Qualification :

    • ME (Computer)

Specialization :

    • Computer


    • Department of Computer Engineering

Brief :

Prof. Priyadarshini Patil is an Assistant Professor in computer Engineering department of D. Y. Patil University, Ambi, Pune.She did her Masters from SPPU, Pune. She has more than nine years of teaching experience and 3 years of Industrial experience. She is associated with DYPTC since 2014, during this duration she taught subjects in the domain of Data Science, Data Structrue etc. Over the years she has supervised numerous bachelors and master’s students. She has published papers in various National / International conferences and journals.

Experience :

    • Total Experience : 12

    • Industrial Experience : 3

    • International Experience : 0

    • Academic Experience : 9

Achievements/ Recognitions/ Awards :

    • "1. Mukesh Tripathi , Priyadarshini Patil ,Pawar Anjali, Satale Priti, Shaikh Samina, Mohd Naseem “Agriculture price tracing using Block chain” (CopyrightRegister with diary no: 252/2020-CO/L). 2. Mukesh Tripathi , Priyadarshini Patil , Chetan Badhe, Akshay Jambekar, Rohan Krishnani , Pankaj Yadav “Classification of Apple diseases using Deep learning” (Communicated to Copy right office on date 08/01/2020 with diary no: 383/2020-CO/L).

Professional Memberships :

    • 1. ISTE Life time membership. 2. Nominee member of CSI till June 2022

Research Area :


    • Data Analytics, Data Structure, Advance Data Structure