Qualification :

    • M. Tech.

Specialization :

    • VLSI System Design


    • Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Brief :

I am an assistant professor in the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department of DYPCOE. I have a total of around 9 years of educational academic experience. I believe in a teaching session which is interactive and motivating for students. I try to include some extra practical experiments other than given syllabus so that students can be more aware of used technology. I have worked as NAAC criteria 4 In-charge for my institute in NAAC accreditation process. Also I have worked as a class teacher lab in-charge Member of Internal complain committee mentor etc.

Experience :

    • Total Experience : 8.5

    • Industrial Experience : Nil

    • International Experience : Nil

    • Academic Experience : 8.5

Achievements/ Recognitions/ Awards :

    • Won Throw Ball competition in VIJAY 2017

Professional Memberships :

    • Nil

Research Area :

    • Embedded Systems and Reversible Logic for Low Power Design


    • Embedded advanced processors, Microcontrollers, Embedded RTOS