manner.

Teaching profession- When you gain mastery and expertise in a certain subject, then you become a specialist, and no one can take your profound knowledge and competence from you. With a deep comprehension of your subject and the passion for sharing your knowledge with others, the profession of teaching is ideal for you. This profession offers decent monetary values along with the satisfaction and contentment toward your work. As a mentor or teacher, you have the opportunity to teach young minds of our country and have the power to shape them into compassionate and skilled human beings. A teacher is someone who serves society, and you can become a component of it by choosing this profession for you.

Corporate jobs- There are multiple tech companies that hire professionals who are experts in their subject matters for advanced research and analysis. M. Tech degree makes it possible for you to land up at such amazing jobs and work with big core companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and more. There are numerous opportunities that are available for you in the corporate world, as well.

Hence, these are some of the career options that you can choose once you complete your M. Tech degree. However, graduating from a well-known institute becomes imperative to have a successful future. DYPU is an excellent university that gives you the chance to study your dream course. It offers multiple programs in different cities of India. Talking about Ambi, DYPU is considered to be one of the top M.Tech colleges in Ambi, Pune.

Why Choose Dr. DY Patil University To Study M.Tech Course in Ambi, Pune?

M. Tech is a postgraduate program that allows the students to explore the realms of technology and to gain a profound and advanced understanding in technological research. To study M. Tech is like gaining expertise in the technical advancements and thus, contributing to the growth of your nation and society as well. At Dr. DY Patil University Pune, Ambi the course focuses on the implementation of research projects and theses of the technical world into the minds of our students. The greater exposure of education makes this college the best M. Tech College in Ambi, Pune.

Experienced Faculty

DYPU is a distinguished university because of the efforts and hard work put in by our outstanding and extremely talented faculty. Our vibrant and dedicated faculty makes DYPU a truly global environment to be part of. Our faculty provides excellence and competence to our young minds so that they can incorporate their skills in the best place. DYPU is highly gratified to have such distinguished and highly acclaimed professors at our institution.

Why is Dr. DY Patil University, Considered as the Best University in Pune?

To be able to get M. Tech admission in Ambi, Pune at Dr. DY Patil University can be a life-changing opportunity for you as you will study in a highly deemed institution that will make you the best version of yourself. The university is best known for its renowned educational practices and excellent student learning environment. We have lab spaces, studio mode classrooms, open houses, department seminars, industrial workshops, and more to give an insight into the practical and life experiences of our candidates. At DYPU, the main focus is to give our students an experience of holistic growth and resourceful comprehension to learn and grow as experts. We aim at achieving the overall growth and development of young individuals so that they can make a better future for themselves and for the nation as well.


Dr (Prof). Laxman Kamble

Dr. Kiran More

Er. Pavankumar Sonawane

Er. Navanath Manjare

Industry Experts:

Dr. Mukesh Patil

Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology Nerul Navi Mumbai

Dr. Daulappa Bhalke

AISSM’S College of Engineering Pune

Er. Nikhil Bhaskaran

Shunya IoT–AI Research Centre Pune.

Dr. Sanjeev Wagh

Government College of Engineering Karad

Er. Tushar Kute

MITU Skillologies Pune

Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni

Smt Indira Gandhi College of Engineering Mumbai

Dr. Emmanuel M.


Er. Sunil Giri
Senior Software Developer

FireEye Inc.

Er. Nimish Sonar
Project Lead


Dr. Ajit Bhosale
Associate Professor

Cummins College of Engineering

Dr. Atul Kulkarni
Associate Professor

Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology Pune

Dr. Avinash Waghmare
Associate Professor

AISSM’S College of Engineering Pune

Mr. Mukesh Chaudhari
Senior Manager

Siemens Ltd

Mrs. Prachi Kale
Assistant Manager

Vidyaprathistan s Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute Engineering & Technology Baramati

Mr. Prakash Shinde
Divisional Manager

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Pune

Dr. Philip Jose
Vice President, R&D Electrical and Electr

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Mr. Udayan Pathak
Deputy General Manager – Engineering Quality ERC

Tata Motors Limited Pune

Dr. Rahul Agrawal
Associate Professor

Sandip University

Mr. Ashwin Limaye
Structural Engineer

Tower Engineering Professionals Inc. TEP

Dr. Uttam Awari

AISSM’S College of Engineering Pune

Dr. Sunil Thakare

Anantrao Pawar College of Engineering and Research Pune

ExtraCurricular Activities:

Academic Calendar

M. Tech Academic Calendar 2020-21
Academic Activities First Term Second Term
Commencement of Teaching 16/07/2020 4/1/2021
Class Test-I 28/8/2020 To 01/09/2020 01/02/2021 To 03/02/2021
Class Test-II 13/10/ 2020 To 16/10/2020 17/02/2021 To 20/02/2021
Mid Semester Examination 26/10/2020 To 31/10/2020 08/03/2021 To 10/03/2021
Conclusion of Term 21/11/2020 16/4/2021
University Practical Exam. / Oral 25/11/2020 To 03/12/2020 21/04/2021 To 24/04 2021
End Semester Examination 07/12/2020 To 17/12/2020 03/05/2021 To 12/05/2021
Winter Vacation : 18/12/2020 To 02/01/2021
Summer Vacation -13/05/2021 To 30/05 2021

*The school/college has all the rights to revise the academic calendar at any time

Programme Structure:

  • Engineering Science courses
  • Professional Core Courses.
  • Professional Elective courses relevant to chosenspecialization/branch.
  • Open subjects – Electives from other technical and /or emerging subjects.
  • Mini Project/Seminar
  • Project work in industry or professional /Research organization
  • Mandatory Audit Courses

Disclaimer: * University has right to make the changes in programme structure / subject basket/ assessment / evaluation.

Subject Basket:

Admission Handbook



Board Of Studies:

Dr. D. R. Pangavhane

Professor, Government COE, Awasari

Dr. Geeta Lathkar

Director, MGM, Nanded & Mumbai

Dr. Amit Bhingurde

COO, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

Dr. Dineshsingh Thakur

Dean, DIAT, Khadakwasala

Er. Sachin Dongre

Sr. Exec. Mechanical Design Engg Thermax


The atmosphere at DYPU is conducive to creative and productive learning it encourages individuality and creativity.

Er. Rajesh Rode Patil - Director, Soltran Solution Pvt Ltd

DYPU is a lot better than being attacked by a pack of badgers It is where they really cares about its members it is a place of civility friendship and good cheer.

Er. Sanket Lunawat - Product Design Engineer, Mercedes Benz R & D Pvt Ltd Pune

I look forward to when I might refer some suffering student soul to the haven known as D Y Patil University where we are carved meticulously.

Er. Girish Patil - Vehicle Safety Engineer (Crash), Automotive (Ford UK)

One of the most fun things to me about DYPU in addition to the students is meeting faculty from outside my area as this has been one of the richest experiences of my academic life

Er. Indrasen Ghodake - Senior Engineer, Uttam Galva Steel